What to do at Phuket Sunday Walking Street Market?

Phuket Sunday Walking Street Market is called ‘Lard Yai Market’ by locals and is the most popular attraction in Phuket Town. This 360-metre long street market was an instant success, adding a much-needed event to the historical part of town. Every Sunday from 4 pm to 9 pm (and often beyond), the once quiet Thalang Road turns into a busy street.

Night markets are not new to Phuket. The original Naka Market (Talad Tai Rod), located on the outskirt of town near Central Festival, has been a trendy weekend destination for decades. But the Naka weekend market sells mostly copy tee shirts, knockoff brand shoes and cheap jeans. The Phuket Walking Street is a lot more fun and creative, the street itself is a great photo opportunity, and the choice of things to browse and snacks to try is endless.

In downtown Phuket town, you also have the ‘Indy Market‘, adjacent to a modest shopping mall. Indy Market paved the way for this much larger street market located in the heart of the historical street of Phuket town. Teens are gathering for street performances, and Thai people sell their creations and designs, personal items, and many local sweets and cakes.

Phuket Lardyard Sunday Market

The Phuket Street Market brings the Indy Market concept to a new level on Thalang road. This beautiful old street is proud to be the first road on the island free of ugly electric cables, usually hanging like a giant inextricable mess.

Phuket Sunday Walking Street Market

What to eat at the market?

From Thepkasattri Road to Phuket Road, all the Sino-Portuguese houses along Thalang Road wear ever-changing colour lights that add a touch to the festive mood. You’ll find food, ice creams, and drinks on each side and in the middle of this busy street.

The market is a chance for you to try one of the Phuket specialities. There are so many; it may be a little overwhelming, so follow your instinct if you are unsure. You’ll find an excellent mix of sweets and snacks and everyone seems to find something to nibble on as they walk. Locals also buy some food to take home, which people do a lot here. The weirdest thing was a horseshoe crab salad, something for the brave. It’s good but can have a fishy taste.)

What to buy?

The amount of goods on sale is staggering, and most of the shops along the street continue their daily trade on Sunday, enjoying a regain of popularity in this street, usually dead quiet on weekends. You will find tons of tee shirts, mostly displaying Phuket’s name or landmarks, stuffed animals and printed fabrics, accessories and even ceramic dishes. Indigo casual wear and pastel colours are trending at the moment.

Shopping in Phuket Town

Enjoy some of the street performances, music or dancing but don’t forget to give a little something to keep the place alive. We saw that many people enjoy some of the fun or even take photos and walk away, so be generous: what is small money for you but might mean a lot to the young artists 🙂

The Phuket Street Market is open every Sunday from 4 pm to 10 pm on Thalang Road, right in the middle of town. The best time to visit is around sunset time when the sky gets a nice colour, and the street is not yet packed with visitors!

Phuket Sunday Walking Street Market

Where to eat near the market?

Raya Restaurant

Raya Restaurant in Phuket Town

Raya Restaurant is a unique restaurant combining all the right ingredients to make it a perfect local experience. They serve great food, reasonable price, and a superb setting in an old Thai house kept just the way it has always been, with no excessive renovation but well maintained. Raya is unpretentious and straightforward; it feels like being invited to a Thai home for lunch or dinner.


One Chun Restaurant

One Chun Restaurant Phuket

One Chun Restaurant (One Chun means ‘Monday’) is one of the best Thai restaurants in Phuket Town. Serving southern Thai cuisine without compromise, One Chun first succeeded with locals who are not easy to impress regarding their food. The young owner Khun Prang found the right formula: great food, reasonable price, fun atmosphere, excellent service and good location.


The Charm Dining Gallery

The Charm Dining Gallery in Phuket Town, Dibuk Road

The Charm Dining Gallery opened in a century-old Thai house in Phuket Town. The location on Dibuk Road is the perfect way to end your exploration if you spend a day wandering the old streets. The food is an excellent choice of southern Thailand and typical Phuket dishes, and the price is right, a perfect final touch to your historical tour.


Phuket Walking Street Photos

Phuket Walking Street Market Info

Location: Thalang Road, Phuket Town
Open: Sunday 4 pm – 9 pm
Phone: 081 677 9851
Price: Free

How to get to Phuket Walking Street Market?

You can easily go to the walking street market by local bus or smart bus, tuk-tuk, taxi or self-driving:

From Patong Beach to the street market: 14 km
From Kata Beach to the street market: 16 km
From Bangtao Beach to the street market: 22 km
From Phuket Airport to the street market: 32 km

Phuket Walking Street Market Map

Open this map on your phone ▷ https://goo.gl/maps/iHywJPXstsMomvey5.

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