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Kata Beach, Phuket – What To Do in Kata Beach?

What To Do in Kata Beach?

Kata Beach is on the west coast of Phuket island and one of the most visited beach after Patong Beach. Kata enjoys a superb sandy bay with an incredibly blue sea and an iconic island standing in the middle of the sea, making excellent sunset photos.

Kata Beach seem from Viewpoint

Kata is less crowd than Patong and still offers a good and growing choice of dining venues, shopping, nightlife and hotels. This beach is also known to be a great family destination. See also our photo gallery of Kata Beach

Kata Beach consists of 3 areas: Kata Centre, Kata south, Kata back road

Kata Centre

South of Kata Beach with view on the small island of Koh Pu

Kata Center is the oldest part and has grown around a busy intersection; not much has changed around there if you exclude Starbucks and At Peach restaurant. Nightlife is very active, and you’ll find a lot of Beer Bars, but no Go-Go Bars. If you drive at night you can’t miss all these small bars all loudly playing different music, the ones at Kata centre intersection being the brightest and most welcoming. Don’t be shy to stop have a drink for the fun of it.

Dining options are plenty, but if you want a special dinner, try Kampong Kata Hill on top of the hill right behind Starbucks (opposite Dino Park). There used to be an apparent gap between Kata Center and Kata South, but both have now merged.

Kata South

View on the south part of the beach

Kata South seems to surround two long-established hotels: Kata Beach Resort and the well-known and the Boathouse and its restaurant. The south is also where the beach is the busiest. Kata Rocks is another amazing hotel is worth mentioning.

Where to Eat in Kata?

On the high-end, you will be surprised by the level of cuisine and setting you can get in Kata Beach. Kata Rocks is one of a kind experiences with a prime sea view. Villa Royale is one of the best restaurants on the Island, if not the best. Wok Pagoda on a nearby hill is also a beautiful place to enjoy some creative culinary experience.

The Boathouse hotel and restaurant

In the mid-range are the Italian ‘Capannina’ in a back lane and the very popular Two Chefs restaurant. A little further up the hill is a set of panoramic restaurants high above Kata Noi Beach: The Sunset Deck, After Beach and Baan Chom View.

For an affordable local lunch right on the sand, you will find a couple of restaurants at the extreme south of the beach. Plastic chairs and tables on the beach!

A beach restaurant in north Kata Beach

What to Do in Kata Beach?

Dino Park mini golf

Fantastic place in high season, Kata is sometimes unsafe to swim in low season. However, because of the waves it then becomes popular among surfers and even hosts a surf competition once a year. Nothing unusual, but it’s a great place to learn. Few surf shops rent surfboards here and there and can teach you the basics.

  • Dino Park is a well-designed dinosaur-themed mini-golf with its cool volcano! It is cute but can get so hot, you will forget to play well to get out for a drink.
  • Surf House Phuket – a fun artificial wave surf park, great for both adults and kids.
  • Karon View Point, a few kilometres south, with a beautiful view on three bays.
  • Kata Temple is a rather small temple on Kata Beach back road.
  • Parasailing is available but not recommended for safety reasons
  • Surfing is popular during low season

Where to Stay in Kata?

Sunset at Kata Rocks hotels in Phuket

Some great hotels in Kata Beach

More photos

Sunset on the island Ko Pu

Map of Kata Beach

FAQs about Kata Beach

Q. What are the best hotels in Kata Beach?

a. Kata Rocks, Katathani Phuket and The Shore are among the best hotels in Kata.

Q. What is there to do at in Kata?

a. Spend the day on the beach, enjoy Surf House artificial wave, play at Dino Park Mini Golf or even try real surfing during low season.

Q. Where to eat in Kata?

a. Mom Tri’s Villa Royale and Kampong Kata Hill in kata, After Beach and Baan Chom View on the hill above Kata Noi are popular restaurants.

Q. How far is Kata from the airport?

a. Kata Beach is 42 km from Phuket International Airport and 15 km from Phuket Town.

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