Kata Beach – A Quick Overview of Kata

Kata Beach – A Quick Overview of Kata
Kata Beach – A Quick Overview of Kata
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Kata Beach

Kata Beach from ViewpointKata Beach is the most popular beach in Phuket after Patong and just before Karon Beach. It enjoys a superb large white beach with an incredible blue sea, a nice island standing in the middle of the bay that makes great sunset photos. With less crowd than Patong, a good and growing choice of dining venues, shopping, nightlife and hotels, Kata beach is a great family destination. Kata Beach is divided in three main areas. Kata Center, Kata South with Club Med in the middle and Kata ‘Back Road’.

Kata Center


Kata Center is the oldest part and has grown around a busy intersection, not much has really changed around there if you exclude Starbucks and Peach, a trendy restaurant. Nightlife is very active and you’ll find a lot of Beer Bars, but no Go Go Bars. If you drive at night you can’t miss all this small bars all loudly playing a different music, the ones at Kata center intersection being the brightest and most welcoming. Don’t be shy to stop have a drink for the fun of it. Dining options are plenty, but if you want a special dinner, try Kampong Kata Hill on top of the hill right behind Starbucks (opposite Dino Park). There used to be a clear gap between Kata Center and Kata South, but both have now merged.

Kata South


Kata South seems to surround two long established hotels: Kata Beach Resort and the well known and the currently under renovation Boathouse and its amazing restaurant. This is also where the beach is the busiest. Kata Rocks is another amazing hotel is worth mentionng.

A lot of new streets opened recently and it is hard to keep count of the restaurants, shops and foot massage around here. Most popular are the Italian ‘Capannina’ in a back lane, and the ‘Boathouse‘ itself with its prime beach view. Not far it also one of the best sea view restaurant on the Island, ‘Villa Royale‘. More affordable and also with a view are a couple of local restaurants at the extreme south of the beach. The plastic chairs and table kind of place. The only nightlife here if you exclude shopping is the old fun ‘Ska Bar’, build under a giant tree on the beach itself.

Amazing place in high season, Kata is unsafe to swim in low season. However, because of the waves it then becomes popular among surfers and even hosts a surf competition once a year. Nothing really amazing, but it’s a great place to learn. Few shops rent surf boards here and there, and can teach you the basics.

What To Do in Kata Beach:


  • Dino Park – a well designed dinosaur themed mini golf with its own cool volcano! Nice but so hot you will forget to play well at the end, just to get out for a drink.
  • Surf House Phuket – a fun artificial wave surf park, great for both adults and kids.
  • Karon View Point, a few kilometers south of Kata Beach with a nice view on 3 bays.
  • Kata Temple, a rather humble temple on Kata Beach back road.

Where to Stay in Kata Beach

Kata Rock Phuket

Sso far we reviewed 3 hotels in Kata Beach:

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Kata Beach Phuket

Map of Kata Beach

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