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What to do on Tri Trang Beach?

Tri Trang Beach is just a few kilometres south of Patong Beach, and it’s a superb and unsuspected haven of peace. There used to be a lot of confusion about the names of the four beaches around this peninsula, namely Merlin Beach, Tri Trang Beach, Paradise Beach and Freedom Beach. In the past, Tri Trang was sometimes called ‘Emerald Beach’ or ‘Crystal Beach’. Tri Trang has kept the modest charm from the old days, when Phuket was not to famous.

How to get to Tri Trang Beach?

To get to Tri Trang Beach, drive south of Patong and cross the tall bridge that leads to the Amari Phuket Resort, but turn left just before reaching the hotel. Follow the road for a few kilometres, and you will reach first the Phuket Marriott Resort Merlin Beach on your left (which has its own beach called Merlin Beach), and 500 metres on the right is the main entrance of Tri Trang Beach.

Among the four beaches around the peninsula, Tri Trang is the second most beautiful after Freedom Beach. Its only downside might be during low tide when the sea reveals some rocky areas. Fortunately, there are more than enough sandy areas for a decent swim at high tide.

Tri Trang was a quiet and empty beach for a long time, and locals would come on weekends for a barbecue. It nearly felt abandoned, but there was always a restaurant and a dozen beach chairs. The 2004 tsunami badly damaged this area, and the massive wave toppled many casuarina trees. Since they planted palm trees instead, nothing makes a beach more tropical than a couple of coconut trees!

Tri Trang beach northern end

Tri Trang has changed a lot, and in a good way, which is somewhat unusual, so I’ll be the first to enjoy it while it lasts. You’ll find a couple of beach chairs but only one row and enough space, so you don’t have to smell your neighbour’s sun lotion. You won’t get a sunset shot from this beach, as the sun disappears just behind the cape, but the colour of dawn is often beautiful.

Where to Eat on Tri Trang?

There are now a lot of places to eat in Tri Trang on the roadside at the south end of the beach, on the way to Paradise Beach. Note that the Tri Trang Resort and restaurants at the other beach end have all been demolished. This restaurant was on the beach, which is a rare luxury nowadays.

Tri Trang Beach Resort

Ta Khai Restaurant

Ta Khai Restaurant

A bit further, the most attractive and most expensive is Ta Khai restaurant at the new Rosewood resort. Ta Khai serves excellent Thai food in a beautiful rustic design, a perfect romantic evening out.

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Restaurants on the hill

On the way to Paradise Beach, up the hill is a set of small and cheap restaurants overlooking the bay. Most of them are modest, but the view on Tri Trang beach from up there is beautiful. It’s great for a quick bite or a refreshing drink at any time of the day.

More Photos of Tri Trang Beach

Tri Trang Beach Phuket

Tri Trang Beach Street View

Tri Trang Beach Map

If you are on mobile, add the map here: https://goo.gl/maps/qXqNjx2mq3BbbE7B8

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