Maimorn Forest Phuket

Maimorn Forest Restaurant Phuket

Local Thai food and seafood in Phuket Town [toc]Maimorn Forest is a locally well-known Thai restaurant, hidden from view in Phuket Town, next to Bus Terminal 1. The place has been open for decades and was recently renovated. The new layout is beautiful, with a bit of a forest theme and an artificial waterfall. The place is immense and you can choose which part of the restaurant you want to

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Somtam Puma 2 Kathu (ส้มตำปูม้า 2)

Somtam Puma 2 Kathu

An excellent local restaurant in Kathu Somtam Puma 2 Kathu (ส้มตำปูม้า 2) is another hidden local restaurant we really enjoy in Kathu. (Puma in Thai means Blue Crab! ). The food is excellent, truly local, the team is great, it's cheap and the surrounding is fun. You can choose to sit at normal tables or at one of those 'salas' most tourists find so uncomfortable. [gallery type="rectangular" link="file" size="large" ids="48969,48970,48971,48972,48973,48974,48975,48976,48977,48978,48979,48980,48981"]

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Red Clam Restaurant in Kathu (Hoi Pai Daeng)

Red Clam Kathu Restaurant in Phuket

A fun local restaurant in Kathu [toc] Red Clam in Kathu, or Hoi Pai Daeng in Thai, is a local restaurant serving good and simple Thai food, perfect for sharing with your friends at the end of the day, the way Thai food is best enjoyed. The restaurant is modest, but the setting is fun, with a vast open-air garden with open tables and those typical bamboo huts so popular

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Tasak Seafood Restaurant

Tasak Seafood Restaurant Phuket

Seafood by the mangrove on Phuket east coast [toc] Tasak Seafood is a modest but excellent local restaurant serving inexpensive seafood in a beautiful seaside location in Paklok. Paklok is a region on the east coast of Phuket that very few people take the time to explore unless they visit the Bang Pae Waterfall or play golf at Mission Hill. The restaurant is hard to find but rewarding, it feels

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12 Best Local Seafood Restaurants in Phuket ?

Best Seafood Restaurants in Phuket

Where to find the best Seafood in Phuket? [toc] The best seafood in Phuket is mostly in local restaurants, sometimes hard to find and often away from tourist places. Of course, the seafood you will find in Patong, Kata, Karon, and other famous beaches are good, but there is a little more in local restaurants. It's more authentic, fresher, not to mention often cheaper. We are happy to share our

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Bang Pae Seafood – A Great Hidden Seafood Restaurant in Phuket

Bang Pae Seafood

Bang Pae Seafood Bang Pae Seafood received a 'Bib Gourmand' rating in the Phuket Michelin Guide. 'Bib Gourmand' means 'friendly establishments that serve good food at moderate prices.' [toc] Bang Pae Seafood is a great local restaurant, very hidden on the east coast of Phuket. It's not so easy to find, and yet, it's busy on weekends with a mix of Thai, expats and some tourists brought by local friends.

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Laem Hin Seafood

Laem Hin Seafood restaurant Phuket

A popular seafood place for locals [toc] Laem Hin Seafood is one of the best known local seafood restaurants in Phuket. Built mostly on an immense wooden terrace on the east coast of the island, Laem Hin is huge but it can get pretty full on weekdays dinner and even more on weekends. The setting above the water is charming, but it's not what you would call a romantic restaurant,

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Rawai Seafood Market in Phuket

Rawai Seafood Market in South Phuket

What is Rawai Seafood Market? [toc] Rawai Seafood Market started as a modest local fisherman village where you would buy some local catch to take home. Rawai beach in the very south of Phuket is also known as the Sea Gypsy Village and has always been a bit of an exotic attraction. Year after year, the small market grew in popularity and a few restaurants started to cook the fish

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Phuket Floating Seafood Restaurant – Kruvit Raft

Phuket Floating Restaurant

Phuket Floating Restaurant at Laem Hin Pier [toc] Phuket floating restaurant 'Kruvit Raft' is one of the most original ways to enjoy dinner when you get tired of your 'Same Same but Different' Thai food restaurant. Try this unusual but popular place known as 'Kra Chang' ('fishing basket'), an assemblage of several restaurants floating between Phuket Island east coast and Maphrao Island. in 2021, Kru Suwit Seafood Raft was added

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Kan Eang 2 Seafood Restaurant Phuket

Phuket Seafood Restaurants

Where to Find Great Seafood in Phuket? [toc] Kan Eang 2 is not the most accessible place to find, but it's one of the best local seafood restaurants in Phuket. Everyone here is well aware that there are 2 Kan Eang Seafood restaurants on the island. Kan Eang@Pier is the youngest and most talked about, while Kan Eang 2 is the venerable and more modest older sister. Without Google maps

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Kan Eang @ Pier Seafood Restaurant in Chalong Bay

Kan Eang @ Pier Phuket

An excellent seafood restaurant in south Phuket [toc] Kan Eang @ Pier is a trendy seafood restaurant in Chalong Bay on the way to Rawai Beach, in the south of Phuket. Popular since decades, Kan Eang (meaning 'Feel at Ease'), is a relaxing place in the shade of huge trees with a beautiful sea breeze. The restaurant serves excellent and quite affordable seafood, and the service is always impeccable. This

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8 Best Thai Restaurants in Patong Beach

Pan Yaah Restaurant

Where to Eat Thai in Patong Beach? There are so many restaurants in Patong Beach; you would think that finding great Thai food would be easy. But if you know Thailand, you soon will realise that too many of them serve a toned-down version of Thai cuisine or something that is very far from local food. We understand and respect the fact that many travellers are new to Thai food

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Mor Mu Dong Restaurant

Mor Mu Dong Restaurant Phuket

Mor Mu Dong Restaurant Mor Mu Dong received a 'Bib Gourmand' rating in the Phuket Michelin Guide. 'Bib Gourmand' means 'friendly establishments that serve good food at moderate prices. [toc] Mor Mu Dong is quite an unusual restaurant in Phuket. If you enjoy eating off the beaten tracks where mostly locals go for a great lunch or dinner, Mor Mu Dong is your place. Every Phuket resident knows it, and

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Pan Yaah Restaurant Phuket – Kalim Beach, Patong

Pan Yaah Restaurant Phuket

Pan Yaah Restaurant Phuket [toc] Pan Yaah Restaurant on Patong Beach is a little gem you should reward yourself with if you choose to spend your holidays in Patong Beach. Finding a romantic place with a sea view, good food, not overly touristic and with a decent price is rare in Patong. Pan Yaah Restaurant successfully combines these requirements. We went to Pan Yaah Restaurant several times long ago and

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Palm Seaside Restaurant Phuket on Bangtao Beach

Palm Seaside Restaurant on Bangtao Beach

Palm Seaside Restaurant Phuket [toc] Palm Seaside Restaurant, Lounge and Bar is a trendy seafront restaurant set at the southern end of Bangtao Beach. Open for lunch, dinner and beyond, Palm Seaside is an excellent place for a relaxed dinner by the sea and a lounge venue in the evening. Palm Seaside Restaurant is another successful trendy creation by the nearby Twinpalms Resort. Twinpalms is known to be the Phuket

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Bang Mud Floating Restaurant

Bang Mud Floating Restaurant

Bang Mud Seafood Restaurant [toc] Bang Mud is one of the 3 floating restaurants on the east coast of Phuket island, just between cape Laem Hin and Coconut island (Koh Maphrao). Floating restaurants are a fun and memorable way to enjoy a lunch with a view, or a dinner with a sunset. They are made of several huge floating rafts attached together with little wooden huts built on top. You

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Savoey Seafood Restaurant In Patong

Savoey Seafood Patong beach

Savoey Seafood Restaurant in Patong Beach [toc] Savoey Seafood Restaurant might not be the best seafood restaurant in Phuket, but if you don't want to or can't drive outside Patong beach and don't feel like dining in a food court, it's a good place for a seafood dinner. We usually don't write much about tourist places, but many readers asked 'Where can we eat seafood within Patong'. Savoey seafood is

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Taokhun Seafood Restaurant near Phuket Airport

Taokhun Seafood Restaurant Phuket

Taokhun Seafood Restaurant [toc] Taokhun Seafood is a hidden restaurant on the east coast of Phuket located somewhere near Phuket International Airport. This seaside restaurant is a great place for a relaxed lunch with views on the Thailand mainland coast across the sea. Taokhun serve a good mix of Thai food and seafood and the price is pretty good. The restaurant is easy to find on the right hand side

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Where Can You Eat on the Beach in Phuket

Where to eat on the beach in Phuket

Restaurants really on the beach in Phuket [toc] What can be better than eating right on the beach when on holiday on such a beautiful island as Phuket, but such restaurants have become hard to find. Actually there used to be quite a lot of places where it was possible but after ‘the big cleanup’ of 2015 most restaurants and beach clubs were found to be illegally built and therefore

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