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Seaplane Travel Is Coming to Phuket

Thai Seaplane is coming to Phuket 4th quarter of 2024

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Prepare for a revolution in travel around Phuket, seaplane travel is expected to hit Phuket in the 4th quarter of 2024. This new service will offer a thrilling and efficient alternative to the traditional ways of exploring the stunning landscapes of southern Thailand.

Seaplanes 101

Seaplane Travel in Phuket

We like to think of them as planes with pontoons or floats which let them take off and land on water. Amphibious seaplanes can operate on both water and land which makes them super handy for tourism, emergencies and getting to tricky destinations.

Why Choose Seaplane Travel?

Seaplane Travel in Phuket

Seaplane travel in Phuket will cut travel times significantly, avoiding road congestion and choppy sea routes. Ideal for tourists and locals alike, it promises to be a game-changer in how you experience Thailand’s famed islands like Phi Phi and Koh Lanta, enhancing your holiday with quick, scenic transfers that add to the adventure rather than detract from it.

Thai Seaplane 7


Seaplanes don’t actually need airports; they can simply take off and land on water or any decent landing spot. For example, imagine landing at Phuket Airport after a long flight, but instead of dealing with more travel hassles, you jump straight on a seaplane and fly directly to Krabi in just 20 minutes! So much easier compared to waiting around for a taxi or hire car for the onward 2.5-hour drive.

Thai Seaplane 8

How about if you are heading to the stunning and popular Phi Phi islands? Well, picture this: You’ve finally just touched down at Phuket Airport, weary after a long flight. But instead of facing the prospect of a 1-hour drive to a pier plus a 2-hour journey by speedboat, you simply hop on a seaplane and zip straight to Phi Phi in just under 30 minutes.

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Upcoming Seaplane Journeys with Thai Seaplane

Thai Seaplane 9

In the buzz of Phuket’s travel scene, get ready for Thai Seaplane to make a splash later in the 4th quarter of 2024. They’ll merge the fast track to your destinations with the thrill of flight, offering a brand new way to explore from Phuket to surrounding islands.

Dive deeper into the world of Thai Seaplane and the future of travel in Phuket. Discover more about their upcoming services, and the routes they’ll offer, and keep an eye out for more on what they’ll bring to your journeys in Phuket. Curious for more?

Visit the Thai Seaplane page for a preview of what awaits!

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