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Bangla Night Market and Street Food

What is Bangla Night Market in Patong?

Bangla Night Market is both a shopping and dining street in Patong Beach, strategically located at the end of Bangla Walking Street (the end far from the sea). This area has been home to many different venues in the past, it was where the old Tiger Club used to be, the one that burned dramatically in 2012. The street became a street food centre, and lately a mix of both night bazaar and street food. It is now divided into 2 parts: the open-air dining area with stalls on each side, and the covered shopping bazaar selling mostly knock-off and fake brands.

Bangla Night Market and Bazaar in Patong Beach

The street food concept is very popular in Phuket and Thailand, a little similar to the food court concept in shopping malls, but it is definitely more exotic in the open-air area. The food choice is vast and seafood and sweets are the most popular items. This vast open space hosts cooking stalls placed under colourful tents in the plaza’s centre, and all the dining tables are around. It’s not very sophisticated, but this kind of ‘night market’ dining is trendy in Thailand. Food is relatively cheap since you have to walk to the cooking station, order and bring your food and drink back to your table.

The Bazaar and night market

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Bangla Street Food and Night Market in Patong Beach

Bangla Night Market Info

Location: Patong Beach
Address: Soi Bangla, Kathu District, Phuket 83150
Hours: 6 pm – 2 am

Bangla Night Market Map

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