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Wassa Homemade Bar Phuket ▷ Patong Viewpoint

Patong Viewpoint

Wassa Homemade Bar or just Wassa Bar is a modest little bar located high on the hill in the back of Patong Beach. You can go there from 4 pm to watch a sunset with a 180˙ panoramic view of Patong. This little hut with terraces is all made of wood and thatched roofs, surrounded by trees and greenery. Wassa Homemade Bar is a great place to treat yourself with a cold drink, some snacks or Thai food at the end of a hot day in Phuket. Wassa Bar is private property, and you must buy something if you plan to stay and take photos. It seems obvious, but a lot of people forget this basic fact.

Wassa Homemade Bar Patong Beach

The large wooden terrace at Wassa Homemade Bar is great to chill for hours and enjoy the ever-changing ‘cloudscape’ over the sea while enjoying your drinks. Another smaller platform was added in front of the bar to accommodate more customers.

Surprisingly, the raining season might be the best time to take stunning photos, with massive clouds drifting over the ocean, in front of the sun.

They also serve decent Thai snacks and drinks at very affordable prices. Just for this panoramic view, it is worth the climb.

Wassa Homemade Bar
Wassa Homemade Bar

How to Get There

The best way to go to Wassa Bar is probably by motorbike, but a Tuk Tuk might be able to get you there. You will need to reach the back road called 50 Pee Road, which is accessible from Pisitgoranee road. On the map below we traced the way from Jungceylon, that should give you a good clue (about 4 km from the mall). There is a sign at the entrance of the small street that leads to the bar. Note that the slope is steep to reach up there. Enjoy, but don’t forget to order a drink before shooting!

Drinks Price at Wassa

To give you an idea of the prices: Soft drinks: 60 Baht, Fruit juices: 80 Baht, Smoothies: 100 Baht, cocktails 250 Baht, Beers: 100 to 120 Baht

Food Prices

Kao Phad: 100 – 120 Baht, Chicken Massaman Curry: 120 Baht, Kra Pao Moo (Fried ground pork or chicken with chilli and basil) 120 Baht, Kao Kai Jaow Moo Saap (omelette with ground beef) 120 Baht

Photos of Wassa Bar

Wassa Bar Address

Location: Patong Beach
Address: 50 Pee Road, Patong Beach, Phuket 83150
Open: 4 pm – 12 am
Phone: 091 882 9322

Where is Wassa Bar?

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