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Inside Phuket Go Go Bars – What Really Happens in a Go Go Bar?

What is a Go Go Bar?

The concept of Go-Go Bars in Patong Beach varies a little from bar to bar but mostly rotates around a few standard features, so what really happens in there?

Go Go Bars (also called agogo bars) always feature a central elevated stage or two, surrounded by seats and accessorised with a few stainless poles. You will find sofas with small tables and flashing colour lights all around the room, sometimes on two levels. Go Go bars always play loud music, and in Phuket, each bar has its own music style.

Harem A Go Go Phuket

Few ladies permanently dance in minimalist attire with more or less conviction depending on how late and how popular the place is. It usually is pretty quiet before 10 pm, but later the bar will warm up as customers start to arrive.

Go Go Bars in Phuket

Now and then, the ladies will leave the stage, and an older lady will come up, usually carrying mysterious accessories, to perform all kinds of tricks that will make your jaw drop.


The list is extensive, but you will never see all the performances advertised in a single show. Even at Money Night, the shows and the prices vary so much; it’s unpredictable.


The show can be more or less well executed depending on how experienced the lady is, but you are in for a surprise (well, let’s call them ‘ladies’ since they are usually way past their prime). Don’t try (most of) this at home! Suzy Wong’s, Devil’s Playground, Harem and Rock Hard A Go Go rely more on pretty girls putting on an exciting show with bubble baths and dancing.

Important Note about Touts:

Touts are not working for bars! Never follow a tout in the street with his little card of whatever he says you will see in the show! It’s often not justified, and you will be charged extra; better walk away! The bars are easy to find (they are, in fact, difficult to miss!)

What you may see inside a Go-Go Bar

menu The Classics:

  • Whistle Blowing
  • Pop a balloon with darts 3 meters away
  • Little bird (looking very sleepy)
  • Few goldfishes, or some weird eels or even strangers: up to 20 catfishes were coming out and back into the fishbowl!
  • Ugly toads, turtles, you name it.
  • Blow out the birthday cake candles (no, thank you, I’m not hungry anymore)
  • Pull out a ten-meter string
  • and, of course: Smoke some cigarettes (up to ten!), but I can’t talk about it since this is a non-smoking blog.

More risqué:

  • A garland of needles attached to a string
  • Two dozen shaving blades are attached to a string. Yes, she will let you check if the blades are sharp: they are!
  • Open a bottle of Coke without a can opener, and not with your hands! (read between the lines) She will also ask you to verify if the bottle is real and sealed.


List of Go-Go Bars on Soi Seadragon:

Suzy Wong’s ★★★ (Hot & Great fun)
Harem ★★★ (very popular)
Devil’s Playground ★★ (Hot)
Suzy Wong’s 3 (previously Exotica) ★★
Diablo A Go Go
Naughty Go Go Bar

Go Go Bar on Soi Bangla:

Crazy Ladies A Go Go

What’s a Go-Go bar?

Suzy Wong 2 -Devil's Playground

A Go-Go bar is a type of bar or club that features Go-Go dancers, who are often scantily clad and perform dance routines on a stage or platform. Go-Go bars are typically found in areas with a high concentration of bars and clubs, such as Patong Beach. The term “go-go” originated in the 1960s and is thought to have come from the French expression à gogo, which means “in abundance” or “in excess.”

Go Go Bars Photos

go-go-club phuket-go-go-bars Soi Seadragon

Where are Phuket Go Go Bars?

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