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5 Best Go Go Bars in Phuket

What are Phuket’s Best Go Go Bars?

The Go Go bars of Phuket might not be to be for everyone, but there is no doubt a lot of visitors to Phuket are curious about them and want to visit at least once. All of them are in Patong Beach, and there are quite a few. Some of them are very visible; some are less. Go-Go bars range from colourful places with dancing ladies where you can have a party to more seedy shows we don’t even want to talk about. Here we focus on bars that are more like party clubs with great design, great music, fair prices, no tricks and of course, pretty dancing ladies. It’s easy-going for everyone, stress-free and couples are more than welcome.

Just remember: Do not follow those guys in the street showing you a card with a ‘sexy show.’ Go Go bars are easy to find, and if you follow those guys, their fees will be added to your drink bills.

1. Suzy Wong’s

Suzy Wong's A Go Go

Suzy Wong’s is the most iconic and most established Go-Go bar in Phuket. It’s not very large, and it’s at the end of Soi Seadragon Street, but you can’t miss the Chinese decoration, red lanterns and bright red lights spelling the name outside the door. Two decades ago there were already quite a few Go-Go bars in Patong, but Suzy Wong’s was the only bar trying to be creative. In addition to the cool design and the great music, it made itself unforgettable because of a loud but painless spanking tradition, administrated with a foam bat. Laughs guaranteed (it’s not SM, it’s just fun stuff). The stage is small, but the girls are pretty and fun, the fun spanking is still a tradition, and the place is packed every night. Read more

Location: at the end of Soi Seadragon, which is in the middle of Patong Walking Street.

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2. Harem

Harem A Go Go Phuket

Harem is a large Go-Go bar recently redesigned with luxurious decorations, red velvet sofas, two stages, and an excellent lighting balance. A real DJ plays a great selection of upbeat hits to create an unforgettable party atmosphere. The girls are particularly pretty, always fun and friendly, and the prices are fair. Read more

Location: at the beginning of Soi Seadragon, off Patong Walking Street.

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3. Suzy Wong’s 3

Suzy Wong's 3

Suzy Wong’s 3, which used to be Exotica, is the latest Go-Go bar in Phuket and probably the most impressive. Inspired by the original Suzy Wong’s, it takes the Chinese theme to a brand new level. The decor is fantastic and rich in detail. The music is excellent, and the girls are cute and friendly. The facade with the Terra cotta Chinese warriors standing guard at the entrance is worth a photo, you can’t miss it. The beer starts at 90 baht, but you can order all kinds of fancy drinks. Waitresses always bring your bill with your bottle, so there are no bad surprises. Read more

Location: at the beginning of Soi Seadragon, off Patong Walking Street.

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4. Devil’s Playground

Devil's Playground Go Go Bar- Phuket Go Go Bars

A famous and long-established Go-Go Bar at the entrance of Soi Seadragon with a fun theme looks like inside a fancy devil’s cave. Fortunately, it is not dark, and you can enjoy the dancers on stage. The decor, light and music are great and the staff is friendly. Read more

Location: at the beginning of Soi Seadragon, off Patong Walking Street.

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5. Rock Hard

Rock Hard A Go Go

Rock Hard, one of the very first Go Go bars in Phuket is still standing at the top of Bangla road not far from Jungceylon shopping mall. This place is more rock music focussed, with a good atmosphere and friendly staff. It’s larger than other similar bars and has been recently renovated. Note that Rock Hard can be easily missed since it is on the second floor, above an open bar called Oscar Sports Bar. Read more

Location: At the top of Patong Walking Street.

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Where are Phuket’s Best Go Go Bars?

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