Best Kata Beach Hotels: Hotels Right on the Beach!

Best Kata Beach Hotels: Hotels Right on the Beach!
Best Kata Beach Hotels: Hotels Right on the Beach!
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Best Kata Beach Hotels: Hotels Right on the Beach!

Our Kata Beach hotels have the privilege to be located on one of the most beautiful beach of Phuket, with just the right mix of restaurants, shopping and fun nightlife. Kata is a 2 km long bay of really superb white beach and blue water. Not many hotels have the privilege to be right on the beach so you should really take advantage of it.

Of course such amazing feature comes with a higher price tag but think about it: You really can walk from your room right onto the beach! (Note that this page combines both Kata beach and its little sister Kata Noi Beach as one, as just a kilometre separate them.)

So here are our favourite Kata Beach Hotels, we tried them all and we would recommend them to our friends anytime! Those Hotels are right on the beach!

Katathani Beach Resort

Katathani Phuket Beach Resort is one of our favourite hotel on Kata Noi, one of the most beautiful beaches in the south of Phuket. Built along a 450 meters of a perfect sandy beach, this 479 rooms (all non-smoking) is so well designed it can afford to offer a large amount of rooms with sea views. Katathani resort features a spa, 6 restaurants and 5 bars, some of which are right on the beach.

The resort is divided in 2 wings: Katathani wing with mostly Sea view Junior Suites and just next to it, Kata Bhuri Wing without sea view but cheaper rooms and an immense pool. Katathani resort has no less than six swimming pools! Read more

The Shore

The Shore at Katathani Phuket

The Shore at Katathani is one of the most exclusive hotels on Phuket, probably one of our best experience on the island. The hotel combines effortlessly all the ingredients for a perfect escape: a location right on a beach, villas with jaw dropping views, genuinely caring staff, an excellent restaurant, a good spa and countless small details that makes the difference between just a regular ‘hotel stay’ and a truly unforgettable holiday.The location is obviously what impresses first, right on and above the secluded beach of Kata Noi, a superb white sandy bay that has remained unspoiled because it’s not on any main road. Most villas offer views on this bay, you just never get bored to it, so make sure you book a sea-view villa! The villas are truly beautiful, designed to take full advantage of these unique panoramas and with an obvious attention to small details. Read more

Mom Tri Villa Royale

villa-royale-phuketMom Tri’s Villa Royale is not just your regular hotel, it was the private house of Mom Luang Tridhosyuth Devakul, a famous artist and architect better known in Thailand as ‘Mom Tri’, a descendant of a King Mongkut Rama IV. Almost two decade ago, Mom Tri converted his summer house into this surprising boutique hotel built on a rocky hillside overlooking the beautiful waters of Kata Noi Beach.

Mom Tri Villa Royale consists of two wings. In the original house, each room has a different design, shape, size and decoration and flower name such as ‘Dao-A-Dung’, ‘Fueng Fa’ and ‘Toey Talay’. We stayed several times at Villa Royale and each time was a different room and a totally different experience. One of the suites even comes with its own en-suite wine cellar built inside the rocky cliff and was originally filled with a large selection of excellent crus. Read more

Kata Beach Resort

kata-beach-resortKata Beach Resort is also a long established hotel in Phuket with an incredible location right on the beach of south Kata beach. With 275 rooms, it’s not a small hotel but the location is rather unique if you want to get the best of everything: on one side an amazing beach, on the other, plenty of restaurants and shops to have fun after the sun. Kata Beach Resort has 2 pools, 2 restaurants and of course… a spa (which hotel doesn’t have a spa in Thailand?). Read More

The Boathouse

boathouse-kata-beachThe Boathouse is one of the only 2 hotels in Kata Beach having a direct access to the beach.. and what a beach! This long established hotel has been renovated in 2012 and despite being of a relatively modest size, it offers no less than 8 different room types, all facing the sea. The Boathouse is also home to ‘The Boathouse Wine and Grill’ one of the best restaurants on the island with an award winning wine cellar (we tried the wine dinner) and to add to the fun, the hotel also has ‘Re Ka Ta’ a cool beach bar with amazing sunsets. Read more

The Aspasia

Aspasia Phuket Resort is a green hillside resort hidden above the fast developing Kata Beach. With a unique location on a hillside overlooking the north end of Kata Beach, Aspasia Phuket benefits from a very quiet surrounding and a superb panoramic view of the entire bay.

Designed with nature in mind, the hotel displays earth color and green walls of Mayan inspiration and what strikes most is probably the way the resort is engulfed in a natural cocoon of greenery, which at certain times of the year explodes with the colors of thousands Bougainvillea growing on the rooftops. Read more

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