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12 Best Rooftop Bars in Phuket (updated 2020)

Phuket Rooftop Bars Must-Do List!

Phuket rooftop bars are just a handful, but the trend has started and is here to stay, especially after the success of the many Phuket Beach Clubs, people are always attracted by bars with a little something on top.

There is a law in Phuket that says that construction within 200 m from the beach cannot be higher than a coconut tree (12m). This law was passed about 15 years ago, which explains the few exceptions such as the Royal Paradise Hotel, Patong Tower and Centara tower in Karon.

So don’t expect some super high place such as Vertigo or the famous Sky Bar, the most famous rooftop bars in Bangkok. On the other hand, Phuket does have lovely hills, and a lot of small bars are taking advantage of the panoramic views from up there. Most of them won’t cost you too much. The most famous hillside bars are Baba Nest in Cape Panwa, After Beach bar on Kata Noi and Heaven Rooftop bar also near Kata Noi beach.

1. Baba Nest at Sri Panwa

Cape Panwa

Baba Nest Rooftop Bar

Baba Nest at Sri Panwa is the ultimate rooftop bar in Phuket. It’s far, hard to find, hard to get, and there is usually a two weeks waiting list to get a table, but it’s worth it. Once you managed to get a table, hold a cocktail or even better, a glass of Champagne, and witness a glorious sunset over the Panwa Bay, you will know why you went through this. Baba Nest is in Sri Panwa Hotel, on the remote Cape Panwa on the south-east of Phuket Island, high above Phuket Aquarium. Read more

2. The Sundeck

Kata Noi

The Sundeck Bar and Restaurant in Phuket

The Sundeck is a lounge bar and restaurant with a fantastic view, high above the beautiful Kata Noi Beach, not far from the famous Karon viewpoint, the famous hill from which you can see the famous three bays. You can stop any time of the day at The Sundeck, even for just a drink with a view,  as it is a perfect spot to take a short break with a view and good music during your Phuket exploration. Read more

3. Heaven

Between Kata and Nai Harn

Heaven Restaurant Viewpoint

Heaven Rooftop Restaurant is a little know viewpoint terrace located just below the very famous Karon Viewpoint. Heaven bar is in the trendy style usually found on beach club and is a great place to end the day with a sunset. Most importantly, it offers some pretty amazing views over the three bays of Kata Noi Beach, Kata Beach and Karon Beach further in the back. The food is a mix of Thai, Italian and Russian as most guests were Russian. The place plays some lounge or house background music, not too loud that fits the atmosphere well. Read more

4. Vanilla Sky at Cape Sienna

Kamala Beach

Cape Sienna Sunset Dinner

Vanilla Sky offers a stunning and unobstructed 180-degree panorama above the bay, with Rayee Beach on the left and the main beach of Kamala on the right. The bar is large enough to accommodate everyone but of course, better come a little early to get the best seats. Sunsets are usually around 6.30 pm, but you can quickly check google for the exact time. Read more

5. Patong Sunset View

Patong Beach

Patong Sunset View restaurant

Patong Sunset View is an excellent restaurant with a fantastic panoramic view of the entire bay of Patong beach. Food is good and well priced, making it a great and easy to reach spot for a relaxing sunset. The best places on the edge of the balconies are the most demanded so you should call in the morning to book a good table. Read more

Location: 60/1 Hasip Pee Road, Kathu Patong Beach, Phuket 83150
Open: 2 pm – 12 am
Phone: 087 887 8039

6. The Kee Sky Lounge

Patong Beach

KEE Sky Lounge

The amazing Kee Sky Lounge rooftop located on the 7th floor is a vast terrace built on two levels. The first one with a circular bar and great sofas to enjoy the music played by the DJ. Key Sky Lounge is an absolute must at the end of the day when the sun sets go up there, order a drink with some food from the menu and get a unique viewpoint of the bay of Patong on one side, and the city on the other. It might just be seven floors but the sunsets photos you get from the top are amazing! Read more

7. Surface at La Flora Resort

Patong Beach

Surface Rooftop Bar

Surface rooftop bar at La Flora hotel in Patong is one of the few rooftops of Phuket, but as beach-clubs did, the number seems to be growing. Just like in Bangkok, people seem to be irresistibly attracted to rooftops as everything looks so much better from up there, and photos are so beautiful. Read more

8. Sunset Grill at Hyatt Regency

Kamala Beach

Hyatt Regency Rooftop Bar

The Hyatt Regency Resort highlight is the Sunset Grill and the rooftop bar next to it. Phuket now starts to have rooftop bars too, and Phuket views can beat Bangkok rooftop bars anytime! I spent a good hour on large comfy bean bags with an excellent Monkey Bay Sauvignon Blanc, treating myself to a spectacular sunset above Kamala Cove, the greatest reward after a long travelling day. Read more

9. After Beach Bar

Kata Noi Beach

After Beach Bar Kata Noi Beach

After Beach Bar is a modest-looking place with a strong reggae identity found just passed Kata Noi Beach on the way to Nai Harn Beach. It’s a simple-looking bar with thatched roofs, but After Beach Bar is known to have one of the most amazing panoramas on the island, a superb bird’s eye view on the pristine blue bay of Kata Noi Beach. Read more

10. 360 at Phuket Pavilions

Layan Beach

360 Rooftop Bar at Phuket Pavilions

With so many restaurants in Phuket, picking a new romantic dining venue, we haven’t yet tried was going to be challenging. But once again, Phuket hides little gems you need to take the time to discover, and Phuket Pavilions is one of them. Of course, we heard of it before, but it is so ‘out of the way’, you almost have to deserve it. Read more

11. Quip Rooftop Bar

Phuket Town

Quip Sky Bar Rooftop

Quip Sky Bar is a lovely rooftop bar and restaurant at the top of Quip hotel in Phuket town. The hotel itself is original and fun to visit, with an old Austin car used as a reception counter. Since it is close to the historical streets of Phuket Town (Thalang road, Dibuk road and Phang Nga road), it makes it an excellent way to cool down with a drink in an unexpected location. Don’t picture a sophisticated Bangkok rooftop bar here; it is a large wooden platform with incandescent lights hanging from wooden poles and comfy bean bags to crash in and look at the sky above. While the view from up there (and it’s not high either) is not particularly impressive, the result works well. Read more

12. Wassa Homemade Bar

Patong Beach

Wassa Homemade Bar

Wassa Homemade Bar, located high on the hills in the back of Patong, is a modest little bar worth mentioning. You can go there at the end of the day to watch a sunset over Patong. This small hut all made of wood and surrounded by dense greenery has one of the most stunning views on Patong Bay, but it’s not always a friendly place. Read more

Map of Phuket Rooftops Bars

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