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Amphawa Floating Market

What to Do at Amphawa Floating Market

Amphawa is one of the most popular floating markets in Thailand. This once-small village, which has been around since the mid-17th century, attracts huge crowds of tourists and Bangkokians during weekends. Its humble-looking food stalls have expanded from the riverbanks into the surrounding streets, offering a wide range of delicious Thai dishes and snacks.

What to Eat at Amphawa?

Seafood is the main draw at Amphawa. You can find fresh prawns, fish, and various shellfish being grilled precariously on wooden boats moored around the famous central bridge. The smell is simply irresistible, so it’s no surprise to see customers flocking to each side of the river all day long.

Amphawa Floating Market

If you’re not a fan of sitting on a concrete ledge, walk a bit further from the bridge to find proper restaurants with tables and chairs. Along each side of the canal, old charming wooden shops sell local sweets, smoothies and ice cream – great for those with a sweet tooth!

What to Do at Amphawa?

Once you’ve had enough of walking around Amphawa, you should take one of the many longtail boats and explore the surrounding waterways. There are tours available from several counters around the bridge.

The river tour takes you to the other side of the Mae Khlong River, where there are a couple of rather small temples with unique characteristics. You might come across golden seated Buddhas, imposing chedis, and even small museums. These sites often serve as a nice respite from the crowds at Amphawa. The cool breeze is also a welcome relief after exploring the bustling market.

How to Visit Amphawa?

If you’re planning to visit Amphawa, there are a few ways to get there from central Bangkok. An affordable option is to take the BTS Skytrain (Silom Line) to the Bang Wa BTS Station. Go out the Exit 1 to take a taxi to the Bangkok Southern Bus Terminal (Sai Tai Mai). From there, you can take a minivan to Amphawa Floating Market. A single trip takes around 90 minutes but can be time-consuming as it requires multiple transfers.

Amphawa Floating Market

Booking a private Amphawa Floating Market tour is the fastest method to reach the market. As it includes hotel pick-up and drop-off services, this option is excellent for small groups or families.

Amphawa Floating Market is a must-visit destination for anyone travelling to Bangkok. It’s an excellent opportunity to experience Thai culture, taste delicious food, and explore tranquil temples. So, don’t miss out on this traditional shopping and dining experience!

Amphawa Floating Market Info

Location: Amphawa
Open: Friday to Sunday from 11 am to 9.30 pm

Amphawa Floating Market Map

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