The Sundeck Phuket – A trendy lounge bar and restaurant in Kata Noi

The Sundeck Phuket

Sunsets and panoramic dinner in Kata Noi [toc] The Sundeck is a new lounge bar and restaurant in a fantastic location, high above the beautiful Kata Noi Beach. The situation between Kata Beach and Nai Harn Beach is such that almost everyone will at least drive in front of this beautiful viewpoint at least once. It’s not far from the famous Karon viewpoint, the fmaous hill from which you can

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Khao Rang Hill View Point in Phuket Town

Khao Rang Hill View Point

Rang Hill Viewpoint [toc] Khao Rang Hill has always been a viewpoint at the top of a popular hill in Phuket town. It’s not strikingly beautiful but it’s a pleasant stop, and a lot of youngsters go there for a selfie and a romantic moment. In recent years they added a Gazebo and a platform to allow visitors to enjoy a better view over Phuket Town and the sea beyond.

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Wat Doi Thepnimit Phuket – A New Temple in Patong Beach

Doi Thepnimit Patong Phuket

Doi Thepnimit Phuket [toc] Doi Thepnimit Phuket is a monastic residence with a fantastic panoramic view over Patong beach. You can see its iconic white pagoda from the beach, if you know in which direction to look, of course, it's pretty tiny. Doi Thepnimit is a small but so beautifully decorated temple, and with such a view, it's worth stopping on your way in or out Patong beach. The Chedi

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Sabai Corner Restaurant Phuket – Kata Noi Beach

Sabai Corner Restaurant

A Hidden Thai Restaurant in Phuket [toc] Sabai Corner is a beautiful Thai restaurant really well hidden in Phuket, not far from Kata Noi Beach. Only the few dedicated travellers will find it or make the effort to find it. The food is good without being exceptional, but you will get a lot of satisfaction just to find it and discover the magnificent panoramic view on the nearby sea. [caption

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After Beach Bar Phuket

After Beach Bar Kata Noi Beach

Where is the After Beach Bar? [toc] The After Beach Bar is a popular Thai restaurant with a soft reggae style, built on a cliffside just passed Kata Noi Beach, on the way to Nai Harn Beach. Seen from the road, it might look rather modest with its low thatched roofs, but it offers one of the most beautiful panoramas on the island and a superb view on the pristine

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15 Best Viewpoints of Phuket (Updated)

Phuket, Thailand

Where are the best viewpoints of Phuket? [toc] Karon Viewpoint, the Big Buddha and Promthep Cape are the best-known viewpoints of Phuket, but there are many more, and all are great photo opportunities. Climbing on top of every single hill around the island seems to be an Instagram magnet for many travellers. Here is a list of beautiful places for some fantastic panoramic shots. Some are just hills; others are

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Patong Sunset View Restaurant

Patong Sunset View restaurant

Patong Sunset View Restaurant [toc] Patong Sunset View Restaurant is a great spot to end the day with a nice dinner or even just a drink while enjoying one of Phuket famous sunsets. The restaurant is relatively small but the terrace can welcome quite a few guests and everything is very affordable. To make the best of your dinner, you should really sit at the front of the balcony to

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Tunk Ka Cafe in Phuket Town

Tunk Ka Cafe Phuket

Dinner With a View at Tunk Ka Cafe [toc] Tunk Ka Cafe is one of our favourite restaurants in Town, a long established hillside place beautifully built on top of Khao Rang Hill in Phuket Town. Tunk Ka Cafe is a romantic place, with three separate terraces framed with large trees, and a nice breeze flowing through always keeps the place cool. A shaded wooden walkway leads from the top

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Black Rock Viewpoint in South Phuket

Black Rock Viewpoint Phuket

Where is Black Rock Viewpoint? [toc] The Black Rock viewpoint, in the south of Phuket, has been known for a while but it’s among the most challenging ones to reach if you are not familiar with the area. It also requires a car or even better, a motorbike to get there. You will need to be in a decent physical condition as it involves some steep walking. How to get

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Windmill Viewpoint in Ya Nui Beach

Phuket Viewpoints

What is Phuket Windmill Viewpoint? [toc] The windmill viewpoint just above the very popular Ya Nui Beach is perfect to take a beautiful photo of Phuket tropical sea; all it takes is a bike or car and a lot of blue skies. This hill located passed Nai Harn Beach is well-known from the enormous white windmill visible from a distance, if you are on Nai Harn Beach you cannot miss

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Heaven Rooftop Restaurant

Phuket Best Rooftop Bars

Heaven Rooftop Restaurant [toc] Heaven Rooftop Restaurant is a little know viewpoint terrace located just below the very famous Karon Viewpoint. Heaven bar has a relaxed style usually found on beach club and is a great place to end the day with a sunset. Most importantly, it offers some pretty amazing views over the three bays of Kata Noi Beach, Kata Beach and Karon Beach further in the back. The food

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Promthep Cape Sunset Viewpoint in south Phuket

Promthep Cape

Sunsets at Promthep Cape [toc] Promthep Cape seems to be an irresistible spot for a good old sunset photo at the very south of Phuket island. This landmark has always been a daily meeting point for hundreds of tourists, mostly Thai, to line up with a camera, facing west. Colourful buses download hordes of tourists hungry for a sunset picture and the place starts buzzing with flashes. It's also funny

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Radar Hill Viewpoint in Phuket

Phuket Radar Hill Viewpoint

Radar Hill Viewpoint in Phuket Radar Hill Viewpoint in Phuket offers a breathtaking panorama. The island certainly has quite a few viewpoints but some less visible than others such as this one are actually the most impressive. This hard to reach Radar Hill viewpoint is located high above Patong Beach and is not frequently visited but once you are up there, you will barely see anyone but locals and you'll

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Rang Hill in Phuket Town (Khao Rang)

Khao Rang Hill

Rang Hill in Phuket Town (Khao Rang) [toc] Rang Hill (Khao Rang) located in the middle of Phuket is famous for its scenic restaurants, temple and a new viewpoint bridge. Khao Rang is not very high but its location makes it fun for a lunch or dinner with a good bird view of Phuket Town Rang Hill used to be a fitness park, but has lost its popularity. All year

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Khao Khad Viewpoint – Panwa Viewpoint

Panwa Viewpoint - Khao Kad Viewpoint

What is Khao Khad Viewpoint [toc] Khao Khad Viewpoint (Panwa Viewpoint) is a solitary standing viewpoint on top of one of the highest and most remote hill of Phuket, and a bit of a mystery. With a parking designed to accommodate a large amount of buses and cars, a shop and a massive staircase leading to a large tower, you would expect to find a crowd up there... but when

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