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Radar Hill Viewpoint in Phuket

Radar Hill Viewpoint in Phuket

Radar Hill Viewpoint in Phuket offers a breathtaking panorama. The island certainly has quite a few viewpoints but some less visible than others such as this one are actually the most impressive. This hard to reach Radar Hill viewpoint is located high above Patong Beach and is not frequently visited but once you are up there, you will barely see anyone but locals and you’ll wonder why.

Radar Hill Viewpoint in Phuket

Of course, everyone will stop at the well known Kata Viewpoint, Windmill Hill and Promthep Cape because these are just along the road leading to the beautiful Nai Harn Beach. Then the Big Buddha is so visible and so advertised, it would be hard to miss it.

But Radar Hill is an exceptional viewpoint, easy to reach and very peaceful. Maybe because the radar is in fact a military base and people tend to still believe you just can’t go up there as soldiers will ask you to leave, or is it because the small street leading to the top is too hard to find.


However, when you reach the top you will be able to park before reaching the ‘forbidden zone’, just where it says no trespassing, which doesn’t make much sense the way the sign stands.

Anyway, feel free to park and climb few steps to discover the most amazing panorama on Patong Beach… even more impressive than Wassa Bar previously posted. There are two small tables, perfect for a small break or a drink.


But don’t go yet! Turn around and look on the right, a gentle slope takes you to a higher point facing the other side of Phuket, from which you will see Chalong bay and all the way to Phang Nga by clear skies. On the way back, stop for a photo of the Phuket reservoir as well on your left-hand side


To go there, from Central Festival Phuket, take the direction of Chalong and look for the green sign to the ‘Villa Zolitude’ on your right-hand side. It’s small and not easy to spot especially with the traffic, but if you reached the famous Wat Chalong, you went just a bit too far, so just turn around and drive slowly. The road is in good condition to drive up the hill with a small bike or a car and parking are easy.


How to get to the Radar Viewpoint on Phuket Map

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