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What to do in Kata Beach?

Kata Beach is a beautiful beach on the west coast of Phuket island and one of the most visited beaches in Phuket after Patong Beach. Kata enjoys a lovely sandy bay with an incredibly blue sea and an iconic island standing in the middle of the ocean, making excellent sunset photos. The town stretches for 2 kilometres along the back road, but keep in mind that because Club Med Resort occupies 90% of the 1.5-kilometre beachfront, most restaurants, hotels, and shops are not on the beach on that second road or the south end of the beach.

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While it can be bustling in high season, Kata is less crowded than Patong and still offers a vast choice of dining venues, shopping, nightlife, and hotels. This beach is also known to be a great family destination.

Kata Beach on Phuket West Coast

What to do in Kata Beach?

Fantastic place in the high season, Kata is sometimes unsafe to swim during the low season (June to November). However, it has become popular among surfers and even hosts a surf competition yearly because of the waves. Nothing unusual, but it’s a great place to learn. Few surf shops rent surfboards here and there and can teach you the basics.

The Beach

South of Kata Beach with view on the small island of Koh Pu

Of course, the beach is the main reason people travel all the way to be here and choose to stay on this part of the island. The beach is immense (1.5 kilometres), the sand clear and very soft, and the water has a beautiful blue colour during the high season (December to April). Trees provide plenty of shade to the bay, where you will find drink vendors, beach massage, and a few small but good Thai restaurants. Beach chairs are back and occupy only 10% of the beach so everyone should be happy. Renting a chair is easy and price depends on each beach, but it is affordable, and the staff always friendly, making sure the chairs are clean and the umbrellas open whn you need them. Beach massage is a nice way to relax after your long flight or after swimming and starts usually at 300 baht.

Kata Noi Beach

Kata Noi Beach

Kata Noi Beach (meaning ‘Small Kata’) is a stretch of sand so beautiful, and it was once among the 10 best beaches in the world on Tripadvisor. The sand is soft, and the sea is clear and blue during the low season. There are only three hotels on Kata Noi: Mom Tri’s Villa Royale, Katathani, and The Shore. You can enjoy a few bars, shops, and restaurants on the street that runs parallel to the beach.


Karon Viewpoint

Karon Viewpoint in Phuket

Karon viewpoint, a few kilometres south of Kata Beach, offers a beautiful panoramic view of three bays: Kata Noi, Kata Beach and Karon in the far. This viewpoint, one of the most famous sights of Phuket, is easy to access by the seaside road.


Dino Park

Dino Park Mini Golf

Dino Park is a well-designed dinosaur-themed mini-golf with its cool volcano! It is well designed, and it’s great fun to play with friends or family, but it can get hot in there.


Surf House Phuket

Surf House Kata Beach Phuket

Surf House Phuket is a fun artificial wave flowing on a safe rubber slide, great for both adults and kids to play and even practice their balance. The bar and restaurant around the waterslide are trendy and often host parties at night.



Surfing in Phuket

Surfing is popular during the low season, usually between June and November. The waves are not big, but the south end of the beach is a great spot to learn. You can easily rent all kinds of surfboards anywhere along the beach as well as taking surfing lesson. Once a year there is a surfing competition.


Wat Kitti Sangkharam

Kata Temple

Wat Kitti Sangkharam is a modest but beautiful temple at the foot of a hill on Kata Beach’s back road accessible from a small street perpandicular to the main road.


Parasailing in Phuket

Parasailing is available but not recommended for safety reasons as there have been some fatal accidents in the past. If you still want to try, here is how it works, and it can be a bit surprising: you will equipped with a parachute on the beach while the speedboat takes position perpendicular to the beach. On the pilot signal, you will have to run for a short distance in the direction of the ocean, assisted by the team. That’s where the most surprising thing happens: as you take of, a crew member will grab the ropes of the parachute and will hang above you during the whole flight, without any safety features. That’s quite a sight, but apparently, they never fall.

Where to eat in Kata Beach?

Kata Beach has a vast array of places to eat and dine, from street food and food markets to award-winning restaurants. Beach dining has always been a favourite during the day, while panoramic sunset terraces are perfect to end your day. You will be surprised by the level of cuisine and setting you can get in Kata Beach on the high-end. The second road of Kata Beach is packed with places to eat for every budget. There are so many places around Kata where you can enjoy from Thai food, seafood, street food to steak houses and some excellent Italian ristorantes, finding a place to eat will never be a problem.

Beach Restaurants

A beach restaurant in north Kata Beach

Eating cheap Thai food on the beach with your feet in the sand has become a rare luxury in Phuket. There is still a small cluster of modest-looking restaurants at the very north of the beach, and you should enjoy them while they last!

The Boathouse Phuket

The Boathouse Phuket

The Boathouse Restaurant in Kata Beach has been a culinary landmark in Phuket for decades, part of The Boathouse hotel. The location is fantastic, the food is excellent, and the wine list is exceptional. The Boathouse serves Western and Thai Cuisine in a sober elegance and does retain a bit of the ‘sailing’ mood that made it famous when it originally opened.

Address: 182 Koktanode Road, Kata Beach, Phuket, 83100
: 076 330 015
Open: 7 am – 10 am
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/boathousephuket/


Kata Seafood and Ska Bar

Kata Seafood Restaurant

Kata Seafood is easy to spot because of its location right on the beach, next to a gigantic tree. The restaurant serving Thai and seafood is rather touristy, but It kept a certain old-fashioned charm, and beachfront restaurants are rare in Kata!

Address: 186/12 Kata Beach Phuket Thailand 83100
Hours: 8 am – 10.30 pm
Phone: 081 797 0559


Sugar and Spice

Sugar & Spice Restaurant at Sugar Inn Phuket

Sugar & Spice is famous for serving excellent Thai and International food at the right price. The centre of the second street’s location makes it very convenient (not far from the night market).

Address: 98/7 Kata Rd, Karon, Mueang Phuket District, Chang Wat Phuket 83100
Hours: 10 am – 10 pm
Phone: 081 970 6503
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sugarandspicephuket


Where to stay in Kata Beach?

Kata being the second or third most popular beach after Patong, you can expect to find a massive choice of hotels and resorts. Only The Boathouse and Beyond Resort Kata have direct access if you want a hotel with beach access.

Kata Rocks

Kata Rocks

Kata Rocks is a luxurious and trendy collection of pool villas on a hill at the south end of Kata Beach. Every Sky Villa is immense with infinity pools, offering fantastic views of the Andaman Sea, even from your bed.


Beyond Resort Kata

Kata Beach Resort

Beyond Resort Kata is a long-established hotel in Phuket. The location right on the beach in south Kata is fantastic. With 275 rooms, this is not a small hotel, but the situation is unique if you want to get the best of everything.

Some other resorts, such as Kata Rocks and The SIS Kata, are new and trendy. If you are on a tight budget, you will easily find good hotels in a convenient location with Chanalai Resorts, Orchidacea Resort, and Novotel Avista.

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The geography of Kata Beach

Kata Beach is 2 km long and the beach is 1.5 km long. There are two city centres: the original one is in the north, near Dino Park, and the new and more lively one is in the south, where The Boathouse and Beyond Resort Kata are. There are 3 main roads parallel to the beach: the beach road is very quiet because Club Med hotel occupies most of the beach front, and therefore there are no shops or restaurants. The second road connects the two city centers is very lively in the evening, with lots of dining options and shopping. The largest road in the back is more quiet but has cheaper hotels and some good restaurants.

Kata Beachfront

Kata Beachfront

The beachfront is a short scenic drive along the sea on one side and entirely occupied by Club Med on the other. The road is relatively narrow and offers very little parking. Apart from Club Med, the only noticeable landmarks are Surf House Kata, Beyond Resort Kata, and a few beach restaurants at each end. During high season, the road is often closed to host a small night market with stage performances.

View on the south part of the beach

Kata Centre

Kata Center is the oldest part and has grown around a busy intersection; not much has changed there if you exclude Starbucks and At Peach restaurant. Nightlife is very active, and you’ll find many beer bars but no go-go bars. If you drive at night, you can’t miss all these small bars loudly playing different music, the ones at the Kata centre intersection being the brightest and most welcoming.

Dining options are plenty, but if you want a special dinner, try Kampong Kata Hill on top of the hill right behind Starbucks (opposite Dino Park). There was an apparent gap between Kata Center and Kata South, but both have now merged.

Kata South

The south has become the most active part of Kata, especially in the evening. The roadside is full of places to enjoy an affordable dinner: Thai, seafood, grills and international restaurants, food stalls, and even food markets.

South Kata Beach

There are 4 or 5 restaurants with terraces over the sand at the very end of the beach for something more fun. What would a holiday be without a bit of shopping? There are convenience stores, pharmacies, and many tiny shops selling souvenirs, summer clothing, beach toys, and luggage.

Kata Seafood Restaurant

Accommodation mostly surrounds two long-established hotels: Beyond Resort Kata and the famous Boathouse. Kata Rocks is another fantastic hotel worth mentioning.

Kata Road

The Kata Road connects Kata Center to Kata South, with Club Med on one side and restaurants, bars, hotels, and shops on the other side. You’ll find a bazaar, night market, and a Chinese shrine.

Kata Road

Is Kata Beach safe?

Kata Beach is a very safe place to spend a holiday, just like the rest of Phuket. Even late at night, you will never feel worried about walking the streets that are busy until 2 am and even later sometimes. If you decide to party late, tuk-tuks are always available to take you back to your hotel, as driving your motorcycle after drinking should be avoided.

Safety on Kata Beach

The only real safety concerns are driving and swimming in the low season. The sea can be rough and the rip tides treacherous, so always swim where flags allow or avoid swimming when flags are red. If you travel during the low season, booking a hotel with a lovely pool may be a good idea,

Kata Beach Photo Gallery

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Kata Beach Info

Can you swim at Kata Beach? it is safe to swim in high season but can be dangerous on some days during monsoon season; always respect the flags!
How long is the beach of Kata
: 1.5 km
How to go to Kata Beach
: you can easily go to Kata by local bus or smart bus, tuk-tuk, taxi or self-driving:
How far is Kata from Patong Beach: 13 km
How far is Kata from Phuket International Airport: 48 km
How far is Kata from Phuket Town: 17 km

To get the directions to the beach, open this Google map and click on ‘directions’ or click on save to use it once in Phuket ▷ https://goo.gl/maps/hW6dLWPC7wsaMkiH9.

Map of Kata Beach

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FAQs about Kata Beach

Q. What is there to do in Kata Beach?

a. Kata has a lot of activities to offer:
Kata Noi Beach
Karon Viewpoint
Surf House artificial wave
Dino Park Mini Golf
Wave Surfing

Q. Where to eat in Kata?

a. There are restaurants for all tastes and all budgets here:
Mom Tri’s Villa Royale
After Beach Bar
Baan Chom View
Kampong Kata Hill

Q. What are the best hotels in Kata Beach?

a. There are many hotels to choose from, here are some favourites:
Kata Rocks
Katathani Phuket
The Shore at Katathani
Beyond Kata Resort
The Boathouse

Q. How far is Kata from the airport?

a. Kata Beach is:
42 km from Phuket International Airport
15 km from Phuket Town
11 km from Patong Beach

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