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Khun Jeed Yod Pak Restaurant in Phuket Town

Phuket’s Best Radna Restaurant

Khun Jeed’s Yod Pak Restaurant is an institution in Phuket Town and one of the best local restaurants on the island. It is open as far as I can remember, which is more than 20 years now. It became famous for a dish Thai people love called radna. Radna is a Thai-Chinese noodle dish served with pork, beef, chicken or seafood, but mostly known for a large amount of gravy served on top. Recently, Khun Jeed Yod Pak Restaurant has been listed in the Michelin Guide for Phuket. Note that the restaurant has moved to a new location near the old Robinson Shopping Mall in Phuket Town! *see the map at the bottom of our page.

khun jeed radna 2

The classic version comes with large rice noodles but you can request rice vermicelli. While Faa loves it, I didn’t like it at first. A little too ‘slimy’ to my taste. In addition, each restaurant prepares radna in a different way some can be rather tasteless, and you will mostly remember how slimy it was. So not a great way to experience a dish with such a strong personality. But try it in the right place and you will have a surprise.

khun jeed radna

Khun Jeed Yod Pak Restaurant looks very modest, the way great local holes in the wall often are, but it’s always packed, no matter which day of the week. The cooking is done at the front of the restaurant, literally in the street! And it works! The chef cooks both radna and satay in front of people walking by and the smell seems irresistible: there is literally a queue!

khun jeed radna satay

So be patient, line up a little and your turn will soon come. This is not a fancy restaurant. People come, sit, order fast because they already know what they want, and get served fast because the chef cooked this dish over and over every day.

Khun Jeed Radna Phuket

A plate of radna is 45 baht for a normal size and 50 baht for a large serving. Khun Jeed serves other dishes including amazing satay and ‘How Jor’, which are deep-fried crab meat rolls (100 baht).

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Khun Jeed Yod Pak Restaurant Info

Location: Phuket Town (new location)
Address: 4,6, Tambon Talat Yai, 8 Ongsimphai Rd, Tambon Talat Yai, Mueang Phuket District, Phuket 83000
Open: 9 am – 8:30 pm, closed on Wednesday
Phone: 084 1875 737
Price: Cheap

Khun Jeed Yod Pak Restaurant Map

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