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Bangkok blog shares the places we visited in the ever-growing city of Bangkok. There is of course so much to write about this blog could turn rapidly into an encyclopedia, so we decided to mostly talk about the place we loved most and a couple of ‘Must-Have” or ‘Must-Try”. As the dining scene of Bangkok is rapidly evolving, we tend to check a lot of fancy restaurants; it’s incredible how much Bangkok has to offer. From the old tiny local restaurants to the most internationally recognised names, Bangkok now has more than you can eat. Then you have all those fabulous rooftops, and we tried them all! (well almost). Fantastic hotels, ludicrous shopping malls, plenty of temples to visit. Bangkok offers more than you can handle. So we review as many places as we can, and of course, we do this undercover so we can tell you what we think.

Shopping Malls

Rooftop Bars

Bangkok Landmarks


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