Secret Beaches of Phuket

Most quiet and hidden beaches of Phuket – Despite the permanent complaints, more than ten beaches around Phuket range from ‘Quiet’ to ‘Deserted’ and surprisingly half of these beaches are in plain sight and easy to access… Most don’t have fancy beach chairs or vendors, but you would quickly find a couple of local restaurants and tiny bars. What Phuket island used to be 20 years ago is not that far if you take the time to get there, so get there!

We could have call it ‘Phuket Hidden Beaches’ as it seems that people cannot resist anything hidden and we do not include here the few ‘private beaches only accessible by guests of some hotel occupying the entire length of their beach, making access impossible to outsiders: Karon Noi Beach (Le Meridien Beach Resort) Naithon Noi Beach (Andaman White Beach) and Pansea Beach (Amanpuri Resort).

Phuket Most Quiet Beaches

1. Sai Kaew Beach


Haad Sai Kaew beach is a long deserted strip of sand located at the very north of Phuket island, one of the last beaches before the Sarasin bridge. With few bamboo restaurants right on the beach, it is an excellent place for lunch when in the north. Note that the food price is a bit above average. Read more

  • Peace Level: Perfect!
  • Access: Effortless but far from everything.
  • Sand Condition: Very Good
  • Swimming Condition: Good
  • Beach Facilities: two good local restaurants made of bamboo and thatched roofs, great local food and cold drinks.

2. Freedom Beach


Freedom beach is the most beautiful beach on the island, and despite being close to Patong, it has remained quiet because the only (easy) way to reach it is by longtail boat and the ride costs more than a 1,000 baht. Go there while you can: if the land access becomes public, you can kiss your freedom goodbye! Read more

  • Peace Level: great!
  • Access: Only by boat during high season.
  • Sand Condition: Amazing
  • Swimming Condition: Amazing
  • Beach Facilities: a couple of restaurants and beach chairs under the trees

3. Banana Beach


Banana Beach is so out of the way and so hard to spot it has remained relatively peaceful despite its charm. Of course, as it is human nature to run after anything hidden, it goes busier, but overall it is still a great place to spend the day. During low season, the beach is all yours anyway! Read more

  • Peace Level: good to great our of peak season.
  • Access: Complicated to find and steep to reach.
  • Sand Condition: Great
  • Swimming Condition: Great
  • Beach Facilities: A local restaurant, beach chairs, very basic toilets.

4. Laem Singh Beach

Laem Singh Beach

What? Laem Singh beach is a quiet beach? Yes, it is now! There are two reasons for that. If you came two years ago, it was packed and full of life. Then in April 2017, there was a dispute with the landowner who decided that no one should cross his land anymore. For a year, it was inaccessible. Suddenly someone remembered that if you can’t pass through the area around, no law forbids you to come by sea! And thins about the business opportunity! So you now can go back to Laem Singh beach by riding a small boat from Surin beach for just 100 baht per person. Enjoy while it’s quiet, it might become a popular business very quickly. Read More

  • Peace Level: great
  • Access: Easy but has t be by boat
  • Sand Condition: Great
  • Swimming Condition: Great
  • Beach Facilities: only one nice restaurant on the cliff.

5. Ao Sane Beach


Ao Sane is a discreet beach next to the famous Nai Harn and has remained low key as most people don’t notice it, because to go there you have to drive UNDER the Phuket Yacht Club! The beach is small but pleasant with a nice shady restaurant, good for snorkelling and great for kids. Read more

  • Peace Level: Good
  • Access: Tricky to find
  • Sand Condition: Good
  • Swimming Condition: Good
  • Beach Facilities: Restaurant, beach chairs, diving and bungalows

6. Ao Yon Beach

Ao Yon is one of those beaches that have remained very local, no matter how much people talk about it. Maybe because sand and water are not that great and it is rather messy at each end, but the central area with many tall palm trees are very photogenic. Read more

  • Peace Level: Good
  • Access: Difficult to find
  • Sand Condition: Medium
  • Swimming Condition: Medium to Good
  • Beach Facilities: a couple of restaurant

7. Layan Beach

Layan Beach

Layan Beach until recently was a hideaway, but with the opening of the internationally famous Nikki Beach Club, things have started to change. However, it is still far enough from other crowded beaches to be a great escape for the day.

  • Peace Level: Good
  • Access: Easy
  • Sand Condition Pretty good
  • Swimming Condition: Good
  • Beach Facilities: Many small restaurants

8. Merlin Beach

Tri Trang Beach is often mistaken for its neighbour Tri Tra Beach, but all you need to know is that this is the beach is in front of the Merlin Beach Resort, south of Patong. It is not too busy because not many people know there is a way in. Read more

  • Peace Level: good
  • Access: Not apparent at first
  • Sand Condition Good
  • Swimming Condition: Not very good with coral
  • Beach Facilities: restaurants and beach massage

9. Haad Pak Phra Beach

Haad Pak Phra Beach

Haad Pak Phra is the very last beach of Phuket, located near the Sarasin bridge. It’s not a great beach, but it brings you the silly pleasure of a little discovery. Stop there on your way to Thanoon Seafood on the mainland or on your way to a Phang Nga. Read more

  • Peace Level: great!
  • Access: Hard to find
  • Sand Condition Not great,
  • Swimming Condition: Not great
  • Beach Facilities: None

10. Laem Ka Beach


Note: Laem Ka Beach is currently closed to the public

Laem Ka Beach is the only real beach on the east coast of Phuket. It can be very quiet, but at some hours you might be visited by disembarking speedboats. The beach is pleasant, food and drink are available during high season, while at the low season the place is deserted. Read more

  • Peace Level: good in low season
  • Access: Hard to find
  • Sand Condition: Good
  • Swimming Condition: Acceptable
  • Beach Facilities: Food and drink shacks, beach shopping

11. Panwa Beach


Panwa Beach on the west coast is a beautiful strip of sand with picture perfect coconut trees lazily leaning above the beach. Great to escape the crowd but not suitable for swimming as the water barely covers a rocky bottom. Read more

  • Peace Level: Great!
  • Access: Out of the way
  • Sand Condition: Good
  • Swimming Condition: Not great
  • Beach Facilities: A couple of local shacks

12. Hua Beach

Hua Beach

Hua Beach is a very isolated beach very tricky to spot. It’s not a swimming beach but a perfect hideaway as there is barely anyone on it. Swimming is not possible because or rock right under the surface. Read more

  • Peace Level: Great!
  • Access: Very hard to find
  • Sand Condition: Average
  • Swimming Condition: Poor
  • Beach Facilities: Just a local shack

13. Rayee Beach

Rayee Beach

Rayee Beach is often called ‘the other Kamala beach’ as it is just south of the busy main Kamala beach. It’s not a swimming beach as seabed is full of coral but great to relax with some nice little local restaurant above the sea.

  • Peace Level: great
  • Access: Easy
  • Sand Condition: Acceptable, a bit rough
  • Sand Condition: No swimming
  • Beach Facilities: Small restaurants above the water.

14 and 15: The 2 Secret Beaches!

Phuket Secret Beach

Those two secret beaches might be the last ones on the island so we will not reveal them openly here! They are hard to find and hard to reach too, so let’s make a deal 🙂 follow us on and send us a message, and we will tell you where it is.

  • Peace Level: perfect
  • Access: Not easy to find and hard to reach
  • Sand Condition: soft white sand
  • Swimming Condition: great during the high season
  • Beach Facilities: none

16. The Ultimate Secret and Hidden Beach

The Ultimate Secret Beach

This latest beach deserves a special mention, it’s a beautiful one, but to reach it requires dedication. However, the pleasure of finding it is without a doubt proportional to the effort it takes to find it. So far we don’t even have a name for it. Just like for the two beaches above we won’t share it with everyone, only a few get to know where this gem is: follow us on and send us a message, and we will tell you where it is. (Don’t worry, people are somewhat lazy in general, and you will still be alone once you reach it!)

16 Most Hidden, Secret and Quiet Beaches of Phuket
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