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Bangkok – What to do in Bangkok?

What to Do in Bangkok?

Bangkok, one of the most visited cities in the world, is rich in history, and most people travelling to Thailand will stopover in this city full of surprises. Bangkok is worth a few days, from historical landmarks to jaw-dropping shopping malls and vibrant nightlife. Here we list a few places you should add to your list.

From the old tiny local restaurants to the most internationally recognised names, Bangkok now has more food and dining options than you can eat. Then you have all those fabulous rooftops, and we tried them all! (well, almost). Fantastic hotels, ludicrous shopping malls, and plenty of temples to visit. Bangkok offers more than you can handle, even if you only stay for a couple of days on your way to Phuket.

Bangkok Temples

Bangkok Grand Palace Video

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Bangkok Rooftops

Bangkok’s rooftop scene is like stepping into a movie with tall buildings with amazing restaurants and bars on their roofs. You can see the whole city below, all colourful and lively. People chill out, eat food from a wide range of countries, and sip all kinds of drinks while enjoying the stunning views. Some places even have pools or comfy seats, making it fun to hang out day or night.


Bangkok Shopping Malls

Bangkok Hotels – Where to Stay in Bangkok?

Bangkok Neighbourhoods

Map of Bangkok Neighbourhoods

Beyond Bangkok

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