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Patong Nightlife and Party Places 🥳

Where to party and what to do in Patong at night?

Patong Nightlife is famous worldwide for being colourful and carefree. the night scene has evolved a lot to reach every traveller type and is not as rowdy as Pattaya or Bangkok. During the high season (November to May), the nightlife is vibrant in most beach towns. Patong Beach is lively and colourful until 2 am (officially), but often past 4 am.

Nightlife in Phuket features great nightclubs hosting international DJs, a few rooftop bars, more live bands than you need, and ladyboy shows that defy your imagination. You might even be tempted to look inside those notorious go-go bars at least once.

Bangla Walking Street

Bangla Walking Street in Patong Beach, Phuket

Bangla Walking Street, also called Soi Bangla or Bangla Road, is the heart of all Phuket Nightlife, and the battle for night supremacy is raging between Soi Seadragon and the new Tiger complex. Over the years, the centre of interest has been moving up and down Bangla road depending on seasons and popularity, but the ever-changing face of Patong nightlife is worth a look. Of course, wherever you go in Bangla, friendly ladies will call you with a big smile and encourage you to have a drink and play a few silly bar games; everyone is welcome. Read more

Phuket Cannabis

Phuket Cannabis Patong


Patong's finest Cannabis Shop with a huge variety of over 100 different Premium High-Grade Cannabis Strains, Exotic Imports, locally grown indoor Weed from Thailand, Sativa Strains, Indica Strains, Hybrid Weed and much more are available at our shop! Many Accessories and Smoking Equipment for Rolling such as Papers, Weed Crushers, Grinders, Rips, Cones, Bongs, Pipes, Nails, handmade Bamboo Pipes, Rolling Trays, Edibles, Cookies, Gummybears, Lollipops, Pancakes, Scales and much more. Come and check us out, we're happy to see you at our Store!

Location: Patong Beach Address: 90, 2 Nanai Rd, Patong Beach, Kathu District, Phuket 83150 Phone: +66 63 409 2579 Read More!

Rooftop bars

Kee Sky Lounge

KEE Sky Lounge Rooftop at the Kee Resort

The Kee Sky Lounge is a fun rooftop bar on the 6th and 7th floor of The Kee Resort, in the heart of Patong Beach, steps away from the famous Bangla Walking Street. The rooftop is designed like a cruise ship deck, and while it is not very high, it has a good atmosphere, and guests can enjoy fun cocktails with sunset views over the Andaman Sea.

Address: The Kee Resort, 152/1 Thaveewong Rd., Patong Beach
Open: 5 pm – 12 am
Phone: 076 335 888
Floor: 6th and 7th
Price: A little high – Happy Hour available

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Andaman Sky Lounge

Andaman Sky Lounge in Phuket

Andaman Sky Lounge is a hidden gem on the 19th floor of the Andaman Beach Suite, one of the only three towers in Patong, so quite easy to spot. The rooftop is small and can only accommodate 30 to 50 people, but since it is not well known, it’s never full. The view of Patong Bay from the terrace is great, especially if you get one of those famous tropical sunsets to go with your drinks and your tapas.

Location: Patong Beach
Address: 60/12 Rat-U-Thit 200 Pee Rd Patong, Phuket 83150
Open: 5 pm – 11 pm
Phone: 076 341 879
Altitude: 19th floor

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Wassa Bar

Wassa Homemade Bar in Patong

Wassa Homemade Bar is a modest little spot high on the hill in the back of Patong Beach. You can go there from 4 pm to watch a sunset with a 180-panoramic view of Patong. Wassa is just a few little huts with terraces made of wood and thatched roofs, surrounded by trees and greenery. This popular viewpoint is a nice place to treat yourself to a cold drink, snacks or Thai food at the end of a hot day in Phuket.

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Where to party in Patong?

Past sunset, Patong Beach turns itself into a gigantic party town. And since not everyone enjoys the same type of party, there are many ways to enjoy the night, from rooftop bars to international nightclubs. Below are some of the best-known places, but walk around, and you will find an incredible array of bars and clubs.

Illuzion Night Club

Illuzion Night Club

Illuzion is one of the most successful nightclubs on Bangla Road in Patong, accommodating up to 5,000 standing people plus hundreds of VIP tables. The stage, sound system and DJs are of international level.

Location: Bangla Walking Street, Patong Beach
Address: 31 Thanon Bangla, Patong, Amphoe Kathu, Phuket 83150
Open: 9 pm – 4 am
Phone: 076 683 030
Price: Free

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Kudo Beach Club

kudo 2

KUDO is a popular beach club in Patong, with a strategic location on the beach, not far from Bangla Walking Street. Kudo opens at 10 am, so guests can enjoy the beach pool, large sofas and food all day, but the real party starts after dinner!

Location: Patong Beach
Address: 33/1 Patong Beach Road, Patong beach, Phuket 83150
Open: 10 am – Midnight
Phone: 098 024 6369

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Shows and live bands

Live bands are everywhere in Patong; thankfully, the sound and skills have improved greatly in recent years. It’s fierce competition, but not everyone can afford a great band, and some venues would do better concentrating on their food. The best live bars are, without a doubt, New York Music Bar and the famous Hard Rock Cafe.

New York Live Music Bar

New York Live Band Phuket

Live bands are getting increasingly popular around the island, and there is intense competition to catch the attention of the thousands of visitors walking up and down the famous Bangla Road. New York Live Music combines great bands, excellent sound and a catch light system. You can stand for a moment in front of each bar and decide which one you like best, and once you pick one, you can enjoy the concert for the price of one drink!

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Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafe Phuket

Hard Rock Cafe Phuket doesn’t need to be introduced anymore, but it was a big deal when it arrived in Patong Beach a few years back. If you came here, you already know that Phuket doesn’t lack live bands.

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Hooters Phuket

Hooters in Phuket is a vibrant restaurant known for its casual atmosphere and American-style cuisine. Situated next to Hard Rock Cafe in Patong Beach, it offers a menu featuring popular dishes like burgers, wings, and salads.

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Simon Cabaret Show

Simon Cabaret Show

Simon Cabaret Phuket is an electrifying, colourful spectacle featuring dazzling costumes, impressive choreographies, and talented performers who showcase their skills through lip-synced performances. It’s a renowned transgender cabaret show that celebrates diversity, talent, and glamour. With vibrant sets and catchy music, it’s a captivating experience, showcasing the art of entertainment and celebrating individuality.

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Shopping and night markets


Jungceylon Shopping Mall Phuket

Jungceylon Shopping Center is a massive complex in the very centre of Patong Beach and the largest on Phuket Island. Covering 200,000 square meters, it’s so vast it feels like a city within a city. Expect to find many souvenir shops, dozens of restaurants, a department store, cinemas, electronic shops, massage, a two-storey supermarket and many attractions on the upper levels.

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Malin Plaza Night Market

Malin Plaza Night Market Patong

Malin Plaza is a trendy night market at the southern end of Patong Beach, and it succeeded because it kept in mind that food is the magnet that makes people come in the first place. Offering a good balance of fun shopping, good cheap food and drinks, and a casual tropical atmosphere are what many travellers want to experience in Thailand.

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Otop Market

Otop Market Patong

OTOP Market’s official name is OTOP Shopping Paradise and was initially designed as a local market to promote the handicrafts and original products of each province of Thailand. The location of this market is convenient, on the second road of Patong beach, just 750 metres from the famous Jungceylon shopping mall.

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Go-Go bars of Phuket

The concept of Go-Go Bars in Soi Bangla doesn’t vary much between places. It always rotates around a few standard features. So what happens in there? At the centre of the room is an elevated stage with stainless poles, surrounded by stools. Sofas and small tables are lined up around the room, sometimes on two levels, and they play loud music with flashing colourful lights. Read more

Suzy Wong’s A Go Go

The famous Suzy Wong's Go Go bar on soi Bangla in Patong Beach

Suzy Wong’s is already an icon of Soi Bangla nightlife, and you can’t visit Patong without visiting them. They gave great effort to the new bar facade with its bright red Chinese decoration and massive door. Despite being the last bar in the Soi Seadragon, you won’t walk by without being intrigued. But go-go bars are not only about beautiful facades, so you’ll ask what makes this one different from any other go-go bar.

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Harem Bar

Harem A Go Go Phuket

Harem Lounge is the most luxurious bar in Phuket, with plush red velvet sofas and curtains all around, two main stages with four smaller platforms on each side. The place feels cosy and intimate, and the staffs are beautiful. Just like this wasn’t enough to make you want to visit, Harem is also the most extensive bar since it occupies the space that used to be Playschool and Candy Club.

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Other nightlife stories

Paradise Complex Gay Street


For almost twenty years, the Phuket Gay party zone’s heart has been beating in the Paradise complex in Patong Beach. I don’t know if the fancy name influenced the choice of location, but it’s effortless to find, right at the foot of the ‘Paradise Hotel’, a 24-floor tower standing in the centre of Patong like a lighthouse, well you get the picture. There used to be an impressive gay festival, but it stopped in 2017. Read more

10 Tips to Spot a Ladyboy in Phuket

Phuket Ladyboys

Did you know that in Bangla Walking Street, those tall, slim, pretty and sexy ladies dancing with colourful outfits and feathers are what is locally called ladyboys? A ladyboy is a transvestite that is considered here a woman. They look very feminine and get a lot of attention. On Bangla road, they perform their little act of “look at me! I’m more feminine than your wife”. Remember that while they encourage you to take their photos, payment is always requested once the photo is taken.

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10 Fun Ways to PARTY in Patong

10 Ways to Party in Phuket

Where to Party in Phuket? Everyone expects something different from his holiday, but everyone wants to see the best of it in a minimum amount of time and (almost) everyone wants to PARTY! Here are 10 fun ways to party wild in Phuket, don’t take it too seriously. This is not a Top 10 that would suit everyone, just 10 Fun Party Tips we recommend to my visiting friends. The list could go on and on, but these are a good start.

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Party and Hangover Drinks

thai energy drinks

Energy drinks are part of the daily landscape of Thailand. Convenience stores always dedicate several fridge shelves to those tiny bottles. Do they work? That might depend on which brand, but mostly that will rely on you. If you are an Italian espresso drinker like us, that might give you a mild boost; for some, it’s an all-night-long kerosene. If you don’t know what these tiny bottles are, you might want to memorise some of the names! ‘Energy Drinks’ are used as mixers to help you party through the whole night, while ‘Hangover Drinks’ make the next day less miserable. Better safe than sorry!

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Your Patong Travel Guide

FAQs about Patong Nightlife

  1. ✳️ Where is it best to party in Patong Beach?

    a. Patong has an incredible array of party places:Bangla Walking StreetNight ClubsGo Go Bars

  2. ✳️ Are there any rooftop bars and beach clubs?

    a. There are a few rooftops and a beach club in Patong:Kudo Beach ClubThe Kee Sky LoungeAndaman Sky Lounge

  3. ✳️ Are there any live bands and shows?

    a. You can watch a stage performance or enjoy a live band:Phuket Simon CabaretHard Rock Cafe Phuket – Live Band in Patong BeachNew York Live Music

  4. ✳️ Can I go shopping at night in Patong?

    a. You can enjoy shopping until late at one of the night markets:Malin Plaza Night MarketOtop MarketJungceylon Shopping Mall

  5. ✳️ How late can I party in Patong?

    a. Patong bars and clubs open until 2 am (officially), but most of the time past 4 am.

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