Where to Find Phuket Night Markets

Night markets in Phuket are always fun; from the new Chillva Market to the giant Naka Weekend Market or the Sunday Walking Market in Phuket Town, almost everyone loves to browse the incredible array of things you don’t need.

Phuket night market

Night markets in Phuket are intense, colourful, surprising, fascinating, puzzling, smelly, messy, confusing and overwhelming. But night markets all have one thing in common, and they offer a unique glance at the daily life of Thai people, rich, poor or just like you and me.

1. Phuket Sunday Street Market

Phuket Town

Phuket Sunday Walking Street Market

Phuket Walking Street weekend market, also called ‘Lard Yai’ by the locals, is now the most popular attraction in Phuket City. This weekend street market was an instant success, denoting a need for something to happen in Thalang Road, the historical part of town. Night markets are not new to Phuket City. The old Naka Weekend Market on the outskirt of the city, near Central Festival, has always been very popular, but the Phuket Walking Street is more creative. Read more

Phuket Walking Street Sunday Market-4

Open: Sunday 5 pm – 9 pm
Location: Thalang Road, Phuket Town


2. Chillva Night Market Phuket

Phuket Town

Chillva Market Phuket

Chillva Market is the best young night market in Phuket. Everyone loves those night markets and Thai teenagers more than everyone else, especially with this new trend of using old containers! Every town in Thailand seem to have a surprising amount of those weekend markets, and they are always busy. Read more

Chillva Market in Phuket Town

Open: Thu – Sat from 5 pm – 11 pm – Closed on Sunday
Location: 141/2 Yaowarat Road, Phuket Town (Between Tesco Lotus and Phuket Town)


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3. Phuket Weekend Night Market

Phuket Town

Phuket Weekend Market (Naka Market)

Phuket Weekend Market (Naka Market) is the name given by tourists to this overgrown Phuket town night bazaar, while Thai call it ‘Talad Tairod’, which means ‘Car Boot Sale’. ‘Naka Market’ seems to be the most popular name lately. ‘Phuket Chatuchak’ is also used by reference to the enormous weekend market in Bangkok. So many names for one single market! Read moreLook Choop

Open: Saturdays and Sundays, 4 pm to 9 pm
Address: Opposite Naka Temple on the outskirt of Phuket town


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4. Malin Plaza Patong

Patong Beach

Malin Plaza Night Market Patong

Malin Plaza is a relatively new night market at the southern end of Patong Beach. It succeeded where other night markets failed because they kept in mind that food is the magnet that makes people come in the first place. It applies to shopping malls just as well. Read more

Open: Daily 2 pm – 12 am
Location: Patong beach not far from Duanjitt Resort


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5. OTOP Night Market

Patong Beach

OTOP Market Patong Beach

OTOP, which serves as an acronym for ‘One Province, One Product’ once translated, was initially designed as a local market to promote the handicrafts of each province of Thailand. This idea didn’t last very long, and today the Patong OTOP market mostly sells a lot of copies, fake stuff and souvenirs you don’t even need. What is more interesting is the food street and the small beer bars in the back. Read more

OTOP Night Market in Patong Beach

Open: Daily 10 am till late – Food Street: 5 pm till late
Location: Patong beach, opposite Hard Rock Cafe and Hooters


6. Karon Temple Market

Karon Beach

Karon Temple Fair

The Karon Temple Market only opens twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays, and is so popular that people start to plan their evenings around that event. Night markets have always been popular in Phuket and Thailand, but a Temple market sounds so much more exotic. Besides, Karon Beach lacks attractions, so the fair is always a welcome breeze of fun. Read more

Local Thai Food at Karon Temple Fair

Open: Every Tuesday and Friday – 4 pm to 10 pm


7. Fun Friday Avenue Market

Bangtao Beach

Fun Friday Avenue Market is a small weekend market popping up every Friday evening at Boat Avenue on the way to Phuket Laguna. It’s modest in size but fun to visit if you are staying in the Bangtao Beach area. Night markets are part of Thailand life, and wherever there is a market, there is a crowd and lots of food! Read more

Open: Every Friday – 5 pm to 10 pm


8. Kor Jaan Market

Phuket Town

Kor Jaan night market in Phuket Town

Lahd Kor Jaan (Kor Jahn Market) is a modest but authentic little night market on Kra Road, the east side of Phuket Town. It mostly offers local food and is addressing to local Thai people. It is small but has a lot of charm and reflect a true Thai experience. Read more

Location: Phuket Town
Address: Kra Road, Phuket Town 80110
Open: Friday evening
Entrance: free


9. Phuket Indy Market

Phuket Town

Phuket Indy Market

A fun, young and creative little corner in Phuket Town, the Phuket Indy Market is tucked in a small lane off Dibuk Road, just next to the Limelight Avenue mall and not far from the well known Raya Restaurant. Read more

Open: Wednesday to Friday, 4 pm – 10 pm
Location: Limelight Avenue, Phuket Town


10. Kathu Market


AWA Market Kathu

Kathu market is a night market in Kathu, just halfway between Phuket Town and Patong Beach. It was called many names, but none stuck longer than six months (so far). It serves some local food at low prices and has few bars inside recycled containers, plus a stage with an occasional live band. The location of the night market makes it convenient. It is still a very young market, but it is already quite popular. Read more

Vintage Market Phuket

Open: Mon, Tue, Fri, Sat, Sun – 5 pm to 11 pm


Phuket Night Markets Map

FAQs about Phuket Night Markets

  1. ✳️ What are the night markets in Phuket Town?

    a. Phuket Town has 4 markets
    Sunday Walking Street Market
    Naka Weekend Market
    Chillva Market
    Indy Market

  2. ✳️ What are the night markets in Patong Beach?

    a. There are mainly two markets in Patong:
    Malin Plaza
    OTOP Market

  3. ✳️ Which markets are open on weekends?

    a. While Malin Plaza and OTOP markets in Patong are open every night, these two markets in Phuket Town are a real Thai experience:
    Sunday Walking Street Market
    Naka Weekend Market

  4. ✳️ What can I see and do in a night market?

    a. Expect to find souvenirs, cheap clothing, accessories, shoes, enjoy street performances and try a lot of excellent local food.