Central Phuket – Central Festival Shopping Mall

What to Do at Central Phuket?

Central Phuket (Central Festival Phuket) is one of the major shopping malls on the island, the other famous one being Jungceylon in Patong Beach. Shopping malls may not be in on your list of ‘Best Things to Do in Phuket‘ but keep in mind that a mall can be a good alternative place to spend an occasional rainy day. Nowadays, malls in Thailand offer so much to visitors that shopping itself ends up being the least important reason why one would visit such a place.

What is Central Phuket

In case you are a little confused with the many names ‘Festival and Floresta’ when deciding to visit, you should know that they are actually the 2 main wings of the same Central mall in Phuket Town. The Central Festival is the original wing, built in the outskirt of town and Central Floresta, is an enormous new wing built later across the street, more than doubling the surface of this already large shopping centre.

The original Central Festival mall had a bit of a slow start when it first opened in 2004 but soon gained popularity. They soon opened another wing across the street, mostly hosting Baan & Beyond, Home Works, home improvement and a lot of furniture shops. It seems that the brand recently abandoned the term ‘Festival’.

Central Festival Phuket

In 2018, Central opened Central Floresta across the south road, where the once famous Thai Naan Restaurant used to be. This new building wing has become the high-end luxury and entertainment wing. So to make it easier, there are now 3 wings to the Central in Phuket town, a Central in Patong, plus a new ‘Porto de Phuket‘ community mall in Bangtao.

Central Mall Shopping Zones

The original main wing of Central Festival is now mainly addressing to a mid-market clientele and is divided into several floors, built in a circular shape wrapped around an open-air Biergarten. From this old wing, you can easily walk to the new luxury wing via an immense covered glass sky bridge.

Central Festival Phuket mall

The old wing consists of 4 floors

Central Phuket Shopping Gallery

The main shopping gallery is immense, often hosting loud commercial events on the weekend, and it gets even louder at the end of the month such as motors shows and property shows. The rest of the time, the area is a vast discounted items display. Surrounding the central areas are the usual fashion and cosmetic shops: Sephora, Guess, Zara, Esprit, and Mango (MNG)

1st Floor

  • Central Food Hall: a huge deli and supermarket with high end imported products on the lower floor
  • A large food court: there are actually three of them in the entire complex
  • Mid-range fashion stores: CC-00, Jaspal, etc

2nd Floor

  • Central Shopping Gallery: A circular area with known brands and special events and many franchise restaurants: Pizza Company, Sizzler, Hachiban Ramen, Black Canyon, etc.
  • Electronic and electric appliances areas
  • SuperSport is an immense shop dedicated to sport attire and equipment.

3rd Floor

  • Food Court: a fast-food concept trendy in Asia.
  • SFX Cinemas with 6 rooms including super VIP Sofas

4th Floor

  • Beauty floor: this is where you will find all the hairdressers, slimming salons, eyebrows and cosmetic salons.

The Food at Central Festival Phuket

Now what really made the success of Central Festival Phuket are the many well-known franchise restaurants. At first, the management might have thought that people would come shopping and when done with it, have lunch or dinner. With the 2010 renovation, you can see how that trend has changed. People come for food, and maybe they’ll also buy something once done!

On the ground floor, the most popular is ‘Wine Connection’ vast choice of European and Thai affordable dishes and the large food court on the right-hand side of the Central Food Hall Supermarket. On the upper floors, it’s a long list of Thai favourites: MK Suki, Oishi Suki, plus Ootoya and Fuji Japanese Restaurants are always popular venues. Also well known are S&P, Sizzler, Yaam Sap, Hachi Ban Ramen and a lot more.

The Floresta Wing

The Central Floresta wing is across the road. This is where you will find most designers brands, and cosmetics, most famous and most expensive are, as expected, on the ground floor, but note that ‘Central Department Store’ is a shop in the shop, often having its own great promotions. Shops in the main gallery don’t participate in these promotions.

Central Floresta Phuket

Underground Floor:
The basement is mostly dedicated to guests entertainment. Aquaria is an immense aquarium that also hosts Andasi, a restaurant where you can eat among the fish. Tribhum is a mini 3 D interactive theme park, and Happy Kids Club is a mini theme park and Kids Playground.

On the main area, you will find a lot of Thai restaurants, souvenir shops and stalls, a food court, and even another Central Food Hall supermarket. Further is the kids and homeware section of Central department store ( that used to be on the other side)

Ground Floor:
In a very traditional mind, the ground floor is shared between luxury fashion boutiques and the cosmetic and fashion section of the department store.

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How to get to Central Phuket from Patong

Central free shuttle schedule You can smoothly go from Patong to Central Phuket by using the free shuttle that runs every hour or every hour and a half from 11 am to 7 pm from Patong and from noon to 8.30 pm from Central Phuket (see schedule)

Keep in mind that while the bus stop in Patong is easy to find near Bangla Walking Street, Central Phuket Town is a bit on the outskirt of town, so you will need a second bus ride if you wish to continue to Old Town (Old Town is about 3 km away)

Central Patong Shopping Mall
Central Patong
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Central Phuket Photos

Central Phuket Shopping Mall

Central Phuket Street View

Central Festival Phuket Information

Location: Phuket Town
Address: 74-75 Wichitsongkran Road, Phuket 83000
Open: 10.30 am – 10 pm
Phone: 076 291 111
Distance from Patong Beach: 12 km
Distance from Airport: 31.7 km

Central Festival Phuket Map

If you are on mobile, add the map here: https://goo.gl/maps/JqF6P92vMdCXWQvU6

What’s Around?

Aquaria Phuket at Central Floresta – Phuket New Aquarium