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How to plan a trip to Phuket in 2023?

When planning a trip to Phuket, there are several key factors to consider: When to go, how long to stay? where to stay, what to do and what not to miss, how to get around, what you should know, safety, etc.

When to go to Phuket?

Selecting the right season is key when planning a trip to Phuket. Most visitors prefer to come when the sky is blue and the risk of rain is at its lowest.

  • Phuket has mainly two seasons: the high season from December to April and the rainy season from May to November. In addition, we also identify two special times in the year: The peak season, December and January, which are getting busy because the weather is at its best with blue sky but not yet hot. The hot season is April and May, when the temperature can reach 35 C and feel even hotter because of the high humidity.
  • The high season means blue sky and quiet clear blue sea, but also high prices, busy beaches and town and a lot of traffic on the road.
  • The rainy season is a lot cheaper; beaches, towns and roads are quiet, but the sea can be rough, and while it won’t rain every day, you know it will rain on some days.
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How long should I stay?

Once you have decided when to come to Phuket, the next questions will be about the duration of your stay.

  • If you come from Asia, 3 to 5 days may be long enough.
  • If you travel from Europe, staying at least a week would be best, but if you plan to enjoy some lazy days on the beach, 10 days to 2 weeks in Phuket is probably better.
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Where should I stay?

Everyone pictures their holidays in Phuket differently, and Phuket can offer different settings to please almost anyone. Contrary to what some people seem to enjoy saying, not all the beaches of Phuket are busy. Some are very quiet, but you know how it is: crowds follow crowds without doing any research, then seem to enjoy complaining.

  • If nightlife and parties are high on your holiday agenda, stay in Patong. Many hotels face the beach, and many cheaper hotels are at the back of the town but still within walking distance.
  • Kata, Karon and Kamala are popular with families and travellers more laid back, and these have a lot to offer in terms of shopping and dining, but nightlife is limited.
  • Bang Tao is the new popular part of Phuket Island with 4 and 5-star large resorts and many great dining options!
  • Mai Khao Beach is the most romantic and quiet beach in Phuket, with amazing 5-star resorts and a long deserted beach.
  • Phuket Town is getting popular for those who are less beach focussed and prefer to experience a more Thai holiday. Keep in mind that Phuket town is 20 kilometres away from the closest beach, which can be far if you plan to go there every day.
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What should I do and not miss?

There are so many things to see and do in Phuket and around, amazing landscapes, Phuket Town, beaches and islands, night market and amazing Thai food. We wrote many pages to help you plan your trip and list the best place to explore.

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How can I get ready?

Here are a few pages that will allow you to start your holiday without worrying or asking around: what to pack, where to change money, and how to get around.

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What should I know, and what should I avoid?

Here are a few pages to help you prepare for your trip, what to pack, where to exchange money, and how to get around, but also about safety, the do’s and don’ts of Phuket, and the few rare scams of Phuket.

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