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Phuket Floating Restaurant – Kruvit Raft

Floating Restaurant on Phuket East Coast

Phuket floating restaurant ‘Kruvit Raft’ is one of the most original ways to enjoy dinner when you get tired of your ‘Same Same but Different’ Thai food restaurant. Try this unusual but popular place known as ‘Kra Chang’ (‘fishing basket’), an assemblage of several restaurants floating between Phuket Island’s east coast and Maphrao Island. in 2021, Kru Suwit Seafood Raft was added in the Phuket Michelin Guide.

phuket floating restaurant kru suwit

It only takes five minutes free ride on a longtail boat to reach Kruvit Raft floating restaurant. Our favourite, called ‘Kru Suwit’, is an excellent place for a lazy lunch in a cool breeze while contemplating the water around, or perfect for a dinner when you have visiting friends from overseas who think they saw it all. Though there is nothing sophisticated here, several large wooden rafts are connected with thatched roofs over basic tables—simple, relaxing, unusual and great seafood. Kru Suvit is getting busy, but there is another popular floating restaurant nearby called Bang Mud Seafood.

kru suvit seafood phuket 2

So what’s so special about Kruvit restaurant apart from being floating? Walking around the restaurant will reveal how they keep fresh seafood: Fishes, crabs, prawns and lobsters are all kept in nets held between each raft. Feel like a grouper? Just point at the big one over there, and it’s on your plate within minutes. It’s also the source of entertainment for many guests, adults and kids alike.

kru suvit seafood phuket 3

Ever saw a ‘Blowfish’ inflate itself in seconds like a spiky balloon? No? Then staff will be happy to scare the poor guy for you to take a photo. If this blowfish is what is known as ‘Fugu’, I would not recommend ordering it. Some of the fishes kept there seem to be mostly for customers’ curiosity, like a dozen moray eels and other tropical fishes. I doubt anyone would eat that pair of leopard sharks swimming in circles in a net; maybe we should ask them to let them go.

kru suvit sunset

What to Eat

On the real menu, King Prawns are huge and served in many ways. Local oysters are also a curiosity if you are not aware of their size. These oysters are enormous; you’ll have to cut them in two or four pieces, add fresh garlic, fresh chilli, some local herbs and a sour sauce. Pretty good once you passed the ‘oh my god, this is huge’ point. Also interesting are the ‘Mantis shrimps’, known to knock down crabs with a strong kick and known for their high price, so remember that before ordering a dozen.

Occasionally, you will see ‘Horseshoe crabs‘, known as ‘Mang Da Talay‘. They look like prehistoric ammonites, and you only can eat the eggs. Try it for fun and the photo, but it tastes quite strong.

horse shoe crab

Now, if you are not adventurous, you can order all the classics: Blue crabs are great, as well as squid, then fried or steamed fish is a must. Also, don’t forget to order an excellent Tom Yam Goong that goes well with anything, or if you want to try an excellent but more local soup, try ‘Pla Kao Tom Towchiew‘ made with fish and fermented beans. And if this is your first time in Thailand, don’t overreact when you get the funny question ‘would you like ice with your beer’? It is a favourite thing here since beer gets warm fast, and it works.

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Prices at Kruvit restaurant are a bit high compared to most local restaurants, but as usual, considering the complexity of carrying everything and storing food, it is understandable.

How to Get to Phuket Floating Restaurant

Kruvit Raft restaurant Phuket

Getting to one of the Phuket floating restaurants is a little tricky if you are not familiar with Phuket, but it’s easy with Google Map. From Phuket town to the airport, the small road leading to the restaurant is right before entering a series of curves.

Once you arrived, you will see ‘Laem Hin Seafood‘, which is also very good, but not floating. Near the parking, you will see a pier with some longtail boats. Someone is always standing by to take you there for free (but it’s always nice to tip).

Phuket Floating Restaurant Photos


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Phuket Floating Restaurant Info

Location: Between Laem Hin Pier and Coconut Island, Phuket East Coast
Address: Ko Kaeo, Muang, Phuket 83200<
Open: 10 am – 10 pm
Phone: 086 687 0892

Phuket Floating Restaurant Map

If you are on mobile, add the map here:

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