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A shopping mall on the Bangkok riverside

ICONSIAM is the largest, and most luxurious shopping mall in Bangkok. How many times did you read this sentence in Bangkok? When you thought there was enough mall and the latest would be the last for at least another decade, a bigger one would open.


At least, ICONSIAM is not on the ‘shopping miles’ that stretched from Siam to Sukhumvit but filled a void on the Thonburi side of Bangkok. In case you don’t yet know, Thonburi is the quiet side of the capital, where the only known landmark is Wat Arun (the temple of dawn). This new shopping monster covers a staggering 50 rai (750,000 square metres)

IconSiam Shopping Mall Bangkok

Most tourists or even expats don’t understand why Thai people love their malls so much. Malls are bright and colourful places to meet your friends, eat together in a fun place and eventually, shop a little. Since online shopping is so trendy in Thailand, malls have changed their focus to food and entertainment rather than just shopping. The number of restaurants and the choice of goods in IconSiam are staggering.

icon siam mall bangkok 1

The location on the Chao Phraya riverside makes ICONSIAM pretty unique and, not accidentally, very Instagram-friendly. The little boat ride to cross the river from Saphan Taksin BTS Station adds a nice touch. As the direct BTS is not yet ready at the time we write, you will probably use that free shuttle boat.


You might be a little confused about the mall’s layout if you enter the front door by the riverside. The riverside doors give access to the luxury floors, and since it’s not for all budgets, it looks relatively empty and quiet. Don’t stop here and walk to the back of the mall, where all the ‘normal’ stuff is.


The lower floor

The lower floor is the most popular and the busiest, designed like an old Thai village and floating market. It’s quite charming and a great photo playground. Try some local food; it’s excellent, fun and affordable too. It’s big, so expect to spend some time there. It also connects to an attractive food gallery with many Japanese sweets. Takashimaya runs the department store, so it does have a lot of Japanese products on sale, as well as many Japanese restaurants. Thankfully, many of them are Japanese, not the usual franchises found in every single mall in Bangkok (Fuji, Zen etc.)


ICONSIAM is a maze made of the usual shops you can find in other shopping centres. It’s not original, so don’t expect a big surprise here; because they tried a creative layout, the surface is enormous, and it requires a lot of walking to find anything. Since online shopping has taken over, they mixed shops with many snack and sweet shops.

SOOKSIAM Floating Market


SOOKSIAM features a vast choice of restaurants located on the G floor of Icon Siam. The restaurants and stalls serve dishes and food from the 77 regions of Thailand in a unique floating market setting. Some of the restaurants are inside old traditional-looking houses and some are some prepare your food in a little boat, just like it would if you were at the floating market. It’s quite a unique experience and a fun photo opportunity without having to leave Bangkok!


Upper floors

icon siam shopping mall bangkok

The floors above are all about food, immense terraces and panoramic restaurants and bars overlooking the river, probably the most attractive part of the mall. Remember that the balconies are very hot during the day, and the sun sets on the other side, so don’t expect to get a sunset photo. However, the view at the Blue Hour is superb, especially with the heritage buildings on the other bank.

icon siam bangkok

The last floor hosts a massive movie theatre and, of course, more restaurants.

Siam Takashimaya

Siam Takashimaya food street

Siam Takashimaya is a luxury department store from Japan occupying seven floors in the back of the building. Here you will find tins of real Japanese products and restaurants for all budgets. For us, Takashimaya may be the most valuable addition because this famous brand adds a lot of unique products. Without it, it probably would just be the same shops and restaurants as in other malls in Thailand.

masa japanese restaurant icon siam

1st Floor


If you are a fashionista, then the 1st floor is the place for you. You will find a mix of fast fashion and luxury brands. Fast fashion brands on this floor include the likes of Zara, H&M, COS and Pomelo whereas the luxury brands include Lacoste and Fred Perry.

2nd Floor

Uniqlo ICONSIAM Bangkok

The 2nd floor is very similar to the 1st floor as this floor consists of many fashion brands like Uniqlo, Levis and A Land. However, the main attraction of this floor is the Apple Store which is the first official Apple Store in Thailand.

Apple Store ICONSIAM Bangkok

3rd Floor


Many sports brands are found on the 3rd floor. The biggest one is JD Sports, where there’s a huge selection of shoes from Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Vans and Puma. If these are still not enough for you, you will find these individual brands in the ICONACTIVE area on this floor.

4th Floor


On this floor, you will find what makes ICONSIAM unique to other shopping malls. Which is b where there is. an extravagant selection of unique Thai brands. Products that you may find in this area are artisanal products made by Thai people.

5th Floor


The 5th Floor is a mixture of restaurants, banks and beauty clinics. Kub Kao Kub Pla is a very popular Thai restaurant on this floor that is busy all day round. This is a very good floor for a family as there is a huge Toy R Us store and a kid’s arcade zone.


How to get to ICONSIAM

Unless you are one of the rare travellers to stay on the Thonburi side of Bangkok, the most comfortable and most convenient way to reach ICONSIAM is to take the BTS Skytrain and get off at BTS Krung Thon Buri station and transfer to the Gold Line to take the train to BTS Charoen Nakhon Station.

ICONSIAM shuttle boat


Another option is to stop at BTS Saphan Taksin station (the station just before crossing the Broad River). From there, it is relatively easy to reach the well-indicated ICONSIAM pier and ride the free shuttle boat for a short 5-minute ride.

More photos of ICONSIAM Bangkok

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Location: Thonburi
Address: 299 Charoen Nakhon Rd, Khlong Ton Sai, Khlong San, Bangkok 10600
Closest BTS/MRT Station: BTS Charoen Nakhon: 0 m
Open: 10 am – 10 pm
Open since: 9 November 2018
Size: 750,000 sqm
Floors: 7


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