Harem Lounge in Patong Beach

Harem A Go Go Phuket

What is Harem Lounge? [toc] Harem Lounge is the most luxurious bar in the whole Phuket. With plush red velvet sofas and curtains all around, two main stages with four smaller platforms on each side, the place feels cosy and intimate, and the ladies are beautiful. Just like this wasn't enough to make you want to visit, Harem is now the most extensive bar of its kind on the whole

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White Room Nightclub Phuket – Bangla Road in Patong Beach

White Room Nightclub Phuket

A small club off Bangla Road [toc] White Room Nightclub is one of the most popular nightclubs in Phuket, located on Soi Gonzo just off Bangla Road in Patong Beach. It's not as big as some other nearby nightclubs, but the sounds and light systems are exceptionally well designed, creating an atmosphere that attracts a trendy crowd every night. It feels friendly, fun and more intimate than other gigantic darker clubs.

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Bangla Boxing Stadium – Watch a Muay Thai Fight in Phuket

Bangla Boxing Stadium Phuket

Where is Bangla Boxing Stadium? [toc] Bangla Boxing Stadium is one of the two (or three?) Muay Thai Stadiums in Patong Beach, one of the many ways you can entertain yourself after dinner. Muay Thai is a very well-known martial sport and while it’s definitely not to everyone’s taste, it is part of most Thai boys early years. The fights are held every Wednesday, Friday, Sunday starting at 9 pm.

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Inside Phuket Go Go Bars – What Really Happens in a Go Go Bar?

Phuket Go Go Bars

What is a Go Go Bar? [toc] The concept of Go-Go Bars in Patong Beach varies a little from bar to bar but mostly rotates around a few standard features, so what really happens in there? Go Go Bars (also called agogo bars) always feature a central elevated stage or two, surrounded by seats and accessorised with a few stainless poles. You will find sofas with small tables and flashing

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Quip Sky Bar Rooftop in Phuket Town

Quip Sky Bar Rooftop

A cool rooftop bar on Phuket Town [toc] Quip Sky Bar is an unexpected rooftop bar and restaurant at the top of Quip hotel in Phuket town. The hotel itself is really original and fun to visit, with an old Austin car used as a reception counter. Since it is located quite close to the historical streets of Phuket Town (Thalang Road, Dibuk Road and Phang Nga Road) it makes

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Iguana Beach Club – A Hidden Beach Club near Kamala

Iguana Beach Club

Iguana Beach Club [toc] Iguana Beach Club is a small hidden beach bar with a cool chilled-out vibe during the day and great parties during weekends. Hidden in a cove between Patong and Kamala Beach, Iguana Beach Club is a relaxing hideaway playing house music until sunset and turning into a groovy club by night. Every weekend, Iguana puts on great beach parties organized by Groove Box, a group of

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Soi Freedom on Bangla Road

Soi Freedom à Bangla Road

Soi Freedom on Bangla Road (Soi Eric) [toc] Soi Freedom is a neat and relatively large alley lined with dozen colorful bars and a good live band at he end of it. Located in the middle of Bangla Road in Patong Beach Soi Freedom was long ago better known as the iconic Soi Eric. Soi Eric was once popular because it was the only street in Soi Bangla playing one

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360° Bar & Lounge at The Pavilions Phuket

360 Restaurant at The Pavilions Phuket

360° Bar & Lounge in Layan [toc] 360 Restaurant at The Pavilions Phuket near Layan Beach is so out of the way, you almost have to deserve it. With so many restaurants in Phuket, picking a new romantic dining venue, we haven't yet tried was going to be challenging. But once again, Phuket hides little gems you need to take the time to discover, and The Pavilions Phuket is one

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Diablo A Go Go

Diablo A Go Go Diablo A Go Go is one of the well known A Go Go in Soi Seadragon, the hottest lane of Patong Beach, in the hottest street of the hottest town of Phuket. Competition between Go Go bars is fierce (but friendly) to convince you to step in and "Have a look, Sir!" At the end of the lane, Diablo uses this strategy extensively to grab you

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Rock Hard A Go Go

Rock Hard A Go Go

Rock Hard A Go Go [toc] Rock Hard a Go Go is finally back on the nightlife scene of Patong Beach with a fresh look and a younger mood. In recent years Rock Hard was slowly fading away and the atmosphere was not the most entertaining in town and despite being the only Go Go open in the afternoon, Rock Hard had lost its shine. Lately, a breeze of fresh

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Tiger Night Club on Soi Bangla in Patong Beach

Tiger Disco et complexe de divertissement

Tiger Night Club and Entertainment Complex [toc] The Tiger Night Club and Entertainment Complex on the famous Bangla Road in Patong Beach is taking a serious bite at the Phuket nightlife scene. With three floors dominated by three massive tigers, high ceilings and a lot of room to walk around, the Tiger Disco is a party monster. A blast of lights and colours is taking this gigantic Flintstones cave to

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Party Energy Drinks and Hangover Cures in Phuket

Power Drinks and Party Drinks in Phuket

Party and Hangover in Phuket [toc] Energy drinks are part of the daily landscape of Thailand. Convenience stores always dedicate several fridge shelves to those tiny bottles. Do they work? That might depend on which brand, but mostly that will depend on you. If you are an espresso drinker, that might give you a mild boost, for some, it's an all night long kerosene. So if you don't know these

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