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Rock Hard A Go Go

Rock Hard A Go Go

Rock Hard a Go Go is finally back on the nightlife scene of Patong Beach with a fresh look and a younger mood. In recent years Rock Hard was slowly fading away and the atmosphere was not the most entertaining in town despite being the only Go Go open in the afternoon, Rock Hard had lost its shine. Lately, a breeze of fresh air has blown and life is back at Rock Hard, music is good with lots of fast-paced high spirit rocks from the 80s and 90s.

Couples are more than welcome as it’s all about good entertainment and guests’ curiosity. Ladies are very friendly (and not necessarily in a naughty way) and will be happy to keep you company and joke with you. Their English might be basic but they know how to have fun. Just remember to buy them a drink once in a while as this is the best way to thank them and it will help them pay their bills too :).


There is no entrance fee and drinks prices are normal, no rip-off and a bill are brought to you with each order: you can pay it right there or keep them to pay when you leave the club. Rock Hard is a Go Go bar with a long history, the oldest in Phuket.

Back in the ’90s, it was a bar called ‘Hard Rock’ and it actually had a zoo! Yes, a zoo! Just a tiny one but I remember a bear. Bangla wasn’t much and Patong was a tiny new white town. One fine day, ‘Hard Rock’ was renamed ‘Rock Hard’ and we knew the guys in black suits probably paid them a visit, and not just for the sexy ladies.


Nothing really changed and Rock Hard was just as good, most customers didn’t even notice and all was for the best. Downstairs became a restaurant, also changing names frequently, but for different reasons I suppose. In the past years Phuket has been moving fast and this at the demise of the old generation who thought things would stay forever as they found it and there was no need to change anything but the price of the beer each year. Rock Hard started to show its wrinkles and so the staff… the place became quiet.

Finally, new management took things into their hands and the fun is back at Rock Hard! With such a prime location and if you like rock and fun, Rock Hard is your first stop for a great night of fun in Patong Beach!

Important Note about Touts:

Touts are not working for bars! Never follow a tout in the street with his little card of whatever he says you will see in the show! It’s often not real and you will be charged extra, just walk away! The bars are easy to find (they are actually difficult to miss!)

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