Taling Chan Floating Market near Bangkok

Taling Chan Floating Market Bangkok

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Taling Chan Floating Market Bangkok

Taling Chan is a small and modest market just 14 kilometres outside Bangkok. Built on the riverside at the intersection of the river and the railway’s bridge, it used to feature more than a dozen boats used as floating kitchens to cook fish, meat skewers and prawns for the guests of their restaurants.

In recent years, practicality has overcome tradition, and just a few boats are still cooking. Some restaurants chose to attach their grilling station on a narrow platform attached to the rail. It is probably more comfortable for the cook but lacks authenticity, making it difficult to walk around. While it is still colourful and exotic, Taling Chan has lost much of its original charm.

The ChakPhra Market

Before reaching the riverside, you will walk through a small covered market called Chakphra Walking Street. Vendors mostly sell local food, sweets, fruits and plants. It is the most interesting part if you want to try authentic local snacks and Thai sweets.

More Photos of Taling Chan Market

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Taling Chan Floating Market Info

Address: Chim Phli Road, Bangkok 10700
Open: 9 am – 5 pm, Saturday and Sunday
Distance from Bangkok: 14 km

Taling Chan Floating Market Map

Get the directions on your phone: https://goo.gl/maps/jLqwUhQvrHiiRYEt9