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Shopping in Phuket is easy and affordable, adding to the fun of a great holiday. Night Markets are a chance to find cheap clothing and accessories and a great opportunity to discover local food. Those markets keep opening here and there, and people really love them. Just remember to bargain!
There are a few shopping malls in Phuket as well. Jungceylon is the most popular as it’s in the very middle of Patong beach. It has everything. Not only shops but many restaurants and activities, making it a good escape from the heat or the rain. Don’t miss a chance to visit local markets while in Phuket. This is an opportunity to see an amazing array of ingredients used in Thai cuisine. The display of Thai fruits at the Banzaan Fresh Market of Patong is also superb.

Most Popular Shopping Pages

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Shopping in Patong Beach

    Patong Beach offers a fun shopping experience with a variety of street bazaars, night markets and fresh markets, and immense malls where travellers can conveniently escape the heat or the rain while enjoying vast choices of shopping, food and entertainment.

    Jungceylon Shopping Mall

    Jungceylon Shopping Center 2023

      Jungceylon Shopping Center is a massive complex in the very centre of Patong Beach and the largest on Phuket Island. Covering 200,000 square meters, it’s so vast it feels like a city within a city.

      Shopping in Phuket

      Phuket Shopping 2023

        Phuket shopping plays a good part in a great holiday. It’s often more about entertainment and fun than real necessity, and you usually don’t even buy anything. Phuket has a lot to offer everyone, and shopping in Phuket is often associated with food.

        Les marchés de nuit a Phuket

        11 Best Night Markets in Phuket in 2023

          Night markets in Phuket are always fun; from the new Chillva Market to the giant Naka Weekend Market or the Sunday Walking Market in Phuket Town, almost everyone loves to browse the incredible array of things you don’t need.

          Karon Plaza or Karon Bazaar

          Karon Plaza or Karon Bazaar

            Karon Plaza, also known as Karon Bazaar, is a popular bazaar located on Beach Road in Karon Beach. It is a bustling shopping centre that offers a wide range of goods and foods to tourists.

            Kata Night Market, Phuket Thailand

            Kata Night Market

              Kata Night Market is not a very well-known market as it is rather hidden between a maze of buildings and small hotels in the middle of Kata Beach, roughly behind Club Med hotel.

              Robinson Lifestyle Thalang

              Robinson Lifestyle Thalang

                Robinson Lifestyle Thalang is the latest shopping mall in Phuket, located just next to the famous Heroine’s Monument most travellers will drive by when coming from Phuket International Airport.

                Phuket Naka Weekend Market in Phuket Town

                Naka Weekend Market

                  Phuket Naka Weekend Market (previously called Chaofa Variety Weekend Market) is an immense night bazaar near Central Festival on the outskirt of Phuket Town.

                  Phuket Fresh Markets

                  Phuket Fresh Markets

                    Fresh markets in Phuket are always a great way to get close to real, local life with minimal effort. Markets are everywhere around the island, every community and every village has one, small or large, permanent or occasional.

                    Phuket Outlet

                    Phuket Outlet

                      Premium Outlet Phuket Phuket Outlet (Premium Outlet Phuket) has been open for more than ten years, but despite a very strategic location at the intersection… Read More »Phuket Outlet