Phuket Weather - What is the best time to visit Phuket
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Phuket Weather – When is the Best Time to Go to Phuket?

What is the best time to visit to Phuket?

Phuket weather has always been a hot topic, especially between June and November which are considered the raining season. Most frequent questions will then be “What is the best month to visit Phuket?”, “Does it rain all day in rainy season?”, ‘Will it rain really every day?”

The Island of Phuket lies in a tropical region and is warm all year round, but how much rain can you really expect during the raining season?

The weather in Phuket ranges from ‘not too hot’ to ‘too hot’, but locals and longtime residents will consider the weather to be ‘very cold‘ if temperature gets close to 20˙C! Anyway, no matter which month you will visit Phuket, it is always warm and the sea always feels like entering a bath.

Now the real question is always about the rain: How much rain can you really expect during the rainy season?

Don’t panic when you see the icon ‘Thunderstorm’ everyday on your online weather forecasts: they are always pessimistic!


1. Best Time to Visit Phuket:  December to March

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The coolest and supposedly the best time to come to Phuket is between December to March, with a perfect weather: clear blue skies, turquoise calm seas and a nice permanent breeze. It’s also the high and peak season so expect to pay a lot more for your hotel, especially during Christmas and New Year time, but if you really care about blue sky, this is when you should come. If you worry about the crowds (because it does get crowded), stay in the northern part of the island, past Bangtao beach!

2. Hottest Months in Phuket: April and May

Laem Singh Beach

April and May are the hottest months in Phuket. At least we are sure of that. Temperature can reach 40˙C, and everyone in Thailand is celebrating the end of the hot season by splashing each other madly with water. That’s the famous Songkran Festival and it can last 3 days or more, depending on which part of Thailand you are.

3. Rainy Season in Phuket: June, September to November

Rainy Season in Phuket

The rainy season is a tricky subject. It’s supposed to occur roughly at the same time each year, but has become seriously unpredictable.

June to August is a mix of rain and sun, usually very enjoyable. Some months are considered more wet than others: September, October and November are definitely the wettest months, but some year it can drag all the way to December. No one can really tell.

Despite some unlucky series of really rainy days, there is still plenty of sun with occasional showers. On the good side, everything is much cheaper! If you decide to come to Phuket during this time of the year, you might want to read: ‘12 Things to Do in Phuket when it Rains‘. Read more about the rainy season

4. Online Phuket Weather Forecasts:

Note that online weather forecasts are always pessimistic! If it rains for 1 hour in a day, they will display the big scary ‘thunderstorm’ icon, just to be on the safe side.

5. Phuket Yearly Rain Chart

All these are average indications… we all know each year is different, even my grandmother knew that!



6. Phuket Weather Webcams

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7. Phuket Weather Month by Month

Every day someone will write and ask ‘How is the Weather in Phuket in June’ or in August or in October. Of course, Phuket being a resort destination people have the right to be worried. When you travel that far, wait that long and invest that much, you really want to have some sun to get that suntan and blue sea to swim and bring some amazing photos!

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Yes, there are 2 seasons, and you can really expect more sun during the high season and some rain during the rainy season, but each year is very very different. There are absolutely no way to predict if it will not rain in January and you could have an amazingly sunny October (which used to be known for being one the wettest month of the year). Read more

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Phuket Weather – When is the Best Time to Go to Phuket?
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