Uptown Restaurant in Phuket Town

Uptown is not exactly what we would call a ‘local restaurant’, it’s just a bit too clean and too westernized to be considered so and a good third of the customers are usually farangs (foreigners). But food is good, prices are right and staff is always friendly.

Located just across the road from Thavorn Grand Plaza Hotel, the restaurant is very easy to find, just next to the very large ‘Expo Market’ which in fact is just a big bazaar. Their menu is very large and well illustrated, always a plus if you are not familiar with any dish names. The back wall itself is a huge photo menu, that also helps a lot to work up an appetite.


We go there once in a while for lunch, a chance to eat something different since the choice is wide and service is (usually) fast. Dishes are really Thai and not westernized, so you might want to remember that when ordering spicy. Last time we went there we had an excellent Ba Mee Tom Yuam Kai (yellow noodle soup with chicken), Kuay Teaw Lord (pork, mushrooms and soya beans wrapped in rice sheet) and Gyo Pla (fish wontons).

I wouldn’t recommend to make the trip just for that but if you happen to be around this area, it is a good stop for lunch.

Uptown Restaurant

At the intersection of Chanacharoen and Tilok Utit roads, opposite Thavorn Grand Plaza Hotel and not far from the fresh market. Tel: 076 215 359 Open daily: 10am – 9pm

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Uptown Restaurant in Phuket Town
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