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Jodd Fairs Night Market Bangkok

What to do at Jodd Fairs Night Market?

Jodd Fairs Night Market is a lively modern market on Rama 9 Road, just behind Central Rama 9. It provides a great range of food options and an interesting variety of market stalls at budget-friendly prices (especially when compared to the nearby malls). Open every evening from 4 pm to 12 midnight, it’s also a cool place to hang out, especially when the live band starts to play.

Jodd Fairs Rama 9 Night Market in Bangkok

Perhaps because of its location right among a cluster of high-end malls in the heart of the city, Jodd Fairs has a slightly more ‘touristy’ feel than some other night markets in Bangkok. Prices tend to be a little higher than you would spend at somewhere like Chatuchak Weekend Market, but the quality of goods sold is also higher. You will find more unique handmade souvenirs and a lot fewer copy T-shirts and knockoff brand watches. The food quality is also high and there’s plenty of seating, too.

What to eat at Jodd Fairs Night Market?

Jodd Fairs Rama 9 Night Market in Bangkok

The market is divided into three zones, one of which is dedicated to dining, but you’ll also find food scattered throughout the other two zones. Options range from cocktail bars and juice stands all the way to eat-with-your-hands seafood and cafeteria benches.

Jodd Fairs Rama 9 Night Market in Bangkok

Naturally, there are also more familiar Thai and Asian dishes, plenty of market snacks and even a few stalls selling fried insects. Highlights include Laeng Saeb, which is a spicy pork bone soup that’s relatively hard to find elsewhere in Bangkok. Squid shots are also elusive but there’s one stall at Jodd Fairs Night Market selling them.

What to buy at Jodd Fairs?

Jodd Fairs Rama 9 Night Market in Bangkok

In the fashion store zone, each aisle contains something interesting and unique, whether it’s wooden watches, vintage items or upcycled bags. In between, you’ll find plenty of more typical tourist market items like elephant pants, graphic T-shirts, jeans and jewellery. There are also a few salon stalls where you can get your nails done or have a massage.

Jodd Fairs Rama 9 Night Market in Bangkok

The last of the three zones at Jodd Fairs Night Market is the activity zone, where most of the space is set out with deck chairs around low tables where you can hang out with your friends. There’s live entertainment and a lot of snack and drink stalls nearby, some of which also serve alcohol.

Jodd Fairs Rama 9 Night Market in Bangkok

Jodd Fairs Night Market is open every day from 4 pm to 12 am. It gets very busy around dinnertime, so it’s best to visit before then to avoid the crowds. The market is divided across two sites behind Central Rama 9 with a small but busy service road running between them, so be sure to check out all of the market but keep alert while you do.

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Jodd Fairs Info

Location: Behind Central Rama 9
Open: 4 pm – 12 am
Phone: 092 713 5599
Price: Free

How to get to Jodd Fairs

You can easily go to this Bangkok night market by stopping at the Phra Rama 9 MRT station or by bus, tuk-tuk, taxi, or self-driving.

Jodd Fairs Map

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