Phuket Best Tailors

14 Best Tailors in Phuket, Karon and Patong Beach

Who are the best tailors in Phuket? Having a suit or a dress made to order by one of the many tailors in Phuket is on many travellers’ list during their holiday. And why not? It’s cheap, fast, and can be well done if you know where to go. It … Read more

Chillva Market Phuket

Chillva Night Market Phuket

What to do at the Chillva Night Market? Chillva Market Phuket is one of the best weekday night markets on the island. Everyone seems to love them, Thai teenagers, more than everyone else. Every town in Thailand has a surprising amount of these shopping and eating playgrounds, and they are … Read more

Porto de Phuket Mall in Bangtao

Porto de Phuket Mall in Bangtao Beach

A community mall in Bangtao Beach Porto de Phuket is a new open-air community mall near Bangtao Beach in Cherngtalay district, just next to the very popular Boat Avenue. It’s of the same brand as Central Phuket and Central Patong, and you will therefore recognise some of the typical shops, … Read more

Central Festival Phuket

Central Phuket – Central Festival Shopping Mall

What to Do at Central Phuket? Central Phuket (Central Festival Phuket) is one of the major shopping malls on the island, the other famous one being Jungceylon in Patong Beach. Shopping malls may not be on your list of ‘Best Things to Do in Phuket‘ but keep in mind that … Read more

Kor Jaan night market in Phuket Town

Kor Jaan Night Market in Phuket Town

A small night market in Phuket Town Kor Jaan (Lahd Kor Jaan in Thai) is a new night market set along a canal on Kra Road, in a lesser-known part of east Phuket Town. With such a hidden location, Kor Jaan market seems to address more to locals than to … Read more

Phuket Night Markets

10 Best Night Markets in Phuket

Where to Find Phuket Night Markets Night markets in Phuket are always fun; from the new Chillva Market to the giant Naka Weekend Market or the Sunday Walking Market in Phuket Town, almost everyone loves to browse the incredible array of things you don’t need. Night markets in Phuket are … Read more

Phuket Best Shopping Malls

8 Best Shopping Malls in Phuket

Where are Phuket shopping malls? Phuket shopping malls keep emerging here and there, reminding how much the island has changed in the past two decades. They might not please travellers who used to come last century, but they are an excellent way to escape the heat or the unavoidable rainy … Read more

Phuket Sunday Walking Street Market

Phuket Sunday Walking Street Market

What to Do at Phuket Sunday Walking Street Market? Phuket Sunday Walking Street Market is called ‘Lard Yai Market’ by locals and is now the most popular attraction in Phuket Town. This street market was an instant success, adding a much-needed event to the historical part of town. Every Sunday … Read more

ChimJae Walking Street

The Oasis Thalang – Walking Street in Old Phuket Town

The Oasis Thalang (formerly ChimJae Walking Street and Vanich Walking Street), is a new 150 metres long narrow passage that connects Thalang Road to Dibuk Road in the old Phuket Town. This fun local market is covered and has air-con, making it a convenient place to explore when it gets … Read more

Rawai Seafood Market in South Phuket

Rawai Seafood Market in Phuket

What is Rawai Seafood Market? Rawai Seafood Market started as a modest local fisherman village where you would buy some local catch to take home. Rawai beach in the very south of Phuket is also known as the Sea Gypsy Village and has always been a bit of an exotic … Read more

Shopping in Phuket

Phuket Shopping – Where to shop in Phuket?

Where to go for shopping in Phuket? Shopping in Phuket plays a good part of a great holiday. It’s often more about entertainment and fun than real necessity and most of the time you don’t even buy anything. Phuket has a lot to offer to everyone and shopping in Phuket … Read more

Jungceylon Shopping Mall Phuket

Jungceylon Phuket Shopping Mall in Patong Beach

What to Do at Jungceylon? Jungceylon is a massive shopping mall in the very centre of Patong Beach and still the largest on Phuket Island. Covering 200,000 square meters, it’s so vast it feels like a city within a city. Expect to find many souvenirs shops, dozens of restaurants, a … Read more

Central Floresta Phuket

Central Phuket Floresta Shopping Mall

Central Phuket got bigger Central Phuket Floresta sounds like another mall on the island but is just a massive extension of the good old Central Festival. With an ever-growing population, Phuket Festival was just getting too crowded, parking was getting impossible and weekends were seriously packed. As it is on … Read more

Banzaan Market in Patong

Banzaan Market in Patong Beach

What to buy and eat at Banzaan Fresh Market? Banzaan Market in Patong Beach is an excellent experience during your holiday. It’s a lot easier to access than most local markets since it is just behind the gigantic Jungceylon Shopping Mall. So get your first glimpse of fun looking Thai … Read more

Index Living Mall Phuket

Index Living Mall Phuket – a large furniture mall in Phuket Town

Index Living Mall Phuket Index Living Mall is large furniture and home improvement shopping mall on the outskirt of Phuket Town, just next to the Bangkok Phuket Hospital is and, where many fancy shopping malls are such as Central Festival. This shop addresses the mid-range market by offering a wide … Read more

Phuket Fresh Markets

Phuket Markets

Where to find Phuket Markets and what to expect? Fresh markets in Phuket are always a great way to get close to real, local life with minimal effort. Markets are everywhere around the island, every community and every village has one, small or large, permanent or occasional. Some are daily … Read more

Vintage Market Phuket in Kathu, Phuket

Kathu Night Market in Phuket ✳️

What is Kathu Night Market? Kathu Night Market (formerly known as the short-lived AWA Kathu Night Market followed by the Bunthai Night Market) is a small market in Kathu, just halfway between Phuket Town and Patong Beach. This market is still a very young market, but it shows a lot … Read more

Endless Summer Coffee Shop in Phuket Town

Endless Summer – Coffee Shop and Boutique in Phuket Town

A beautiful heritage coffee shop in Phuket Town Endless Summer is both a coffee shop and a fashion boutique in a magnificent heritage house on Yaowarat road, the very heart of Phuket town. Anyone who walks in front of this beautiful mansion will stop for a photo without a moment … Read more

Boat Avenue Street Mall Phuket

Boat Avenue Mall in Cherngtalay, Bangtao

What to Do at Boat Avenue Mall? Boat Avenue Street Mall is a relatively new shopping and dining neighbourhood with growing popularity at the entrance of the Laguna complex in Bangtao, Cherngtalay. It started modestly a few years back, progressively attracting more and more trendy restaurants, bars and shops until … Read more

Elephant Pants in Phuket

11 Best Souvenirs to Easily Buy in Phuket

What to buy in Phuket for your friends? What souvenir should you buy in Phuket for your friends? Something that doesn’t cost a fortune, doesn’t take much space in a suitcase, and most of all: something typical from Thailand. Phuket is genuinely heaven for shopping. From street shopping, night markets … Read more