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Exotica A Go Go

UPDATE: Exotica A Go Go is now Suzy Wong’s 3!

Exotica was another popular Go Go bar on the ever famous Soi Seadragon in Bangla Road, Patong Beach. The atmosphere at Exotica was very different from other dim-lit bars around: White walls, mirrors and bright lights surround an elevated central stage revealing a bathtub full of foam. Pretty girls dance around the stage and once in a while a sensual show starts and girls play sensually in the foam. Nothing hardcore.

Music is good, girls are as usual friendly with customers and couples are welcome to come and discover what a Go Go bar is (and enjoy the air cone on very note night too!) Entrance is free, prices are standard for the area and Exotica doesn’t overcharge or cheat as you can see on the on bill which is always brought with your drink.


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