12 Things to Do in Phuket When it RAINS! (Updated!)

12 Things to Do in Phuket When it RAINS! (Updated!)
12 Things to Do in Phuket When it RAINS! (Updated!)
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Things to Do in Phuket When it Rains

It’s not all gloom in Phuket when it rains; as in any tropical country you can expect some rainy days in high season and some sunny days in rainy season, but better be prepared if it lasts. Here is our little list of suggestions… maybe you should print it and keep it somewhere in your bags! Note that you will need a car to do some of these…

1 Get a Spa Treatment!

Probably the most obvious activity on a rainy day, for both men and women. I recommend to my friends not to book this activity in advance, keep it for that occasional rainy day! But if you stay in a Spa Resort, make a booking early if you think rain is here to stay. All the hotel guests will have the same idea! (read more)

2 Try the Silly Activities at Jungceylon

Jungceylon Shopping Mall

Same same but different will you say? Not really, Jungceylon shopping is not great, but what is more fun are the many activities. Perfect for a rainy day! Bowling and movie theater don’t need to be introduced, but you can go get some adrenaline sensation at the XD mini theater, shoot real rounds of bullets at Shooting cafe or laser shooting on 4th floor, have a weird blue facial treatment done at Takashi Tokyo, a silly fish spa, or even visit the new Shell Museum! (read more)

3 Shop at Central Festival

Also an obvious choice if you have a car. (You rented one, right?)… Central has some good brand shopping and plenty of fun shops to keep you busy for a while. Add to this a 6 rooms movie theater with a fun VIP room. If you haven’t tried yet, watch a movie IN BED, with a blanket and a pillow… you almost wish the movie was more boring… (read more)

4 Phuket Trickeye Museum

Phuket Trickeye Museum

Phuket Trickeye Museum is quite a new attraction in Phuket Town and is the perfect escape for a couple of hours on a rainy day. Located not far from the old Phuket Town, it is easy to reach and can be combined with some museums visits. The price is a bit high, but if you have kids you will not regret all the fun poses and hilarious photos you will be taking back home! Read more…

5 Explore Old Phuket Town


You’ll need an umbrella, but it is a great place to enjoy in the rain. Temperature is more agreeable than on a sunny day and the historical streets, markets, amazing Sino Portuguese Mansions and temples are close enough to each other to make this a nice stroll. And you’ll will find enough little cafes on your way to take plenty of fun breaks or sample real local food. (read more)

6 Visit Phang Nga Bay


You can’t travel half the globe and not explore these incredible limestone formations, full of holes, caves and mysterious enclosed lagoons. Exploring it in a kayak is the best way to go, silent, close to the water, it slides through narrow caves and passages to reveal secret places. It looks great with the sun, it looks better in the rain! (read more)

7 Phuket Aquarium


It’s modest but they have a short tunnel and a good selection of tropical fishes. And Cape Panwa is quite far, so just going there will take you long enough to see a bit of the island. (read more)

8 The Upside Down House

Phuket Upside Down House

The upside down house is exactly and amazingly what the name says. This incredible house stands inverted on the side of the Bypass road outside Phuket Town will challenge your senses and offer plenty of photo opportunities. Each of the three floors of Baan Teelanka (meaning upside down house in Thai) is the exact replica of an real house but inverted. Living room, kitchen, bed and even a Tuk Tuk appears to be hanging from the ceiling… until your brain realizes that you might be the one at the wrong place! Lots of fun! (read more)

9 Go to Museums

Once you exhausted the above list, you still have the museums. Four or five of them are scattered around the island, the best one being the recently renovated Thai Hua Museum… then the Tin Mining museum in Kathu, the Thalang Museum near the heroine monument on the way to airport, the Shell Museum in Rawai and inside Jungceylon, the Chinpracha house museum in Phuket Town near the Blue Elephant restaurant and the quirky Thavorn Museum, also in Phuket town. (read more)

10 Get Wetter at Splash Jungle


You are already wet, so why not add some sensations to it? Located in Mai Khao not far from the airport, this newly built water park cannot compete with Bangkok and some overseas park, but well it’s raining! Fun has no price on those days! (read more)

11 Thai Cooking Classes

No it’s not only for girls and it’s not as difficult as you think! I tried Pum’s school in Patong (near Holiday Inn) and it was actually fun! OK, they did the shopping in advance and prepared the ingredient nicely so my only mission was not to mess up too much. I even ate my own cooking and it was good. Some schools take you to the local market, which is a must see if you really want to understand Thai food culture.

12 Try yourself at Thai Boxing

Not for everyone of course, but if you are the physical type and you travelled all the way to Thailand, you could give a shot at Muay Thai. You can try for an hour or two without having to sign up for a full course, but at least you will know what this sport is really about and might even find yourself a new passion. (read more)

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