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Where to Stay in Phuket to Avoid Crowded Beaches?

How to find quiet beaches in Phuket during the high season?

Despite what travellers may sometimes say, it is quite easy to avoid crowded beaches during the high season in Phuket. Because of its amazing beaches, tropical islands, easygoing lifestyle and great food, the popularity of Phuket has grown enormously in the past decade. If you decide to visit during the high season, you will be surprised how busy some of the southern beaches have become.

Recently, some travellers started to complain about it because they picked the busy places at the peak season and tend to generalize about the situation. And remember that each of us is a tourist in Thailand, so expecting the island to be ‘just for me and it should have stayed the way it was when I came’ is not realistic.

Note that there are more than 40 beaches in Phuket, but we only list those with hotels on this page.

Where and when to avoid:

If you want to enjoy a more quiet Phuket, there are 2 factors to consider. If you can combine both, you will be surprised how quiet it can be. Yes, Phuket is still Thailand if you know where and when to come and what to stay away from.

1. The Seasons: come during the low season!

If you want to visit the whole island away from the busy seasons.

1. Avoid the High Season (January to April) and especially the Peak Season, which is the last week of December and the whole of January!

2. Come during the Low Season (April to November) is the best time to come to enjoy a Phuket most people don’t experience. Despite being called ‘Rainy Season’ there are a lot of beautiful sunny days and the sunsets are often striking. Prices are much lower, which allows you to stay in a luxury hotel at a very affordable price. The roads are less busy, people are more friendly and the island is more relaxed, which is especially true for the south of the island. This is Kata

2. The Locations: avoid Patong Beach!

If you decide to come during the high season, the location is a key factor and it is easy to stay away from the crowds. Mostly don’t book a hotel in Patong or Kata Beach, but ideally, stay away from the south of the island. Some beaches are a little quieter than Patong or Kata, but the roads are packed with cars, vans, trucks and scooters often driving poorly.

The most crowded beach during the high season is without a doubt Patong Beach. Unless you came for the party, stay away from Patong at all costs! There are enough beaches in Phuket to choose from.

Also busy but beaches are a little quieter: Kata Beach, Karon Beach, Nai Harn Beach, and even Kamala Beach.

Instead, stay in the north of the island! The beaches are superb during the high season and the traffic is moderate and there are enough restaurants and shops to have a great holiday. Of course, nightlife is almost non-existent but there are little bars on the beach that are lovely to end the day with music and enjoy some drinks.

Best beaches to stay in Phuket to avoid the crowds:

Naithon Beach

Naithon Beach, north of Phuket

Naithon Beach is near the airport and away from the main roads. Travellers can enjoy a superb wide beach with soft sand lined with a lot of trees providing great shade. There are restaurants, small shops and massages just across the road and a lot of street food and fruit carts along the beach, but there is no nightlife in Naithon. The atmosphere is tranquil and the place is truly lovely. There are a few small hotels in Naithon and the best is certainly Pullman Phuket Arcadia. The luxurious Trisara Villas are also near this beach, but the price tag is very high.

Popular Hotels around Naithon

See a location map with hotels available

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Nai Yang Beach

Nai Yang Beach Phuket

Nai Yang Beach is like a small village just next to the Phuket International Airport, bigger than Naithon Beach. There are quite a lot of restaurants and bars including some amazing ones right on the beach, from which you can watch the sunset! There are several great hotels on Nai Yang, very close to the sand: The Slate, Phuket Marriott Resort Nai Yang and Dewa Phuket Resort being the most attractive.

Popular Hotels in Nai Yang

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Bang Tao Beach

Bang Tao Beach in Phuket

Bang Tao is still a bit busy but still quiet enough to be on this list. On the good side, there are so many small restaurants, bars and hotels right on the sand, it is hard to beat. A great balance between a relatively quiet beach and so much to do, even nightlife in the many beach clubs, such as the famous Catch Beach Club and Carpe Diem. Most of the hotels offer great facilities, excellent service and very importantly: great pools for the low season! The trendy Boat Avenue nearby also has a lot of restaurants and shops, easily accessible.

Popular Hotels in Bang Tao

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Mai Khao Beach

Mai Khao Beach, Phuket, Thailand

Popular Hotels in Mai Khao Beach

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Ao Yon Beach

Ao Yon Beach in Phuket

Ao Yon is one of the few beautiful beaches on the east coast of Phuket. This hidden gem has gently evolved and has a few excellent hotels, with beach restaurants and bars. It is always quiet and relaxing. In addition, this is also one of the few safe beaches where you still can swim during the low season, when the waves and the currents are too strong on the west coast. Ao Yon is far from Phuket Town and other beaches but has enough to offer if you come to relax and not to party.

Popular Hotels in Ao Yon Beach

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Khao Kad Beach (Panwa Beach)

Panwa Beach in Phuket

Khao Kad, also called Panwa Beach sometimes, is a long stretch of sand on the southeast of Phuket, just before reaching Ao Yon Beach. The location is peaceful, with just a few hotels and restaurants, but the seabed is a bit rocky in some parts.

See a location map with hotels available

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Private Beaches of Phuket

Another factor to consider is hotels having their private beach! While private beaches are not allowed in Thailand, some hotels bought the entire land around their beach. This way only hotel guests can enjoy the superb and peaceful location.

Karon Noi Beach – (Le Meridien Phuket)

Karon Noi Beach is one of the most spectacular beaches of Phuket

Karon Noi, which is sometimes called ‘Relax Beach’ is located just before Karon Beach when you come from Patong Beach. This has always been one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. The access is reserved for the guests of Le Meridien Phuket, but you can enjoy it if you go for a drink or lunch at the beach restaurant.

See a location map with hotels available

Pansea Beach (The Surin and Amanpuri Resort)

Pansea Beach in front of The Surin

Pansea Beach is just next to Surin Beach and is only accessible via The Surin and the Amanpuri Resort, which are quite protective of the privacy of their beach.

Hotels on Pansea Beach

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Cape Panwa Beach (Cape Panwa Hotel)

Cape Panwa Beach

Panwa Beach is another private gem at the very end of the remote Cape Panwa, on the southeast coast of Phuket, only accessible to the guests of the Panwa Hotel and the Kantary Bay Hotel. Kantary is on the other side of the hill but belongs to the same group and therefore can benefit from the beach.

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