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Phuket Waterfalls – Where to find the waterfalls in Phuket

Where are Phuket waterfalls?

Waterfalls in Phuket are not really impressive, especially during high season when the lack of rain reduces the stream to a trickle. But even small, like anywhere in the world, waterfalls never fail to attract kids, teens and families during the weekend.

There are only 3 significant waterfalls on the island. The two largest ones are inside national parks and charge an entry fee of 200 baht per person, but a car fee. Not everyone is happy about this but that the rule and some considered rather high. Those are Bang Pae on the eastern part of Phuket and Ton Sai Waterfall located further north, not far from Thalang Town on the way to Phuket airport.

Kathu Waterfalls

Kathu Waterfall is the best advertised but is quite small. At least you don’t have to pay anything to get there. If you go during the raining season and you find the path to the upper levels, it can be quite charming.

A very small and not well-known cascade can be reached just past Panwa beach, but it’s really not worth going. Outside Phuket, things get a lot nicer and we’ll add more waterfalls as we discover them.

1. Bang Pae Waterfall

Bang Pae Waterfall

Bang Pae waterfall, the largest and most popular in Phuket, is 18 meters high. Lots of Thai people come on weekends with their kids to cool down in the stream. Teenagers come for a romantic escape and to jump from the rocks above into the water. Something to try carefully as accidents are not uncommon. You’ll find shops selling snack and soft drinks past the entrance of the park. Just remember that alcohol is not allowed inside the park. Don’t miss Piang Prai, an excellent local restaurant just in front of the park!

Bang Pae is located near the east coast in the central part of Phuket, about 20 kilometers for Phuket Town and is part of the Khao Phra Thaeo National Park, therefore a 200 Baht fee will be required per person. Read more

2. Kathu Waterfalls

Kathu Waterfalls

Kathu waterfall is actually quite nice during rainy season as it cascades on four levels through the jungle. This waterfall is on every Phuket map and very well indicated on the road when approaching Patong. It’s very popular with kids and parents who love to play in the natural pools while enjoying local food sold in street carts around. There is no entrance fee as Kathu Waterfalls are not in a national park. If you visit during high season, don’t be surprised if the stream has become small. If you are in the area and you like nature, you can also try the Phuket Wake Park Cable Ski and the very popular Flying Hanuman  Read more

3. Ton Sai Waterfall

Tonsai Waterfall

Tonsai is second largest waterfall on the island, part of the Khao Phra Thaeo National Park national park, which means here too you will have to pay a 200 baht fee to enter. Tonsai has a reasonable stream after rainy weeks but it becomes very tiny during high season. Overall, it’s not very impressive and may not really worth the 200 baht entry fee person. Read more

4. Ao Yon Waterfall

Not very well known and rather hard to find, Ao Yon waterfall is only visited by few locals who seem to enjoy drinking and dating by the water on weekends. To get there drive along Panwa beach, then past Ao Yon Beach and you will reach a small rocky bay, the road leading to the waterfall is opposite of this bay, follow it for few kilometers.

5. Layan Stream


Layan Beach stream is very, very small, but just because I found it by accident, I decided to add it to the list. To find it you will have to park where the road end, around the Layan Beach Resort and walk on the beach and the muddy mangrove toward the sea. Just nice enough for this photo but we wouldn’t recommend to go all the way to find it.

Waterfalls outside Phuket

6. Ton Phrai Waterfall

Phuket Waterfalls

Ton Phrai waterfall is one of the nicest cascade outside Phuket island. It’s not really far if you have a car to drive around there. Alternatively some Eco-tours and bike tours include it in their itinerary. Once going out of Phuket take direction Muang Thai and follow Highway #4 for about 27 or 28 km.

Follow a small road on the right until the Khao Lampee Thai Muang National Park. A short walk leads to the large pool and superb waterfalls. This is great to end the day with a beer or any cold drink you naturally brought with you just for the occasion.

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Map of Phuket Waterfalls

Phuket Waterfalls – Where to find the waterfalls in Phuket
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