Naithon Beach

What to Do in Naithon Beach? [toc] Naithon Beach is one of these little-known beaches on the west coast of Phuket, far from crowded areas such as Patong Beach or Kata Beach. People chose to stay here to find a peaceful village with just enough restaurants and hotels not to feel too remote but still all the necessary facilities you need for a great holiday. Phuket is such a small

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Nai Yang Beach Phuket

What to do in Naiyang Beach? [toc] Naiyang Beach is one of those out-of-the-beaten-tracks hidden gems, little known to first-timers but very popular with returning travellers. Beautiful, shaded, and full of tiny fun bars and restaurants, Nai Yang remains peaceful like most of the northern beaches of Phuket because it is not along the main roads. Naiyang Beach Video With a vast beach, a shallow sea, and many trees

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Banana Beach Phuket ⛱️ A Secret Beach in Phuket

Banana Beach in Phuket

How to get to the almost secret Banana Beach? [toc] Banana Beach in Phuket is a little hidden treasure. Phuket is a world-famous holiday destination, and every corner of this tiny tropical island has been explored, invaded, sold, developed and exploited. Yet, the small Banana Beach is hiding from the crowd. We thought it wouldn't last, but it is still quiet. Banana Beach Video Considering that Banana Beach is

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Surin Beach, Phuket

What to do in Surin Beach? [toc] Surin Beach is one of the island's most beautiful and natural spots. Long gone are the many famous beach clubs and the long line of restaurants that made this place so famous, but the beach looks a lot more natural now. It still is blessed with a large beach of beautiful sand and a fantastic blue sea. You can now sit down at

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Paradise Beach, Phuket ⛱️

Paradise Beach in Phuket

What to Do on Paradise Beach? [toc] UPDATE: Paradise Beach is open and the entry fee is now 200 baht, including a drink Paradise Beach Phuket is just 4 kilometres from Patong Beach and consists of two small sandy bays with blue water, soft sand and coconut trees. You will find plenty of beach chairs, bars, restaurants, shops and massive parties on some nights. Yes, Paradise Beach is small, remote

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Kalim Beach near Patong in Phuket

Kalim Beach

What to do in Kalim Beach [toc] Kalim Beach is a modest bay just next to the famous Patong Beach on the way to Kamala Beach. As the seafloor is mostly rocks and dead corals, Kalim is not a swimming beach but a popular spot for local surfers in the low season. However, waves are not very high, so don’t go imagining some impressive action. It seems to be good

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Naithon Noi Beach (Andaman White Beach)

Andaman White Beach on Naithon Noi Beach

How to Get to The Private Naithon Noi Beach [toc] Naithon Noi Beach in one of the few 'private beaches of Phuket' as well as one of the most beautiful. Located near Phuket International airport on the west coast of the island, Naithon Noi Beach is often called 'Andaman White Beach', from the name of the resort that occupies the entire land around it. The real name is Naithon Noi

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Ao Yon Beach in Phuket

What to do in Ao Yon Beach? [toc] Ao Yon Beach is a surprisingly quiet and remote beach where you can have a calm walk and only meet locals and a few longtime residents. Of course, these little hidden beaches are far and you need to make a bit of effort to find them, and that is the main reason why such beaches remain quiet. There are still a few

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Merlin Beach

What to do on Merlin Beach? [toc] Merlin Beach, Tri Trang Beach, Paradise Beach, Freedom Beach, which is which? Whenever we post a photo of any of these beaches, it starts endless discussions, which is still confusing. The names' similarities, plus the fact that some of these beaches were hard to reach until recently, didn't help. However, these four beaches are located around a peninsula just south of Patong Beach,

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Karon Noi Beach

An amazing private beach near Patong [toc] Karon Noi Beach. sometimes also called 'Relax Beach" is one of the most beautiful beaches in Phuket, home to the luxurious 5-star hotel Le Meridien Phuket. It has perfect soft white sand, shallow clear blue waters and many coconut trees to create the picture-perfect holiday background. It is quiet and unspoilt, and of course, there is a good reason for this little paradise

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6 Beaches for Rainy Season in Phuket

Phuket Beaches for Low Season

Which beaches are good during the rainy season in Phuket? [toc] When it's rainy season in Phuket, the sea is sometimes rough on the west coast where all the popular beaches and hotels are... but if you still want to swim in the ocean, where should you go? We get a lot of questions between June and October, which are usually the rainy season months in Phuket. Phuket is quite

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Ao Sane Beach ⛱️ What to Do in Ao Sane?

Ao Sane Beach

What to Do in Ao Sane? [toc] Ao Sane Beach (pronounced Ao Sain) proves that Phuket still has some little beaches hidden from view where you can pretend nothing has changed in the past twenty years. Of course, there is no such thing as a 'secret beach' anymore, but you must make a little effort to get there. Ao Sane is clearly visible from Nai Harn Beach, but you will

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Pansea Beach

Pansea Beach

A superb private beach [toc] Pansea Beach looks like a private beach, but since private beaches are not allowed in Thailand, you can get around by owning all land around that beach. Only two luxury hotels, 'The Surin' and 'Amanpuri', can access Pansea Beach. So if you happen to be a guest of one of these two resorts, you will have the privilege to share one of the most amazing

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PANWA BEACH (Kao Khad Beach) ⛱️

Panwa Beach in Phuket

What to do at Panwa Beach? [toc] Panwa Beach (also known as Kao Khad Beach) is not a great swimming beach and yet has the charm of these remote bays not many would take the time to explore while visiting Phuket. Located on the east coast cape but facing west, the whole area is peppered with luxury villas and few resorts, a great alternative to relax away from west coast

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Layan Beach

[toc] Layan Beach is a beautiful but little-known bay on the west coast of Phuket on the northern end of Bangtao Beach. Layan is home to many luxurious resorts, such as Banyan Tree Resort, Angsana Laguna Phuket Resort and Dusit Thani Laguna Phuket. The beach ends with a river harbouring small fishing boats, and its best-known feature is the big island standing where the river reaches the sea. What to

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11 Amazing Private Beaches of Phuket

Private Beaches in Phuket

Phuket Secret Beaches [toc] Private beaches don't exist in Phuket or Thailand, and that's by law. However, people often call some of Phuket most amazing beaches 'private beaches' because they can't enter. So if none of those beaches is private, how is that possible? Simple: if you own the land surrounding that beach, you can deny its access. It's a little twisted, and some might find it unfair, but in

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Sai Kaew Beach (Haad Sai Kaew)

Sai Kaew Beach Phuket

About Sai Kaew Beach [toc] Sai Kaew Beach (Haad Sai Kaew in Thai) is a beautiful endless beach located north of Phuket Island, just past Mai Khao Beach and before Sarasin bridge. People easily complain about crowded beaches, but nothing is easier to find than a deserted beach in Phuket. Note that 'Haad Sai Kaew' glass sand beach and this name is common, so there are more than one Sai

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Ya Nui Beach

What to do in Ya Nui Beach? [toc] Ya Nui Beach is a charming tiny bay tucked in a cove between the Windmill Viewpoint and the famous Promthep Cape in the very south of Phuket Island. It looks like a secret beach, but it is very well known and can be busy sometimes. Don't expect to find a deserted secret beach such as Banana Beach, north of Phuket Island, or

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Laem Ka Beach – A Hidden Beach of Phuket

Laem Ka Beach

How to Get to Laem Ka Beach? UPDATE: Access to Laem Ka Beach is now closed. Looks like they are building something. [toc] Laem Ka Beach, in the very south of Phuket near Rawai, is a little gem hidden from view and mostly locals know about it. It was closed to the public a couple of years ago to allow the construction of a new hotel. We don't yet know

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