The Best of Everything in Phuket
Best of Phuket

The Best of Everything in Phuket

Everything you need to know about Phuket!


Here is our list of all the best of everything in Phuket to help you make the best of your next trip: things to do, where to go, where and what to eat, where to stay and what to know. Browse the list of all the ‘Best of Phuket’ pages we built over the years!

What to See and Do in Phuket

Everything you need to know to explore Phuket by day or by night, including all the beaches and islands nearby, as well as shopping and night markets.

Meilleures Choses à Faire à Phuket

48 Best Things to Do in Phuket and Around in 2023

The popularity of Phuket island comes from the incredibly vast range of attractions, activities and tours, from fabulous beaches and natural wonders to glittering temples and human-made attractions ... Read More
Private Beaches in Phuket

11 Amazing Private Beaches of Phuket

Private beaches don't exist in Phuket or Thailand, and that's by law. However, people often call them private beaches because you can't enter ... Read More
Les marchés de nuit a Phuket

10 Best Night Markets in Phuket in 2023

Night markets in Phuket are always fun; from the new Chillva Market to the giant Naka Weekend Market or the Sunday Walking Market in Phuket Town, almost everyone loves to browse the incredible ... Read More
Phuket with small budget

12 Cheap Things to Do in Phuket with a Small Budget (2023)

What are the cheapest things to do in Phuket with a mall budget? Of course, it's not easy to travel cheaply as, in general, Phuket is more expensive than anywhere else in Thailand ... Read More
Islands near Phuket

15 Islands Near Phuket 🏝️ Phuket Island Hopping

There are so many big and small islands around Phuket; it would take forever to visit them all. Most are not far, and you should consider island hopping for your trip or even ... Read More
Best tours in Phuket - Day trips and excursions

11 Best Phuket Tours 🏝️ Day Trips and Excursions

There is a lot to explore in and around Phuket, and many places are easy to reach, so what are the Best Phuket Tours? Some other great places need a boat or a ... Read More
Phuket Best Beaches

The 20 Most Beautiful Phuket Beaches ⛱️

With more then 40 beaches around Phuket, deciding which one is the most beautiful is a challenging question to answer since everyone likes a beach for so many different reasons. Somehow, there are ... Read More
Secret Beaches of Phuket

17 Secret Beaches of Phuket

There are still secret beaches in Phuket and some hidden and quiet spots, most of which are beautiful. Of course, some are difficult to find, but surprisingly many are in plain sight and ... Read More
Phuket Beaches

Phuket Beaches ⛱️ 44 Amazing Beaches to Discover!

All the beaches of Phuket in one page There are no less than 44 Phuket Beaches now on our list! A few are crowded, many are quiet, some are hidden, and some are ... Read More
Phuket, Thailand

15 Best Viewpoints of Phuket (Updated)

Where are the best viewpoints of Phuket? Karon Viewpoint, the Big Buddha and Promthep Cape are the best-known viewpoints of Phuket, but there are many more, and all are great photo opportunities. Climbing ... Read More
What to Do in Phuket with Kids and family activities in Phuket

23 Best Things to Do in Phuket with Kids and Family

Fun family things to do in Phuket Phuket is a great destination for families as there are many fun things to do in Phuket with kids and the whole family. Of course, you ... Read More
10 Tips for a Great Holiday in the Rainy Season in Phuket

10 Tips for a Great Holiday in the Rainy Season in Phuket

When is the rainy season in Phuket? There are only two seasons in Thailand: the dry and the rainy seasons, but the temperature is warm all year round, night or day. The rainy ... Read More
Romantic Phuket

10 Best Things to Do for Couples in Phuket in 2023

What are the best couples activities in Phuket? What are the most romantic things to do on a honeymoon and couples in Phuket? Don't listen to what some people say; Phuket is a ... Read More
Wat Khaorang - Phuket Temples

24 Thai Temples to Visit in Phuket

Amazing Buddhist temples of Phuket Phuket temples, or Wats, are always worth a visit; from the temple hidden inside a cave to the famous Wat Chalong, a visit to Thailand would not be complete ... Read More
Massage à Phuket

Phuket Massages and Spas

Massages and Spas in Phuket Massages and Spas in Phuket are among the many things travellers love when visiting Thailand. Here, massages are cheap and available everywhere; you don't have to plan; you ... Read More
Unusual and fun things in Phuket

15 Weird and Funny Things in Phuket (and Thailand)

Funny things in Phuket Living in Phuket for so long has been the opportunity to witness many fun sights. We should get used to them, but sometimes, we still smile (or clench teeth) ... Read More
What to Do in Phi Phi Island

5 Best Things to Do in Phi Phi Islands

Here are some of the best places to see and the best things to do in the Phi Phi islands. Of course, as they are so popular, those places can be bustling, so ... Read More
Phuket Cafés and Coffee Shops

11 Cool Phuket Cafés and Coffee Shops in Phuket

Phuket Town coolest cafés Phuket cafés and coffee shops keep popping up (and closing) all around Phuket Town, mostly around the old streets of Thalang, Yaowarat and Dibuk. In recent years Phuket town ... Read More
Phuket Fresh Markets

Phuket Fresh Markets

Where are Phuket fresh markets and what to expect? Fresh markets in Phuket are always a great way to get close to real, local life with minimal effort. Markets are everywhere around the ... Read More
Phuket Beaches for Low Season

6 Beaches for Rainy Season in Phuket

Which beaches are good during the rainy season in Phuket? When it's rainy season in Phuket, the sea is sometimes rough on the west coast where all the popular beaches and hotels are ... Read More
Why is Phuket so popular?

15 Reasons to Visit Phuket – Why is Phuket so popular?

Why is Phuket so popular? Why is Phuket so popular? And what makes people come back to Phuket countless times? There are many good reasons to visit Phuket, and we picked the answers ... Read More
Chinese Temples and Shrines in Phuket

10 Chinese Shrines in Phuket ⛩️

Phuket Chinese temples and shrines Phuket's Chinese shrines always offer an excellent opportunity for some good photos. There are quite a few around, and each has its characters and unique features. The large ... Read More
Muay Thai in Phuket

Muay Thai Training Camps in Phuket – Thai Boxing Training

Where to Train for Muay Thai in Phuket? Muay Thai Training in Phuket and Thai Boxing Training Camps - It has been a while since I wanted to know how a Muay Thai ... Read More
Things to Do in Phuket for Girls

13 Things to Do in Phuket for Girls

Who said Phuket was an island for guys? That's just the collective accepted mindset, but Phuket is full of great things to do for girls. Our 31 Best Things to Do in Phuket didn't ... Read More

Hotels and Accommodation around Phuket

We reviewed more than fifty of the best hotels around the island and organized them into easy-to-browse lists: beachfront resorts, pool villas, family hotels and budget hostels.

Phuket Best Hotels
Here are the best hotels in Phuket we loved the most. We stayed and enjoyed them all and would recommend any without hesitation. Selecting a great hotel in Phuket is part of your ... Read More
Patong Beach Hotels
Where to stay in Patong Beach? Patong Beach hotels come at many prices, sizes, and locations, so finding a hotel in Phuket that will please your budget and all your needs can be ... Read More
Phuket Romantic Hotels
The best hotels for honeymoon in Phuket What are the most romantic hotels in Phuket? This is another frequent question we are happy to answer. Here are the best hotels we experienced in ... Read More
Kata Beach Resort
Where to stay in Kata Beach? Our Kata Beach hotels are located on one of the most beautiful beaches of Phuket, with just the right mix of restaurants, shopping and fun nightlife. Kata ... Read More

Food and Restaurants

What would a trip to Thailand be without trying the amazing food? We share local, Thai food, street food, and excellent international restaurants on our lists. We also tried most of the restaurants in the Michelin Guide for Phuket.

Best Thai Restaurants in Phuket

33 Best (VERY) Local Thai Restaurants in Phuket

Phuket Real Local Restaurants The list of local restaurants in Phuket keeps growing, and it is truly amazing how great local food can be here. No tourist places and no trendy venues here; ... Read More
Best Seafood Restaurants in Phuket

12 Best Local Seafood Restaurants in Phuket

Where to find the best seafood in Phuket? The best seafood in Phuket is mostly in local restaurants, sometimes hard to find and often away from tourist places. Of course, the seafood you ... Read More
Phuket Beach Restaurants

Where to EAT ON THE BEACH in Phuket – Phuket Beach Restaurants

Best Restaurants on the Beach in Phuket Eating on the beach at one of Phuket beach restaurants is a great way to make the best of your tropical holiday. Thai food is excellent ... Read More
Phuket Most Romantic Restaurants

17 Best Romantic Restaurants in Phuket ❤️

Where to Celebrate Valentine's Day in Phuket? There are many romantic restaurants in Phuket to celebrate a special day and to compile this list of the best ones, we had to try a ... Read More
Phuket Street Food

10 Best Street Food in Phuket

Phuket street food is fun, cheap, and a great way to experience simple real Thai food. It definitely is more authentic than in tourist restaurants you find in Patong Beach. It’s fast and ... Read More
Phuket Best Restaurants

16 Best Restaurants in Phuket Island

The list of the Best Restaurants in Phuket is growing fast, especially since the Michelin Guide has arrived on the island. Phuket's culinary scene has evolved a lot in recent years, and the ... Read More
Thai Food in Phuket

13 Local Thai Food to Try in Phuket

What Thai food to eat in Phuket? Thai food in Phuket is delicious, varied and cheap. You can enjoy it by the street, on the beach, in surprisingly excellent local restaurants and even ... Read More
Thai fruits in Phuket

25 Thai Fruits to Discover in Phuket

What exotic fruits can you find in Phuket? Exotic Thai fruits in Phuket range from the well-known pineapple or even watermelon to the most surprising ones like the weird-looking Dragon Fruit, the huge ... Read More
Thai Food in Phuket

10 Best Thai Food in Phuket

Thai food is popular and famous worldwide and doesn't need to be introduced anymore. If you reached this page, you probably already tried some and heard plenty about it ... Read More
Weird Food in Phuket

10 Hardcore Thai food, only for the brave!

Phuket hardcore Thai food We had '10 Typical Phuket Dishes' and '10 Best Really Local Restaurants', and even '10 Fried Insects for Gourmets' now we need to move on to serious business: '10 ... Read More

Useful Information

This is the list of all the useful information that will help you planning your trip, pack and plan, save money and even avoid trouble.

Phuket Travel and Tips

18 Frequently Asked Questions about Phuket – The Basics

First Time in Phuket - Phuket FAQs Phuket travel - sharing tips, useful travel info, frequently asked questions, things you should know before you go and even more once you arrive in Phuket ... Read More
Phuket Budget Tips

14 Tips for Saving Money in Phuket – Travelling on Budget

Travelling to Phuket on Budget Phuket is not cheap, we all know that, but if you travel on a very tight budget, there are still many things you can do to save a ... Read More
Cheap Things to Do in Phuket

10 Really Cheap Things to Do in Phuket (For Fun!)

10 Really Cheap Things to Do in Phuket (For Fun!) Phuket on half a shoestring? That sounds cliché or impossible! So just for fun, you can try the 10 items below and come ... Read More
Bike Driving License in Phuket

17 Questions People Always Ask about Phuket (and a couple of stupid ones)

Frequently Asked Questions about Phuket We've been running a blog and a popular Facebook page for over 10 years, so we inevitably have to answer many questions. We do the best we can ... Read More
Things to know when driving a bike in Phuket

14 Lifesaving Tips to Drive in Phuket

How to drive safely in Phuket? Driving a bike or a car in Phuket is fun and convenient, but most travellers underestimate the consequences of events going wrong. All it takes is a ... Read More
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