How is the weather in Phuket in May?

Phuket Weather in May ?️?️ How is Phuket in May?

Is May a good time to visit Phuket?

May is the last month of the high season in Phuket, and the weather sees a shift from April as the monsoon is approaching. Temperatures and humidity remain very high, so it can be a little uncomfortable if you are not used to it. Fortunately, May sees the first tropical rains arriving (if the climate is not too messed up), and those sudden evening showers are a welcome refreshing moment.

The vegetation turns brown, and water storage starts to be a problem for hotels. Even the few Phuket waterfalls are running dry and may not be worth visiting at this time of the year.

The weather in Phuket in May

It will be hot, but Phuket is a small island so that you can refresh in the ocean often. The sea is usually still calm and clear, but the monsoon will bring the first wave and dangerous tides. To avoid disappointment, you should consider booking a hotel with a great swimming pool. Just remember to protect your skin from the sun and drink water!

Phuket averages in May

Things to do in Phuket in May

There are no special events in Phuket in May. You might find shopping malls unusually attractive with their intense air conditioning or to hide from occasional tropical rains! May is when the Similan Islands close for the low season, so you should check beforehand if you wanted to visit them.

If you plan to take photos of planes landing in Phuket, there is a high chance that aircraft may start approaching Phuket International Airport from the east coast.

Songkran Festival Phuket

May is the mango season, and this is your chance to enjoy Khao Niaw Ma Muang (mango sticky rice), one of the most loved desserts in Thailand. This cheap but delicious treat is available all year round and easy to find in many restaurants, but April to June is when the fruit is the sweetest and tastiest. Read about Thai deserts here.

Mango Sticky Rice

Phuket prices in May

While the cost of living doesn’t change much, hotel prices decrease as the low season is approaching.

Rainfalls and temperatures in Phuket in May

May Weather
Average Day Temperature32°C
Average Night Temperature28.7°C
Average Sunny Days12 days
Average Rainy Days15 days
Average Rainfall259.5mm
Average Humidity79%
Water Temperature30°C

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