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This Phuket Information section will help you plan your trip to Phuket: an extensive section dedicated to weather, what to expect and how to prepare for each month and each season. Read about what you should know before you visit, what to do and what not to do once here, and the classic first-timers’ mistakes to avoid! Learn how to exchange your money at the best rates, how to go from the airport to your hotel, and the many ways to get around the island.

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Phuket Smart Bus

Phuket Smart Bus

    The Phuket Smart Bus is a comfortable way to go from beach to beach for a very reasonable price, from Phuket airport all the way to Rawai.

    Phuket Weather Webcam

    Phuket Webcam – Live Cameras on Phuket

      Our Phuket Webcam lets you see what the weather in Phuket looks like right now from a unique bird’s view of Patong beach from a live cam located at the top of the Patong Tower.

      Phuket Weather Forecast

      Phuket Weather Forecast

        See what the weather in Phuket looks like for the next 36 hours. There are two seasons in Phuket: the high season is from December to April and the rainy season is from May to November. the weather in Phuket is known to be very unpredictable, and each year is different.

        Currency Exchange in Phuket - Changing Money in Phuket

        Currency Exchange in Phuket

          Where to change money in Phuket and where to get the best exchange rates? If you are on budget, exchange rates can make a difference.

          7 Buddha Postures

          Buddha Postures for the 7 Days of the Week

            What do these 7 Buddha postures mean? Many people see them without knowing what these images mean or are for. Each of them is for a day of the week, and you would pay respect to the statue representing the day you were born.

            Phuket with small budget

            12 Cheap Things to Do in Phuket with a Small Budget

              What are the cheapest things to do in Phuket with a mall budget? Phuket is more expensive than anywhere else in Thailand, but if you start with these few suggestions, you will be able to make the best of your holiday without spending a fortune.

              Sunset on Kata Beach

              Phuket Trip Planner 2024

                Planning your trip to Phuket is, of course, optional. You could just book a flight and a hotel for the first night and take it from here. However, it can help you make the best of your time and budget to look at the huge amount of opportunities, especially if you travel as a family! We made it simple and illustrated with tons of photos to help you get the big picture.