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Seaplane Travel Is Coming to Phuket

Thai Seaplane is coming to Phuket 4th quarter of 2024

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In today’s fast-paced world, we’re always looking for quicker travel options. Seaplane travel is expected to hit Phuket in the 4th quarter of 2024, offering a new way to zip around and add some fun to our trips. It’s not here just yet, but let’s get ready for how these flights could change our travels for the better.

Seaplanes 101

Seaplane Travel in Phuket

So, what exactly are seaplanes? We like to think of them as planes with pontoons or floats which let them take off and land on water. Amphibious seaplanes can operate on both water and land which makes them super handy for tourism, emergencies and getting to tricky destinations.

Navigating Thailand

Seaplane Travel in Phuket

Seaplanes are a great fit for Thailand with its extensive coastlines and over 1,000 tropical islands. A lot of traditional transport cannot reach some of the region’s remote corners, so seaplanes step in to tackle this.

Thailand has so many stunning destinations surrounded by water, so this is where seaplanes really step up. For Phuket, they offer quick, efficient and thrilling ways to island hop, where you can forget about lengthy transfers and congested roads.

Phuket’s Transportation Game Changer

Phuket is known as a hugely popular tourist destination. This combined with limited land access means that the roads are bustling, especially during high season. For us travellers coming into Phuket, seaplanes can offer a far more convenient way of getting to Krabi, Koh Lipe, Khao Lak, Koh Lanta and many more tropical destinations in Thailand.

Thai Seaplane 7

Seaplanes don’t actually need airports; they can simply take off and land on water or any decent landing spot. For holidaymakers, this means less time wasted on driving or by sea. For example, imagine landing at Phuket Airport after a long flight, but instead of dealing with more travel hassles, you jump straight on a seaplane and fly directly to Krabi in just 20 minutes! So much easier compared to waiting around for a taxi or hire car for the onward 2.5-hour drive.

Thai Seaplane 8

How about if you are heading to the stunning and popular Phi Phi islands? Well, picture this: You’ve finally just touched down at Phuket Airport, weary after a long flight. But instead of facing the prospect of a 2-hour journey by speedboat, you simply hop on a seaplane and zip straight to Phi Phi in just 30 minutes.

Whether you want to pop between picturesque islands or continue your holiday from Phuket to another destination, seaplanes make travel a breeze, saving time and offering a scenic journey.

Soaring Sustainability

Thai Seaplane 4

Whether you’re just visiting, or lucky enough to call the gorgeous tropical island of Phuket home, we can all try to make more eco-friendly and sustainable choices to help preserve its delicate ecosystem.

Seaplane travel helps to create an eco-friendlier tourism industry in Phuket. So, you can actually fly smarter with seaplanes as they use more direct routes to cut down on flight times. Less time in the air means less fuel consumption and putting out fewer carbon emissions. It’s a win-win for both you and the planet!

Seaplane Travel in Phuket

The marine life around Thailand is absolutely incredible, however, island hopping by speedboat can add to water pollution and disturb this marine life. We have some of the best snorkelling spots in the world at our fingertips; in areas like the Similan Islands, Koh Racha, Koh Lanta and beyond. Because seaplanes operate with low impact, they can take off and land without disrupting the delicate balance of these vibrant marine ecosystems.

Beyond A to B

Thai Seaplane 3

If you want more than just a plain old A to B journey and are looking for a dash of adventure, seaplanes are your ticket. Seaplanes might see a dramatic increase in popularity for cruising to secluded islands from Phuket, commuting in style and uncovering hidden gems. They literally tick all the boxes for convenient transport from Phuket.

Plus, we haven’t even touched on the epic views! Imagine cruising over Phuket’s turquoise waters and stunning powdery white sand coastlines, soaking in jaw-dropping panoramas. The scenery is literally like no other and will fill your Instagram feed to the max.

Upcoming Seaplane Journeys with Thai Seaplane

Thai Seaplane 9

In the buzz of Phuket’s travel scene, get ready for Thai Seaplane to make a splash later in the 4th quarter of 2024. They’ll merge the fast track to your destinations with the thrill of flight, offering a brand new way to explore from Phuket and surrounding islands.

Dive deeper into the world of Thai Seaplane and the future of travel in Phuket. Discover more about their upcoming services, and the routes they’ll offer, and keep an eye out for more on what they’ll bring to your journeys in Phuket. Curious for more?

Visit the Thai Seaplane page for a preview of what awaits!

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