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The Big Buddha of Phuket

Phuket Big Buddha

    Visible from anywhere in the southern part of the island, the Big Buddha of Phuket is a 45-metre-tall white marble statue. This impressive landmark is probably at the top of everyone’s ‘Must-Do in Phuket’

    Samet Nangshe Viewpoint

    Samet Nangshe Viewpoint

      Samet Nangshe is a superb panoramic viewpoint in Phang Nga Bay. It’s a little far outside Phuket island, but if you have a car or a big bike, it is worth the drive. From up there, you can admire the fantastic limestone formations of Phang Nga Bay,

      Tunk Ka Cafe Phuket

      Tunk Ka Cafe in Phuket Town

        Tunk Ka Cafe is one of our favourite restaurants in Phuket Town, a long-established hillside place beautifully built on top of Khao Rang Hill, with striking panoramic views of Phuket city.

        Phi Phi Viewpoint

        Phi Phi Viewpoint

          Phi Phi Island viewpoint is probably one of the main things you will visit during your stay on Phi Phi island. You can easily reach the Phi Phi viewpoint on foot, and this is where visitors take the iconic ‘2 bays view’ photo of Phi Phi.

          Restaurant Patong Sunset View

          Patong Sunset View Restaurant

            Patong Sunset View Restaurant is a great spot to end the day with a nice dinner or even just a drink while enjoying one of Phuket’s famous sunsets

            Doi Thepnimit Patong Phuket

            Wat Thepnimit Phuket near Patong Beach

              Wat Thepnimit Phuket is a monastic residence with a fantastic panoramic view over Patong beach. You can see its iconic white pagoda from the beach, if you know in which direction to look, of course, it’s pretty tiny.

              Khao Rang Hill Viewpoint

              Rang Hill Viewpoint in Phuket Town

                Khao Rang Hill has always been a viewpoint at the top of a famous hill in Phuket town. It’s not strikingly beautiful and not very high either, but it’s a pleasant stop. A lot of youngsters go there for a selfie and a romantic moment.