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Phuket Nightlife is famous worldwide and offers a lot more today than the old naughty image people used to remember. You can now enjoy world-class nightclubs, amazing beach clubs, and rooftop bars. Of course, the notorious Go Go Bars of Bangla road are still around if you want to find out about them.

The Phuket nightlife section offers an extensive list of things you can do at night in Patong Beach and in Phuket in general. Have fun!

Most Popular Phuket Nightlife Pages

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Best Beach Clubs in Phuket

18 Best Phuket Beach Clubs

    Phuket beach clubs are the perfect addition to your tropical holiday: beach and exploration during the day, sunset on a comfortable lounger with cocktails and cool music in the evening, and party with international DJs at night.

    Phuket Best Rooftop Bars

    23 Best Rooftop Bars in Phuket

      Phuket rooftop bars are just a handful, but the trend has started and is here to stay, especially after the success of the many Phuket Beach Clubs, people are always attracted by bars with a little something on top.

      Maya Beach Club Phuket, Bang Tao Beach

      Maya Beach Club Phuket

        Located on Bang Tao Beach, Maya Beach Club Phuket offers an exquisite blend of international and local cuisine, sun-soaked days, and electrifying nights.

        Hooters Phuket

        Hooters Phuket

          Hooters in Phuket is a vibrant restaurant known for its casual atmosphere and American-style cuisine.

          Aussie Bar Phuket

          Aussie Bar Phuket

            Aussie Bar in Patong Beach is a relaxed place to hang out by day or by night. It’s located in the middle of Bangla Road, the busy area of Patong Beach and has an Australian feel with a tropical touch.

            Carnival Magic - The Magical Kingdom of Lights

            Carnival Magic Phuket

              Carnival Magic is a brand new 40-acre nighttime Thai carnival theme park, known as the Magical Kingdom of Lights. It features numerous record-breaking attractions that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

              Phuket Nightlife- Things to do at night in Phuket

              11 Best Things to Do in Phuket at Night – Phuket Nightlife 2023

                The list of the best things to do at night in Phuket is endless, and Phuket nightlife comes in many ways, not only on Patong beach but all around this island. There is a vast choice of places to hang out for couples, singles, groups of friends and families after dinner.

                Fuga Beach Club in Patong Beach, Phuket

                Fuga Beach Club

                  Fuga Beach Club, located at the northern end of Patong Beach just below Novotel Patong, is a recently opened seaside restaurant and beach club offering a fun experience.

                  Malika Terrace and Sky Bar at Kalima Resort in Phuket

                  Malika Sky Bar Rooftop at Kalima Resort

                    Malika Sky Bar is an unexpected gem at the popular Kalima Resort located between Patong Beach and Kamala Beach. The rooftop is surprisingly large and well-designed to accommodate visitors according to their sitting preferences.

                    Casa Boho at Hyatt Regency Phuket Resort

                    Casa Boho Phuket

                      Casa Boho Phuket is a casual Latin American restaurant on a superb rooftop perched high above the little-known Rayee Beach, just south of Kamala Beach.

                      Bangla Walking Street in Patong Beach, Phuket

                      Bangla Walking Street in Patong Beach 2023

                        Bangla Road is now mostly known as Bangla Walking Street and for many decades has been the notorious heart of all Phuket nightlife. The battle for night supremacy rages every night between beer bars, live music bars, rooftop bars, nightclubs and, of course, those famous go-go bars!