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Phuket Restaurants – Where to Eat in Phuket?

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Where to Eat in Phuket?

Phuket restaurants can keep a food writer busy for years. In our many years here, we tried countless of them. Thailand is certainly blessed with great cuisine and endless choices of food from around the country. In recent years, international cuisine has also flourished around the island as a great addition to Thai food.

Today, we list them all here, more than 50! From the most delicious local seafood hidden in the mangrove to the most romantic trendy beachfront and the Haute French Cuisine worthy of a Michelin guide. We already sorted some of our favourites in previous pages, but here we list all the restaurants we ever wrote about, sorted alphabetically in two groups: Trendy and Locals. If they are here, it’s because, according to us, they deserved to be talked about. This page has more than 50 Phuket restaurants! So click on ‘Read More’ to see them all!

The Really Local Restaurants in Phuket

1. Bang Pae Seafood

Bang Pae Seafood

Another of our great weekend favourites. Bang Pae serves a large choice of delicious and really local dishes, and of course, the most delicious fresh seafood. Sit in a perfect natural setting made of huge mangrove trees growing right into the sea.

Location: near Bang Pae Waterfall
Address: Soi Bang Toei, Pa Klok, Thalang District, Phuket 83110
Open: 10 am – 8.30 pm
Phone: 087 887 5785
Price: Affordable

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2. Rimpan Seafood

Rimpan Seafood is a small but great local restaurant hidden in plain sight in the north of Phuket Island, near the bridge that connects the island to the mainland. Just like the Sri Sunthorn reclining Buddha, thousands of people drive past Rimpan without noticing such a great place sits right here.

Location: Sarasin Bridge
Address: Rimpan Seafood (ริมพาน ซีฟู้ด) Below Sarasin Bridge
Open: 9 am – 10 pm
Tel: 083 647 1147

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3. Chayo Seafood

Chaiyo Seafood Restaurant

Feel like a little seafood lunch by the mangrove without getting too far from Phuket Town? Chaiyo Seafood is a simple little restaurant quite close to town. Nicely built in a more comfortable setting than the famous Mor Mu Dong just across the Khlong (canal), Chaiyo keeps its livestock directly in the mangrove stream.

Location: Phuket Town outskirts
Address: 25/2 Moo 6, Soi Muangthong-Borrae, Sakdidech Road
Open: 10.30 am – 10.30 pm
Phone: 076 393 142
Price: Cheap

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4. Kaab Gluay Restaurant

Kaab Gluay Patong

There are not so many affordable restaurants I could really recommend in Patong… Too many are just cooking some touristy version of Thai food, and some are just overpriced for what you get. In addition, in Patong, a restaurant full of diners isn’t necessarily a sign of good cuisine; there are just enough tourists to fill any restaurant well located.

Location: Patong Beach
Address: 58/3 Phrabaramee Road, Patong Beach Phuket
Open: Daily 11 am – 2 am
Phone: 081 787 7830
Price: affordable

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6. Kan Eang 2

Kan Eang 2 Seafood Restaurant Phuket

One of the oldest but newly renovated seafood seafront restaurants in Chalong, also on the east coast. The setting is simple, shady, and so relaxing. Seafood is as fresh and excellent as it gets; otherwise, it wouldn’t even be listed here! (Read more)

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7. Kopitiam by Wilai

Kopitiam Restaurant by Wilai

Ever heard of ‘Kopitiam by Wilai’ before? Not a surprise… Since Thalang road changed from just an old busy street to a full-scale tourist attraction, bars and restaurants started to appear like flies on honey. And thinking of it, it is a good thing! The oldest parts of Phuket town deserved to be kept alive, and Kopitiam took a smart approach. Read more

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8. Kru Suwit Floating Restaurant

Phuket Floating Restaurants

It is unusual and fun but a bit more pricey than other local seafood venues as it includes a very short boat trip. A longtail will take you for a nice 5 mn ride from the pier on the east coast and drop you on one of these giant rafts keeping their life stock in nets. A fun afternoon!

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9. Laem Hin

Laem Hin Seafood

A very large and very popular seafood restaurant at the pier leading to Koh Maphrao (Coconut Island) as well as the ‘Floating Restaurant‘ mentioned above. As there is no need for a boat ride, prices are cheaper.

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10. Mor Mu Dong

Mor Mu Dong Restaurant

One of the most local and talked about, hard to find a seafood restaurant in the eastern mangrove of Phuket island. It’s great, and fun, and you get a full blast of real, local life. By now, everyone knows that Andrew Zimmern from ‘Bizarre Food’ tried it, and so should you.

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11. Nai Dam Restaurant

Nai Dam Restaurant

Nai Dam Restaurant in Kathu looks just like any restaurant by the roadside of Phuket; it’s a great place for Thai food lovers. It’s so well known that even one of the Princesses, Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, stopped over many times to eat at Nai Dam when visiting Phuket or Phang Nga.

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12. Pak Nam Seafood

Pak Nam Seafood Restaurant Phuket

Pak Nam Seafood in Phuket Town is a great restaurant located outside the tourist roads. It is very well known by locals and residents who like to host parties and even bring friends for a casual business lunch, or just a dinner for two if you are in the mood for good seafood.

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13. Romsai Restaurant

Romsai Restaurant Phuket

IRomsai is a little unusual restaurant well hidden from view, with a beautiful view of the sea and a nearby beach. Precariously built on a rocky cliff alongside the seaboard north of Patong, it serves good food on typical round concrete tables or on wooden platforms where you sit on one of those woven carpets found in so many Thai houses.

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14. Tammachart Restaurant

Phuket Natural Restaurant

Tamachart Restaurant looks at first a bit confusing. Also called ‘Natural Restaurant’, it has been a long-time favourite for many locals and might not be as good as it used to be, but it is still a fun place for dinner. This huge open house with a wooden roof, set in the middle of Phuket town, is almost unnoticeable when driving by.

Location: Phuket Town
Address: 62/5 Phuthon, Bangkok Rd, Talat Nuea, Phuket 83000
Open: 10.30 am -11.30 pm
Tel: 076 214 037M
Price: Moderate

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25. Tung Tong Restaurant

Tung Tong restaurant might not be worth travelling a long way to eat at, but it’s one of our three favourite venues in Kathu. This is also your chance to try some real Thai dishes: how often can you eat giant Ants Eggs?

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26. Thanoon Seafood

Right at the feet of Sarasin Bridge and therefore a bit far, Tanoon is just a bit more ‘sophisticated’ than most restaurants listed here. The beach setting is fabulous: you actually sit on the mainland with a view on Phuket Island! Lots of specialities, including some unusual dishes you Read More ► must absolutely try!


The Trendy and International Restaurants

27. 360 Phuket Pavilions

Layan Beach

360 Restaurant at The Pavilions Phuket

With so many restaurants in Phuket, picking a new romantic dining venue was challenging. But once again, Phuket hides little gems you need to take the time to discover, and Phuket Pavilions is one of them. The food is great, but the 360 settings make the venue unusual and lovely.

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29. The Boathouse

Kata Beach

The Boathouse Phuket

The boathouse in Kata Beach has been a culinary landmark in Phuket for more than two decades. The location is fantastic, the food and wine exceptional, but the time had come to bring this restaurant to new fresh, trendy life.

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30. Phuket Blue Elephant

Phuket Town

Blue Elephant Phuket

Blue Elephant is not your usual casual Thai dining place. Instead, save this for a one-time special dinner and consider it an experience. This amazing renovated old mansion has the majesty and the grandeur of a house with a long and mysterious history.

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32. China Inn

Phuket Town

China Inn Phuket

‘The list of Restaurants to try when in Phuket is longer than one would think! China Inn is a lovely little restaurant in the middle of Thalang Road, the historical street of Phuket Town. The Restaurant was an old family house renovated with great taste and style, money, and more than two years of work.

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34. Gaetana

Phuket Town

La Gaetana Phuket

Gaetana is one of the best and longest established Italian restaurants in Phuket, well known and recommended by long time residents and Thais. It’s not about the view or the location, but it’s all about Gaetana’s excellent cuisine and very cosy atmosphere.

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35 Kan Eang @ Pier


Kan [email protected] is trendy without being pretentious, shady and breezy with sea view, original, affordable with great service. Kan Eang @ Pier had everything right, having enough tables set under huge trees, right next to the sea with a view on a nearby island, allows guests to get a seafront table almost every time. (read more)

Kin Dee Restaurant Phuket 36 Kin Dee Restaurant

North Phuket

Kin Dee is not exactly what you would call a ‘local restaurant, but it’s not a tourist place either. Food is good, not too spicy unless you ask for it, so first-timers can enjoy it without having to drink more than necessary. Yet it’s not touristy, and you get to experience real Thai food without having to feel treated ‘special’. (read more)

37 Ka Jok See Restaurant

Phuket Town

Ka Jok See Phuket


Ka Jok See is, to say the least, a surprising restaurant. Tucked in a small quiet street of Phuket town, it never advertised and never had to… and yet it is full every day. So just don’t walk in; you wouldn’t get a table. Their dining model defies anything I have seen so far… they only have one fixed price for food… 1.200 Baht per person. Period. So what is their secret? (read more)

38 Kampong Kata Hill Kata Beach

Kampong Kata Hill is a well-established restaurant in Phuket for more than twenty years is built on top of a small hill right in the middle of Kata Beach. It is a nice place for a casual romantic dinner, inviting guests or sharing with friends or family. The food may not be hardcore nor spicy, but very enjoyable without having to spend a fortune. (read more)

Karlsson's Steakhouse in Phuket 39 Karlsson’s Steakhouse Patong Beach

I thought it might be a bit strange to recommend a steakhouse to travellers coming a long way to Thailand. Now we wrote a lot about Thai restaurants in Phuket, and we will list a lot more, but there comes a time when we crave a good old fashioned steak! I’m sure it happens to some of you during your holiday too, especially those who are not so ‘hot about spicy food’, a little meat break might be welcome. (read more)

Koku Yakiniku 40 Koku Yakiniku Phuket Town

Koku Yakiniku restaurant is definitely Japanese looking with the traditional cushion sitting area on one side and the normal tables on the other. Each table is fitted with a hole designed to receive incandescent charcoal and is equipped with a strong ventilation system. (read more)

41 La Gritta Patong Beach

Who said there were no romantic restaurants in Patong Beach? La Gritta at Amari Coral Beach Resort at the southern end of Patong has a unique view of the entire Patong bay. Add an excellent Italian cuisine at a good price, and you get yourself a great romantic evening. (read more)

42 Mom Tri’s Kitchen Kata Noi

Unique and renowned for decades, ‘Villa Royale’ main feature is the excellent restaurant, one of the most romantic places on the island. A bit pricey, of course, so keep it for a special occasion. We went there several times and have never been disappointed. (read more)

Pan Yaah Restaurant Phuket 43 Pan Yaah Restaurant Patong Beach

Pan Yaah Restaurant on Patong Beach is a little gem you should reward yourself with if you choose to spend your holidays in Patong. Finding a romantic place with a sea view, good food, not overly touristic and with a decent price is rare in Patong. Pan Yaah Restaurant successfully combines these four requirements. (read more)

Paresa Resort 44 Diavolo at Paresa Kamala Beach

Paresa Resort ‘Diavolo’ was one of the nicest experiences we had lately. Location and setting help a lot in the ranking, but if you also have great food and good service, it is so perfect that you won’t forget this night for a long time. (read more)

45 Phuket Brasserie Phuket Town

The latest dining venue in Phuket town was a much-needed one. Until today, when you started to think about imported oysters and mussels, your only option was to fly to Bangkok. But we have been rescued; we now have the ‘Phuket Brasserie’ owned and operated by Belgium chef Alain Tabruyng. (read more)

46 Phuket View Restaurant Phuket Town

Phuket View is another restaurant you must add to your list of ‘Dining with a View while in Phuket’. This dining venue sits for almost twenty years on top of Khao Rang Hill, one of the highest hills in Phuket Town. A massive terrace offers a unique panorama of southern Phuket, including the city at your feet, Chalong Bay and its islands on one side and Kata Bay on the other side. (read more)

48 Raya House

Phuket Town

Raya House is a unique restaurant; it combines ingredients that make it unforgettable: great food in an amazing old Thai house kept just the way it has always been, no excessive renovation but clean and well kept. It is simple, unpretentious and feels just like a living house, like being invited to a Thai person’s home for lunch or dinner.

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50 Suay Restaurant

Phuket Town

Suay Restaurant Phuket

Not often do we find a successful new young and creative restaurant in Phuket. However, Suay (meaning ‘beautiful’) has mixed with style the simplicity of a small house with a good atmosphere and fun cuisine. Tucked in a small garden, Suay Restaurant is a pleasant place for a lunch or a light dinner in good company.

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51 Tunk Ka Cafe

Phuket Town

Tunk Ka Cafe Phuket

One of our favourite casual romantic restaurants in Phuket is Tunk Ka Cafe, a long-established venue beautifully built on top of Khao Rang Hill in Phuket Town. Dine on a wooden terrace above the town with the nice panorama of the city lights at this price is hard to beat.

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