Suzy Wong’s A Go Go

Suzy Wong’s is already an icon of Soi Bangla nightlife and you just can’t go to Patong without paying them a visit. A great deal of effort was given to the new bar facade with its bright red Chinese decoration and massive door. Despite being the last bar in the Soi Seadragon, you won’t walk by without being intrigued. But Go Go bars are not only about pretty facades, so you’ll ask what makes this one any different from any other Go Go bar?

Once inside, the Chinese theme is less obvious except for the waitresses’ silk dresses, few masks and swords, and the full blast of red lights that made taking photos so challenging. Just as you would expect, sofas are set around the room and stools surround the center stage where girls are dancing.

Suzy Wong's A Go Go Phuket

The twist is in the spanking… yes, you did read it right, once inside, you’ll get yourself spanked by pretty ladies wearing very little. Past the first shock, you will soon realize that despite making a big whacking sound, it is totally painless… and rather entertaining since you can fight back. It’s like having a permanent pillow fight mood in there, but less painful.

Girls are among the sexiest in Patong. Once in a while you’ll get to see a dance on stage or a sexy show involving two or more ladies, but don’t get shocked, the mood is easy going and you would be surprised to see how many couples come ‘to have a look’… so if you have been reading that far, then you’ll just have to add Suzy to you list of things to see on your next visit.


Where is Suzy Wong’s?

Suzy Wong’s is located at the very end of Soi Seadragon, from Soi Bangla in Patong Beach. Useful Tip: Don’t hesitate to go in, there is no cover charge in here and drinks are at the usual price with the prices clearly written outside or on the menus brought to you.

I would not recommend mixed drinks such as vodka tonic, or whiskey coke though…. you might get a lot more coke than whiskey. Verdict: Without a doubt Suzy Wong’s is still the best Go Go in Patong… go to Suzy’s website Want to know another of our favourite? have a look at Devil’s Playground.

Important Note about Touts:

Touts are not working for bars! Never follow a tout in the street with his little card of whatever he says you will see in the show! It’s often no real and you will be charged extra, just walk away! The bars are easy to find (they are actually difficult to miss!)



Suzy Wong’s Location

Address: 23/17-18 Soi Sea Dragon Bangla Rd Pa Tong, Kathu District, Phuket 83150
Open: 7:30 pm – 3 am
Phone: 087 272 2588
Price: Free Entry

Suzy Wong’s A Go Go Map

Suzy Wong’s A Go Go in Patong Beach
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