Phuket Beach Clubs

Phuket Beach Clubs
Phuket Beach Clubs
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Phuket Beach Clubs

Phuket Beach Clubs used to pop out of the sand faster than we could visit them but recently only a handful are still standing around Phuket. Catch Beach Club on Surin Beach started this new trend almost a decade ago and was the only real beach club for many years but lately, with Phuket growing popularity, there was a clear need and potential for more. A beach club definitely complement the tropical holiday mood of the island… beach and exploration during the day, beach parties with international DJs at night, Unfortunately most of them are now gone and only a few beach clubs remain.

Dream Club (Nikki Beach Phuket)

Dream Beach Club

Dream Club on Layan Beach is the successor of the short lived Nikki Beach Club. It’s a little toned down compared to the wild parties that use to blast the beach here, but it is more relaxed and no less attractive. Read more

HQ Beach Lounge (Kamala Beach)

HQ Beach LoungeHQ Beach Lounge, in the northern part of Kamala Beach near the Novotel Kamala, is one of the few beach clubs still standing in Phuket. There was a time when Beach Clubs where flourishing almost on every beach and Surin was where it all started. But many of them where not legally built or way to close to the beach. HQ Beach Club is still proudly standing because it sits under huge Casuarina trees along the beach. (Read more)

Iguana Beach Club

Iguana Beach Bar

Iguana Beach Club might be the smallest of all Phuket Beach Clubs, but the crew put on a serious party on most weekends, and it doesn’t come as a surprise once you find out that Iguana Beach Club and the highly popular Seduction Club in Patong are somehow related. Iguana Beach Club is well hidden between Patong and Kamala beach, and still has a little secret cove mood to it, perfect to enjoy some drinks while admiring a sunset before international level DJ’s start spinning some serious groove. (Read more)

ReKaTa Beach Club


Re Ka Ta Beach Club is on the southern end of Kata Beach and is part of the excellent Boathouse Restaurant. The club is fun and colorful but doesn’t bring the ‘beach feel’ other clubs on the island can offer. (Read more)

Xana Beach Club

Xana Beach Club Phuket

Xana Beach Club has a beautiful setting right on the sands of Bangtao beach but doesn’t focus on parties and DJ’s as much as other clubs around the island do. With a superb swimming pool right on the beach, it’s more a place to chill out all day and evenings until late at night with occasional parties. (Read more)

Skye Beach Club

Skye Beach Club
Skye Beach Club on Nai Yang beach is half way between a rooftop bar and a beach bar. A bit of both and none at the same time. Since most Phuket Beach Clubs were wiped out from all beaches on the island, it ‘s good to be able to find a place where you still can have a drink under an umbrella while enjoying the sunset over the ocean. Skye Beach Club is actually above a little shop across the street from the beach itself, so it’s not literally a beach bar. (Read more)

Map of Phuket Beach Clubs

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