Where Are Phuket Most Romantic Restaurants?

There are many romantic restaurants in Phuket to celebrate Valentine’s Day in style and to compile the list of the best; we had to try a lot more than 15! Here is probably the most expensive page we ever wrote, but it sure was fun and sweet! Those restaurants were among the best dining experiences we ever had in Phuket. Keep in mind that some of those restaurants are very popular and if you want to sit by the seaside, it is recommended to book in advance. Phuket is a romantic destination!

We know there are more amazing restaurants than just this list, and we keep trying and will add them as we discover them, but this is our selection based on real experience. We paid for our food, and we came unannounced. You also need to understand that two experiences might differ, you might not enjoy a place as much as we did if your choice of food is different or if something in the air isn’t quite right 🙂 However, we are pretty confident that these restaurants are great places for a tête-à-tête. Enjoy!

1. La Gritta Restaurant

Patong Beach

La Gritta, Phuket Most Romantic Restaurant

Who said there were no romantic restaurants in Patong Beach? La Gritta at Amari Phuket at the southern end of Patong has a unique view of the entire Patong bay. Add an excellent Italian cuisine at a good price, and you get yourself a great romantic evening. [Read more]

Location: Patong Beach
Price: Affordable
Cuisine: Italian
Tel: 076 340 112

2. Diavolo at Paresa Resort

Kamala Beach

Paresa Resort ‘Diavolo’ was one of the nicest experiences we had lately. Location and setting helped a lot this ranking, and with great food and good service. It is perfect, and you won’t forget this night for a long time. [Read more]

Location: Kamala Beach
Price: High
Cuisine: Thai, European
Tel: 076 302 000

3. Da Maurizio

Kalim Beach

Da Maurizio and its well-known ‘Italian dinner over the beach with a sunset’ is not your everyday Italian restaurant, far from that. It is rather expensive, so keep it for a special occasion, but if like us you enjoy quality food in a great atmosphere, you should dine there at least once. [Read more]

Location: Patong Beach (Kalim)
Price: Very High
Cuisine: Italian
Tel: 076 344 079

4. Mom Tri’s Kitchen at Villa Royale

Kata Noi Beach

Unique and renown since decades, ‘Villa Royale’ main feature is the excellent restaurant, one of the most romantic places on the island. A bit pricey of course so keep it for a special occasion. We went there several times and were never disappointed. [Read more]

Location: Kata Noi Beach
Price: High
Cuisine: Thai, European
Open: Daily 7 am – 11.30 pm
Tel: 076 333 568

5. Kata Rocks

Kata Beach

Kata Rocks Restaurant

Kata Rocks restaurant serves a great Mediterranean and seafood cuisine. Try to come a bit before sunset to enjoy some of Kata Rocks famous cocktails at one of the tables by their iconic infinity pool (they even have their signature gin). As the sun disappears, the pool is lit, and the atmosphere becomes even more romantic, a perfect setting to enjoy their superb cuisine. The restaurant is open to outside guests so even if you are not staying at the resort, you should try to save one evening for a sunset dinner (6 pm to 10 pm). And if the sun doesn’t shine that day, it won’t even matter; the views are always incredible! Read more

Location: Kata Beach
Price: High
✩ Tel: 76 370 777

6. Joe’s Downstairs

Kalim Beach (Close to Patong beach)

Joe Downstairs

Located just below the Novotel Patong, Joe Downstairs has been around for years and benefits from a great seafront location and a great tropical white decor that makes it a perfect place for a date with a cocktail or a romantic dinner. [ Read more ]

Location: Kalim Beach
Price: High
Cuisine: Thai, European
Tel: 063 078 5887

7. Ta Khai at Rosewood Hotel

Tri Trang Beach

Ta Khai is a lovely Thai restaurant set right by the quiet and romantic beach of Tri Trang, not far from Patong Beach. This new resort is very exclusive, and seats are limited so you should book early to get a table for your romantic evening. Read more

Location: Rosewood Resort on Tri Trang beach near Patong
Price: High
✩ Tel: 76 356 888

8. Wok Pagoda

Between Kata and Chalong

Wok Pagoda Restaurant Phuket

Wok Pagoda is the latest trendy restaurant in Phuket and probably one of the most significant openings this year. There are quite a few reasons to experience this new place; not only Chef Tummanoon is an internationally recognised chef from the acclaimed Mom Tri’s Kitchen at Villa Royale, but the restaurant is in a superb location on a hill overlooking Chalong Bay. On a clear day, you can even see all the way to the famous Phang Nga Bay! (Apparently, you can even see all the way to the famous Phi Phi island, but we were not that lucky). A great wine list complements the excellent food, so get ready to experience some good grand crus. [ Read more ]

✩ Location: halfway between Kata Beach and Chalong Bay.
✩ Open: 11 am – 11 pm
✩ Phone: 076 608 899

9. SeaSalt Lounge & Grill

Kalim Beach

SeaSalt Lounge and Grill

SeaSalt Lounge and Grill is a beautiful new restaurant as well as a lounge built on a prime seafront location in Patong Beach. SeaSalt is also part of the well-known Diamond Cliff Resort. If you are a little familiar with Patong beach, SeaSalt is just next to Da Maurizio, Joe’s Downstairs and Baan Rim Pa set of restaurants, just outside Patong Beach on the way to Kalim Beach and Kamala Beach. Read more

Location: Kalim Beach
Price: High
Cuisine: Thai, Seafood
Tel: 076 623 555

10. Sizzle Rooftop at Avista Lounge

Patong Beach

Sizzle Rooftop restaurant is a romantic dining place at the top of the new Avista Hideaway at the south of Patong beach. Just to set the tone, you need to know that this hotel is part of the MGallery by Sofitel, an award-winning luxury resort. The resort sits on a hill, and from this unique vantage point, you can admire two bays: Freedom beach and Paradise Beach. You are not close to the beach, but you can see far above the forest all the way to the sea. [read more ]

Location: At Avista Hideaway Resort & Spa, 39/9, Muen-Ngern Rd, Patong Beach
Open: 6 pm – 11 pm
Tel: 076 681 681

11. 360 Phuket Pavilions

Layan Beach

With so many restaurants in Phuket, picking a new romantic dining venue was challenging. But once again, Phuket hides little gems you need to take the time to discover, and Phuket Pavilions is one of them. The food is great, but the 360 setting make the venue unusual and lovely. [Read more]

Location: Layan Beach
Price: High
Cuisine: Thai, European
Tel: 076 317 600

12. Blue Elephant Phuket

Phuket Town

Blue Elephant is not your usual casual Thai dining place. Save this for a one-time special dinner and consider it as an experience. This amazing renovated old mansion has the majesty and the grandeur of a house with a long and mysterious history. [Read more]

Location: Phuket Town
Price: High
Cuisine: Thai
Tel: 076 354 355

13. Panwa House

Panwa Beach

Panwa House at Cape Panwa

Cape Panwa is quite far from tourist beaches, but if you happen to go to the Phuket aquarium, you are just next to it. It could even be a nice idea to combine a visit to the aquarium in the afternoon and have dinner at the Panwa house. (The Panwa House is open for dinner only and outside guests are welcome). Read more

Tel: 076 391 123
Open: 18:30 – 23:00 (except Mondays):

14. La Gaetana

Phuket Town

La Gaetana is one of the best and longest established Italian restaurants in Phuket, well-known and recommended by longtime residents and Thais. It’s not about the view or the location, but it’s all about La Gaetana’s excellent cuisine and very cosy atmosphere. [Read more]

Location: Phuket Town
Price: High
Cuisine: Italian
Tel:076 250 523 or mobile: 081 397 1227

15. The Boathouse

Kata Beach


The boathouse in Kata Beach is an excellent place for a sunset drink and a light dinner. The location is fantastic, but the food has lost its shine, the time had come to bring this restaurant to new fresh, trendy life. [Read more]

Location: Kata Beach
Price: High
Cuisine: Thai, European
Tel: 076 330 015

Phuket Valentine’s Restaurants Map

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