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This Phuket Information section will help you plan your trip to Phuket: an extensive section dedicated to weather, what to expect and how to prepare for each month and each season. Read about what you should know before you visit, what to do and what not to do once here, and the classic first-timers’ mistakes to avoid! Learn how to exchange your money at the best rates, how to go from the airport to your hotel, and the many ways to get around the island.

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Jungceylon Mall in Patong Beach, Phuket

Jungceylon Phuket in Patong Beach

    Jungceylon Phuket is a massive Shopping Center in the heart of Patong Beach. Expect to find many souvenir shops, dozens of restaurants, a department store, cinemas, electronic shops, massage, a two-storey supermarket and many attractions on the upper levels.

    Songkran Festival Phuket

    Songkran Festival Phuket 2024 – April 13 to 15

      Songkran Festival Phuket happens on April 13 to 15, 2024. The dates vary depending on Thailand’s regions, and the festival can last several days in the north. Songkran is the Thai New Year, which occurs when the sun moves from Pisces to Aries. According to the Thai calendar, we are already in the year 2567.

      Seaplane Travel in Phuket

      Seaplane Travel Is Coming to Phuket

        In the crazy rush of travel these days, we are all on the hunt for speed and convenience. With seaplane travel coming to Phuket, we wanted to explore how they can help us save time on travelling, plus experience an adventure all in one go.

        Renting a scooter in Phuket, Phuket Bike Rent

        Scooter and Bike Rentals in Phuket

          Renting a bike or scooter in Phuket is extremely easy, and as soon as you arrive, you will notice motorbike rental shops and roadside rentals are everywhere in the tourist areas of Phuket.

          Best Spas in Phuket

          10 Best Spas and Spa Resorts in Phuket

            Phuket spas are part of a perfect holiday, and the island offers an incredible array for all budgets. Those searching for stillness and mind-body rejuvenation will find plenty of choices here.

            3 Days in Phuket

            3 Days Itinerary in Phuket ☀️☀️☀️

              To spend 3 days in Phuket and make the best of it to see as much as you can, planning is essential. Once you have a plan, everything becomes simple, and you can start dreaming and relaxing.

              Phuket Information

              Information about Phuket

                Our practical travel guide to Phuket provides essential information before you embark on your journey to this captivating island destination.

                Phuket vs Bali

                Phuket vs Bali

                  Phuket and Bali are two popular destinations in Southeast Asia, both with great beaches, marine activities, tropical island scenery, and cultural attractions.

                  Phuket vs Koh Samui - Which Thai Island is Right For Me?

                  Phuket or Koh Samui?

                    Phuket and Koh Samui are two of the biggest and most popular islands in Thailand, both world-famous for being beautiful tropical paradises. However, while only an experienced eye could tell the difference from photos alone, the two are not identical

                    Protected Wildlife Photography

                    13 Things Not to Do in Phuket

                      Like in any country, there are a few do’s and don’t everyone should respect and a few things you should not do in Phuket.

                      Useful Thai Phrases when visiting Phuket

                      Useful Thai Phrases when visiting Phuket

                        Here are a few useful Thai phrases and sentences to use when travelling to Phuket and Thailand. Some are casual and just for fun, and some might prove themselves useful, especially when it comes to food preferences or allergies.