Phuket Weather in July

Phuket Weather in July ☀️🌧️

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How is the weather in Phuket in July?

Phuket weather in July sees more rain than in June. The monsoon, or low season, has definitely started, and you can expect the sea to be rough and the sky to be cloudy. But like in every month of the low season in Thailand, you might get quite a few sunny days. However, one pattern happens every year: the bad luck weeks. Every year, during the rainy season, the weeks alternate nicely between clear skies, cloudy days, and a few rainy days, usually in the evening or at night. But there are bad luck weeks with lots of rain, non-stop for 3 to 5 days. It’s not frequent, and no one like those weeks, but it has to happen; nature needs it.

Phuket weather in July

Phuket weather each month of the year

Phuket Weather in July

What to do in Phuket in July?

Just like in every month of the rainy season in Phuket, you can take advantage of the many options available, both for sunny days and rainy days: just in case, bookmark our list of things to do in Phuket when it rains. Just enjoy the sunny days on the beach as much as you can in case the weather changes.

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Activity wise, June is usually a good month for surfing in Phuket, and kitesurfing on Nai Yang Beach. Tours to Phang Nga Bay and day trips to nearby islands operate normally unless a serious storm is announced.

Rainfalls and temperatures in July

July Weather
Average Day Temperature31.0 °C
Average Night Temperature28.0 °C
Average Sunny Days8 days
Average Rainy Days16 days
Average Rainfall258.2mm
Average Humidity79%
Water Temperature29.6°C

Phuket Weather in July

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FAQs about Phuket Weather in July

  1. Q. What is the average temperature in July in Phuket?

    In July, the average temperature in Phuket is 31 °C (87.8°F) during the day and 28 °C (82.4°F) at night.

  2. Q. How many rainy days in July?

    In Phuket during July, the rain falls for 16 days, with an average rainfall of 258.2 mm.

  3. Q. What is the water temperature in June?

    In July, the average water temperature is 30°C (86°F).

  4. Q. What is the average length of a day in July in Phuket?

    The average length of a day in July in Phuket is 12.5h. The sunrise is around 6 am, and sunset is around 7 pm.

  5. Q. What should I pack for July weather in Phuket?

    Phuket is warm all year long, so pack light as you will probably only wear t-shirts, skirts and short pants most of the days. Maybe take an umbrella and a very light raincoat.

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