Panwa Beach

Panwa Beach
Panwa Beach
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Panwa Beach

Panwa Beach, also known as Khao Kat Beach, is not a swimming beach, and yet has the charm of these remote bays not many would take the time to explore while visiting Phuket. Located on a east coast cape but facing west, the whole area is peppered with luxury villas and few resorts, a great alternative to relax away from west coast crowded spots.

So if you are after peace, this is an enjoyable region to spend a slow afternoon staring at nearby islands. Have lunch or drinks at one of the few restaurants available along the strand, such as the good old ‘Beach Bar’. You can even stay at one of the beautiful resorts around, most popular being the Novotel Panwa, and enjoy a great morning stroll along the sandy bay all the way to the few fishing boats at the southern end.

panwa-beach-phuket If you drove there, you should also continue up to the nearby ‘Panwa View Point‘ (or Khao Kat Views Tower) and get an amazing 360˙ view on this part of Phuket and the islands around. Continue south and you will pass by Ao Yon beach (photo below), another nice sandy bay mostly enjoyed by locals, you can even stop few minutes at the small Ao Yon waterfall opposite of it. Go further south and visit the Panwa Aquarium and its small glass tunnel or stay at the Cape Panwa Hotel and its small but beautiful private beach (photo below).

Panwa beach and its surrounding is not your usual tropical holiday destination, but once you drive there on a nice day you will see a side of Phuket island not many take the time to enjoy.

novotel-panwa-beach panwa

beach-bar khao-kat-beach-fishermen
cape-panwa-beach ao-yon-beach
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