Nai Harn Beach

Nai Harn is a superb white beach with a smooth sand, tucked between green hills and tiny islands in the south of Phuket. More laid back than west coast tourist spots, Nai Harn has enough restaurants, hotels and shops for a great day and still holds on pretty well to its original feel. The protected bay offers great anchorage for sailing boats and luxury yachts and has always been popular among expats and locals.

Nai Harn Beach seen from Black Rock Viewpoint

The beach is very large with thin soft sand and a perfect clear blue water. That’s during high season of course, forget swimming anywhere in Phuket during low season. The south part of the Nai Harn beach ends with a small stream coming from the lake across the road and you will have to get your feet wet to go to the other side. The bay is busy, but usually not crowded except during the peak months of December and January

Nai Harn beach in the south of Phuket

At lunch time, your only problem will be to decide which restaurant you’ll pick… there are a few to choose from, all nicely set in the shade of huge trees near the beach. They all look the same and they all serve more or less the same classic Thai dishes at good price. Just read the illustrated menu usually placed in front of the restaurant and follow your instinct an appetite.

Nai Harn

Here and there, few tiny shops sell the usual batiks, beach toys and stuff, but the best are the many fruit vendors along the street selling beautiful tropical fruits. Have you ever tried Dragon fruits or Star fruits or freshly peeled ripe mangoes that were probably picked up the same day?

Of course, there is a mini mart (or two) and the unavoidable tailor. Did I mention the few beach massage? Having a massage on the beach for 300 baht for an hour is the best way to treat yourself when you start to get tired of doing… nothing.

If you prefer a peaceful and quiet massage, there are real shops some near the restaurants. Don’t worry about finding one, they will find you, usually greeting you with the usual “Hello, you want massaaaaage?”

The Nai Harn seen from Windmill Viewpoint in Phuket

Between the beach and the lake, Nai Harn temple was once a humble and unknown temple surrounded by walls. A brand new building was built and it expanded to become a landmark. The lake behind the beach, once natural, is now a giant concrete pond where you can rent some paddle boats, fun for the kids…

Where to Stay in Nai Harn

The Nai Harn Resort

Only few hotels are really near Nai Harn Beach: the ‘All Seasons’ and the superb ‘The Nai Harn‘, formerly ‘Le Meridien’. It is a unique hotel in a unique location, all rooms have amazing seaviews with very long (but narrow) balconies. The restaurants used to be famous, people were driving long distances just to try them. Travellers have changed, hotel designs have changed, but this hotel has not, it is still a great hotel and a good place to have a drink while enjoying a sunset on the southern end of Phuket.

What to Do in Nai Harn Beach

Black Rock Viewpoint

Despite the remote location there are actually a lot of nice things to do around Nai Harn. There are 2 ways to get nice bird views of Nai Harn Beach. The easy way is to go to the Windmill viewpoint next to Ya Nui Beach. If you are ready for a bit of exploration and climbing try the Black Rock Viewpoint but for this one you would have to drive all the way back to the Karon viewpoint to find the entrance road. That one requires a bit of dedication.

Near Nai Harn there are 2 other small but popular beaches. The east one is Ya Nui Beach as it’s on the main road. But to reach the beautiful hidden beach of Ao Sane you will need to literally drive through the Nai Harn Resort.

Where to Eat around Nai Harn

The road leading to Nai Harn beach has plenty of excellent restaurants such as Maggie & Mario’s Pizza, De Renata and Rum Jungle Cafe, or continue south to Promthep Cape Restaurant and have a seafood dinner with a sunset view. The rooftop bar and restaurant at the Nai Harn resort is definitely a must!

Photos of Nai Harn Beach

Nai Harn beach

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Nai Harn Beach Map

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Nai Harn Beach – What to Do in Nai Harn Beach
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