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Siam Center

Stylish Shopping Mall in Siam

Siam Center, despite being next to Bangkok’s most popular shopping mall, Siam Paragon. It can certainly compete. It is popular for its artistic shopping and a place where lifestyle and art meet. Furthermore, many shops are unique even some being exclusive. Aside from that, the interiors and exteriors of the shops are special, making this shopping a very stylish destination in Bangkok.

Siam Center, a Stylish Shopping Mall in Siam

Siam Center: Ground Floor

This ground floor is called Fashion Avenue. This floor is for those who are into sports as on this floor, you will find many popular sports brands like Adidas, Nike, Puma and JD Sports.

Siam Center, a Stylish Shopping Mall in Siam

However, there are popular fashion brands and beauty products on this floor too for those who are not into sports products. These brands include Sephora, CPS Chaps, Victoria’s Secret and Lyn Around.

Siam Center, a Stylish Shopping Mall in Siam

Siam Center: M Floor

The M floor of Siam Center is called the Fashion Galleria. The highlight of this floor is the Converse Flagship Store and Foot Locker Store. These 2 stores are the largest in Thailand of their brand. The selection of shoes and clothing in the Foot Locker store is large and includes a variety of brands.

Siam Center, a Stylish Shopping Mall in Siam

On the other hand, the Converse store is a flagship store for Converse. This Converse store is unique and exclusive as it is the only store in Thailand where you can customize your own Converse shoes. Other popular brands on this floor include Bath and Body Works, Dickies, Jaspal and Dr Martens.

Siam Center, a Stylish Shopping Mall in Siam

Siam Center: 1st Floor

The 1st Floor is called Fashion Visionary. This floor includes many small niche brands. Each produces fashion items which are unique to their brands. The more well-known stores on this floor would be Absolute Siam Store and Frank Garcon.

Siam Center, a Stylish Shopping Mall in Siam

Absolute Siam store is a collection of many Thai products that represent soft power in Thailand. These products include clothing, accessories and miscellaneous items. Similarly, Frank Garcon also is a collection of products from many Thai brands but Frank Garcon is exclusively for fashion items.

Siam Center, a Stylish Shopping Mall in Siam

Siam Center: 2nd Floor

The 2nd floor is different from the rest of Siam Center as this floor is the food section of the mall. This floor is called the Food Factory. At the centre of the floor, you will find a food court-like area. This area consists of restaurants that are popular among young adults eg Pasta Ama and Yoguruto.

Siam Center, a Stylish Shopping Mall in Siam

The rest of the floors have a wide selection of restaurants. Whether you like Korean, Japanese, Thai, Chinese, Italian or European food, it doesn’t matter because you can find it all in Siam Center. Popular restaurants on this floor include Hasul, Nuatae, Momo Paradise and On the Table.

Siam Center, a Stylish Shopping Mall in Siam

How to get to Siam Center

The easiest and most popular option for getting to Siam Center is to get the BTS to BTS Siam station. When getting off at BTS Siam station, it is only a 2-minute walk from the station to the mall as the station is connected to the entrance.

Another option to travel to Siam Center is by the Khlong Saen Saep Boat getting off at Hua Chang (Siam Square) Pier and then taking a 10 min walk of only 400 m. This option is much cheaper as the fee ranges from 8 – 20 baht. Whereas the BTS fee ranges from 17 baht to 62 baht depending on how far away you are.

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Siam Center Info

Location: Siam
Address: 979 Rama I Rd, Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330
Closest BTS/MRT Station: BTS Siam: 50 m
Open: 10 am – 10 pm
Open since: 29 January 1973
Floors: 4

Siam Center Map

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