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Suzy Wong’s 2 – Devil’s Playground A Go Go (HOT)

Suzy Wong’s 2 on Bangla Walking Street

Devil’s Playground is brought to you by the owner of the famous Suzy Wong’s in the same Seadragon street. Devil’s Playground, now also known as Suzy Wong’s 2, ‘raised the bar’ of Go Go clubs to a new level. Right from the outside you can tell that this is not just the usual boring dark room with a central stage and few stools around you may have visited in Bangkok or Pattaya.

devils playground gogo bar

Built like a cave entrance with a massive castle door, you’ll be invited to step into hell by a pretty cute devil with a tiny red skirt and some flashing red horns. The entrance to the bar is free, and all you have to buy is one drink which is not even expensive. Let your curiosity take over this time because you always wanted to know what happens ‘Inside a Go Go Bar‘, so, why not do it in style?

Inside Devil’s Playground

Even if you are not interested in pretty dancing ladies, you will see what the creativity of a man with a passion can do from what was just a shophouse to a fantasy world. Once inside, what strikes the most is the impression to penetrate a massive cave with two levels and a Flintstone’s central stage. Lighting is well integrated into the design, gargoyles and statues decorate the place, and iron-cast balconies host some pretty dancing angels. I had the chance to see the photos of the construction and as a designer myself, it’s great to appreciate a man who draws, gets his hands dirty and executes his vision with his own staff to reach such a result. I was amazed.

Soi Seadragon

But let’s talk about what you actually came in for… girls are cute, friendly and really funny to chat with if you speak a bit of Thai. The main stage is usually occupied by three or four naughty dancing devils while the second smaller stage is reserved for the angels, but it tends to get blurred after 11 pm.

Devils's Playground a Go Go

Since Devil’s Playground is Suzy Wong’s A Go Go youngest sister (or brother?), you can expect some good spanking from the girls, but I never saw anyone running away from it…. it is loud and impressive, but totally painless… except for the jaws once you stopped laughing. Most of the girls are on the devil’s side, wearing tiny skirts and horns, plus a few chains to put you in the mood and eventually gently poking you with a trident. Then you have the tall angels with their little white outfits and little wings… but beware, don’t be fooled by their cuteness, they are as mean as the devils… or even more. (Continue to Suzy Wong’s A Go Go)

Important Note about Touts:

Touts are not working for bars! Never follow a tout in the street with his little card of whatever he says you will see in the show! It’s often not real and you will be charged extra, just walk away! The bars are easy to find (they are actually difficult to miss!)

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