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New Jungceylon Phuket

Patong Beach Directory

    You will find here all the places we visited in Patong Beach, including attractions, restaurants, shopping, clubs and bars. Patong is a big and buzzing city so there are so many places to review and we do our best to add them to our Patong Beac Directory as we review them.

    Food Vendors at Loma Park in Patong Beach

    Loma Park in Patong Beach

      Loma Park (which means Dolphin Park) stretches from the middle to the northern end of Patong Beach in Phuket. It is a medium-sized green space offering some shade from the busy beach area.

      Churrasco Phuket Steakhouse at Jungceylon Phuket

      Churrasco Phuket Steakhouse

        Churrasco Phuket Steakhouse is an excellent restaurant conveniently located in the Garden Wing of the popular Jungceylon shopping mall in Patong Beach, which is very close to the famous Bangla Road where all Patong nightlife is. The restaurant was first opened in 2012 by two friends who lived in South America for a long time and decided to share their knowledge and experience with Phuket travellers and long-time expats.

        The Farmer and The Fisherman Restaurant at Porto de Phuket in Bang Tao Beach

        The Farmer and The Fisherman

          The Farmer and The Fisherman is an excellent new restaurant that opened recently at the popular Porto de Phuket shopping village in Bang Tao Beach, just next to Boat Avenue. We stopped for a casual dinner and were pleased with how good the food was, as well as the service, which is an important factor for a great dining experience. The Farmer and The Fisherman is the Phuket branch of ‘Ginber Farm Kitchen’ a very popular restaurant in Bangkok which is listed in the Michelin Guide.

          Secret Beaches of Phuket

          18 Secret Beaches of Phuket

            There are still secret beaches in Phuket and some hidden and quiet spots, most of which are beautiful. Of course, some are difficult to find, but surprisingly many are in plain sight and easy to access.

            Jungceylon Mall in Patong Beach, Phuket

            Jungceylon Phuket in Patong Beach

              Jungceylon Phuket is a massive Shopping Center in the very centre of Patong Beach and the largest on Phuket Island. Covering 200,000 square meters, it’s so vast it feels like a city within a city. Expect to find many souvenir shops, dozens of restaurants, a department store, cinemas, electronic shops, massage, a two-storey supermarket and many attractions on the upper levels.

              Salaloy Seafood Restaurant in Phuket

              Salaloy Seafood Restaurant Phuket

                Salaloy Seafood Restaurant in Phuket is located on Rawai Beach, in the very south of Phuket. Divided into two parts on each side of the busy beachfront road, the kitchen and main dining room are on one side, but most customers prefer to sit on the other side, a sidewalk by the ocean and under the tall trees converted into a large and welcoming dining area

                Rawai Beach is not a swimming beach but travellers love to go there for the fresh seafood

                Rawai Beach ⛱️

                  Rawai Beach, at the south end of Phuket island, is not a beach suitable for swimming, but it offers beautiful views of the nearby islands and has a peaceful local atmosphere.

                  Phuket Best Beaches

                  The 20 Most Beautiful Phuket Beaches ⛱️

                    What are the most beautiful and best beaches in Phuket; a frequent and challenging question to answer since everyone likes a beach for so many different reasons. Somehow, there are two kinds of beaches in Phuket: those where people book their hotel and those where people spend the day.

                    Tann Terrace Phuket à Karon Beach

                    Tann Terrace Phuket Beach Club

                      Tann Terrace Phuket is a lovely beach bar, restaurant and even boutique hotel with a unique location at the very south end of Karon Beach.

                      Patong Beach Restaurants

                      24 Best Restaurants in Patong Beach

                        There are so many restaurants in Patong Beach; you would think that finding great Thai food would be easy. But if you know Thailand, you soon will realise that too many of them serve a toned-down version of Thai cuisine or something very far from local food.

                        Micky Monkey Beach in Mai Khao, Phuket

                        Micky Monkey Beach Bar in Maikhao Beach

                          Micky Monkey Beach is a locally popular beach bar and restaurant, as well as a small hotel, hidden on Mai Khao Beach, just between two exclusive hotels: Sala Phuket and The Renaissance Phuket Resort and Spa.